Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Anybody Out There Tired Of Winning Yet...?

1) SCOTUS, in a breathtakingly surprising move, followed the actual Constitution, and decided the President gets to be the President, and his Travel Ban stands.

2) In a rabbit-punch one-two, they decreed that government employees' contributions to government unions is henceforth "optional", not mandatory. Death of government unions in 3, 2,...

3) The Army did the same thing with all the PC SJW Obozo-era b.s that was larded into training requirements, in favor of, y'know, training for fighting actual wars against America's enemies.

4) Meryl Streep's carpet-bagging liberal cousin had to step down as president of the local Lexington VA street association, and the restaurant she owns will remain closed for two weeks in the wake of the absolutely predictable backlash to first throwing the WH Press Secretary out of dinner there solely for the crime of working for the President, and then stalking her once she left to attempt to drum up a mob at the subsequent restaurant location to which she afterwards decamped. People who run restaurants know that this is essentially a restaurant closure, forever. My weather forecast is for Jewish lightning, any day now, and then they'll try to blame it on the Right. 

5) The President will get a greased-rails appointment to replace outgoing wobblewagon Justice Kennedy with one of the 20-30 conservatives he's already named and/or appointed to other federal judiciary posts (and the Leftards are in full meltdown over that blow to the march of socialism).

6) Peter (second-worst in history) Fonda was all but gang-tackled and gagged, and even her own party has howled down Mad Maxine Waters' latest incitements to criminal conduct, as bills to condemn, censure, and punish her have been introduced in the House.

7) The House is about to tell Dep AG Rosenswine to either turn over all subpoenaed FBI documents, unredacted, or stand the f**k by for getting impeached, followed by a certain referral for federal prosecution.

8) Most of President (Not My Guy) Trump's appeal in his Minnesota rally and elsewhere, is from crossover former Democrats, abandoning the Insane Criminal Posse Party in droves.

9) Paul Ryan's Amnesty v9.0 got 112 Republican nay votes to go down to a crushing 301-121 defeat. So long Speaker Quisling, and I hope mid-terms take your 121 fellow cronies down in flames, too! Maybe you can get an appearance on Dancing With The Whores. Congratulations to the 112 Republican sh*tweasels who can read a poll of their own constituents.

And it's only Wednesday.
I can't even keep up with the weekly avalanche of bad news for our would-be communist overlords.

Bad news if you're a muslim terrorist, a criminal illegal alien, a union thug, a transgendered private soldier, a loudmouthed celebrity jackass, commie bitch Maxine Waters, or one of her insaniac psychopath followers or colleagues. Or soon-to-be-unemployed Speaker Ryan and the Quisling branch of the GOP.

The republic, OTOH, is humming like a Swiss watch.

Proof, if you needed it, that what's bad for Democrats ( and the Dem-Lite GOPe) is always good for the nation.


June J said...

Did you see the story out of NY where Pelosi's long time ally was defeated by an avowed socialist in the Bernie mold? Of course, now New Yorkers have to do the right thing and not vote in someone further left of the incumbent.

Not tired of winning yet. There's still a few tons of progressive socialists in the DC swamp that need to be treated like the gators in "Swamp People."

Anonymous said...

What week of winning and it's ONLY Wednesday!!!!


Irish said...

Anybody getting sick of winning?

I wonder if Ginsberg will last until 2024?

TheAlaskan said...

¡ maga...Maga...MAGA !

John Gault said...

Nope, not tired of winning, but I am actually getting used to it...what a nice change.