Friday, June 8, 2018

Funny, The Pentagram And Media Seem To Have Forgotten To Mention This...

h/t Kenny

Communist pig, now booted out of the Army on his ass. Justice!

(Breitbart)Spenser Rapone - the Army soldier who became notorious after a picture of him in his West Point uniform holding a "Communism Will Win" sign went viral - was discharged from the Army this month -under "other than honorable conditions" - according to social media postings.
Notably, neither the high-heeled panty-wearing Army brassholes, nor anyone in the lamestream news media, seems to have found the time to note the fact of the communist pig's dismissal. MAGA, baby.

And hey, congrats, Big Green douchebags, it only took you eight months to recognize the blisteringly obvious, and still manage to duck your obligations to the nation to prosecute him for multiple UCMJ violations. He should have been stripped of his commission, reverted to his last enlisted rank, busted to private and confined at hard labor for the maximum possible term of confinement. You know, like it works under nations ruled by actual law.

Still no word on the wholesale cashiering of the countless West Point cadre, and sacking the civilian professoriat and AWOL Worst Point Commandant who clearly knew of Rapone's anti-American shortcomings, yet failed to separate him from service long before his graduation, this despite multiple complaints from military faculty about what was clearly an open secret long before his graduation and commissioning.

When they note that 42 officers and professors have been fired there, they'll be on the right track.

But trying to sweep this under the rug won't work for the star-spangled perfumed Nancys running the Army right off the cliff.

And say, how about billing him for the taxpayer-paid-for education, fuckwits-nominally-in-charge? I suspect he owes the DoD about $250K. Alternatively, revoke his degree, and shred his records. No diploma, no degree. Either or.
Personally, I think he should be doing the remaining term of service in Leavenworth, breaking rocks as an E-1 private but only because he didn't manage to commit a shooting offense, despite TPTB in his chain of command having their heads shoved firmly up their own asses until social media made it unavoidably plain that this matter wasn't going to quietly disappear. Facebook 1, Army @$$holes 0.

They could kick you the F**k out, Snowflake.
No word on forcing you to repay Uncle the $250K for the education. Yet.

That's enough news for the week. I enter the weekend a happy man. 


Tactless Wookie said...

Yea, funny how I had to find that on Breitbart this morning rather then a source like a big nyetwork broadcaster. Still I'm glad to see his ass gone. A stint in Kansas would have been better as you point out.

Seems his "mentor" is also AWOL. I hope that is not coincidence.

Reltney McFee said...

"Arkansas flu", one may hope?

Stars Barz and A Rz said...

The traitorous faggot should be used as filler in tank treads!

Dan said...

Now the government needs to bill this waste of skin for the cost of his "education" at West Point. I believe it's in the neighborhood of half a million bucks.

Anonymous said...

Would be interesting if someone with good computer skills could find the traitors address and current employment situation.

Unknown said...

I wonder how he made it through training and service without someone blanket-beating his ass in the middle of the night. Or don't they do that anymore? I think there are probably some other Rangers in that class that should not be serving.