Monday, June 18, 2018

Weather Report

Those of you with UHD monitors should know that the above video is the kind of thing for which you bought it.

The Weather Channel and Discovery should be throwing baskets of money at Mike Olbinski and his musician Peter Nanasi, and telling them to just do nothing else but crank out this kind of stuff year around, instead of as a side gig between weddings, and they'll buy it for station breaks, filler, and program transitions forever. He's already got an Emmy. AMPAS should have him up for short subject Oscars pretty much annually until they give him one.

He's got a Vimeo channel too, if you want it in better res.

This kind of thing is why we make cameras and soundtracks.

He's about due for putting another one out for this year. I can hardly stand the wait.

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Badger said...

Wow, thanks very much for that. Those guys have wicked skills. I'd like to see our local NOAA guy use some of that for the bi-annual SKYWARN recerts; that would even keep the old hands awake. And a good reminder that, besides the enemy, Mother Nature ALWAYS gets a vote.