Monday, June 25, 2018

You Say You Want A Revolution

Someone over at SiG's has thrown up the hoary specter of the early Seventies as proof that things now aren't that big a deal.

Au contraire, mes amis.

Calling up the specter of The Seventies without noting that we were amidst a grossly unpopular war, taking thousands of casualties per annum and doling them out in the tens of thousands, by dropping metric fucktons of bombs on a Turd-world country the approximate size of Georgia, kind of misses the point.

It also overlooks entirely the rather salient point that at the time, airline security was mainly provided by asking you to fasten your seatbelt, and the whole of America was one monstrous soft target to everything from malicious mischief to outright terrorism, from sea to shining sea.

Had we simply sent forth the hue and cry, and declared open season on the miscreants at the time, they wouldn't have been around in 2008 as college professors to cheer on their protégé to become the first foreign communist president of this republic.

These two old communist pigs should either be hiding in exile in Cuba,
or dead like Che. EXACTLY like Che.

We are, by any objective standard, at relative peace with the world at this point in time compared to 1972, and even the paltry protest movements against what we have done and are doing militarily would fit inside a phone booth at most places and times, from 2001 to present.

The current violence is expressly directed at actually overthrowing the elected government, and specifically attempting to undermine the whole of society, not protest of a foreign war, and the simple fact is that even amidst the Sixties and Seventies, no one sane (note that fact recurs then and now) was even remotely advocating burning everything down because of self-hatred and loathing.

The current violence is unprecedented in scope because such self-destruction is the entire point, not to correct a perceived wrong, but to purge a perceived evil, root and branch.

That's the sort of thing that begets bloodshed on a scale approved of and witnessed previously only by the likes of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and Robbespierre.

It's never been tried AFAIK in world history against a well-armed opposition, and previous experience hereabouts suggests days like Antietam may be on the rosy side of what's to come.

Compared to the last two years, 1972 was laughably irrelevant hijinks.
Back then, cultural icons on the Left openly mocked the lunatic fringe, and brilliantly.

Nowadays, the Left's cultural icons ARE the Lunatic Fringe, because that whole side of the political aisle has become the Lunatard Mainstream, and their certifiably bat-shit crazy icons are leading the charge. Every damned day.

If John Lennon and George Harrison were alive today, and the boys got together to sing something ridiculing the Leftist apparatchiks that pointedly, today's Leftards would put them all up against a wall and shoot them, for cause. For their cause, in fact.

The current Leftard madness isn't a movement to change your mind; it's a fervent wish to blow out your brains.

That is going to end in nothing short of blood and tears, mark my words.


Anonymous said...

makes you wonder why ole J. Edgar didn't loose the hounds on them back then.
woulda saved us a lot of grief.

tweell said...

Which is why you post the information you do, you're trying to arm our side. Much appreciated, it's been helpful. Alas, I'm too old and broken for the line now, have to be support. Blood clots in my leg rob it of oxygen, and my doctors don't think they can fix it, so running or fast walking with a heavy pack is out.

Still trying to sell the family refuge in California, hoping my share will be enough to make another refuge elsewhere. Grandpa set it up after WWII, but his crystal ball wasn't up to seeing what the state has become. God willing, there's enough time to set up another bolthole. Warriors need safe houses and down time, and we also serve who provide logistics.

Anonymous said...

You've heard the old saying that "...professionals study logistics" as well as ol murdering mao's fish in the sea analogy. The crucial element is each Patriot doing as much as he or she can.
Boat Guy
Oh and Aesop, you're still banned by the IFG, though I was able to access all kindsa leftist hate-sites.

G-man said...

Saw that you’ve ended up banned as racist and hate-speech by the .mil scrubbers in the week I’ve been on leave.

Aesop said...

I wear the opprobrium of the zampolits as a badge of honor, and couldn't be happier.

When they can't tell the difference between racism and reality, they've lost their tiny mind.

Call it the Col. Kurtz Award.

Anonymous said...

He did.
It wasn't enough.

Anonymous said...

Jane gleefully pointed an Ack-Ack gun at the sky, waitining for the Americans to fly over. Peter slobberingly posted his desire to kidnap the President's son and throw him in a cage.
There is no arguing with emotion. It is like "administering medicine to the dead".

NJ Resistance Cell#41

Anonymous said...

I doubt it's a coincidence that the same people who want to take our guns are calling for violent assaults on us. I can't wait for some antifa a-hole to catch a well-earned 3rd eye while assaulting an American.
F**k them. _revjen45

Anonymous said...

To quote Heinlen, "Against ignorance, the gods themselves argue in vain".

Anonymous said...

what is IFG?

Jonah Kyle said...

Actually, I want it sooner myself, as this is the only way the Left will be defeated. To let it fester will make it more painful to more Leftists when war happens later, so please keep in mind I'm thinking of THEIR safety and comfort in that regard alone.

Sean said...

I saw this coming the day Reagan was elected, in 1980. Some of the da brothers I was with immediately informed me they would rather burn the entire country down, than live and serve under a "fascist and racist President". And these were serving Non-Coms in the US Army. I obliged them by having them brought up on charges of disloyalty and sedition. We called it something else then, but everyone involved knew what it was all about. Off the pretenders went, back to their beloved ghetto, clutching General and Administrative Discharges. They are all gone now, save one, and his habits portend he won't be around that much longer. Being chronically unemployed made him a star with ObamaCare, but it couldn't find him Quality healthcare. The point to all this being is that the 70's and 80's showed me the ignorance and socialist bent of ordinary people who should have known better, but were more than willing to bite the hand that fed it. When I saw so many socialists in the military, I also saw the hand writing on the wall. Commies gotta commie.

Anonymous said...

Now that the liberal establishment has decided to turn to a more aggressive behavior I think it's time to fight fire with fire. If you wish to start a fight, then let's get it over with. All you little snowflakes will learn the hard way that reality is a lot different than all those video games you've been playing in your parents basements.

AB.Prosper said...

Its going to double fun this time out with added ethnic overtones too.

The Bracken Cube really really sucks.