Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Empire Strikes Back

After several (unaccountable) days' delay, fooligan Leftards blocking Portland ICE offices were rounded up by federal riot police today in about an hour, and carted off to federal custody.

Sadly, they went with batons and handcuffs instead of OC, rubber bullets, and water cannons, so one can but hope that in future the federal cops won't be so gentle.

Federal felony convictions (there are no federal misdemeanors, AFAIK) and permanent lifetime prison records for trespassing on federal property, interfering with federal agents, along with destruction of property, menacing, etc,. should await these snowflakes on their journey between the sidewalk and a year-plus in federal prison.

The sitting ducks were rapidly cleaned out, despite even the fair warning of several tweets from President Trump himself, promising once again "law and order". This concept, of the federal government actually enforcing written law, foreign to people for nearly a decade, is such a shock to Leftards since the administration of Obozo, they sit in place like stunned ducks and get rounded up like baby harp seals. And federal juries won't be likely to see things their way on this.

And now, an appropriate tune.

So much winning.


Anonymous said...

In the music video...Chicks with guns!

Anonymous said...

There are Federal misdemeanors; USFS LEO's write them regularly for U. S. Forest violations.

Aesop said...

So in essence, everything federal moves up a notch:
what would be an mere infraction in state court is a federal misdemeanor, and everything in US Code is a felony.

Suffice it to say that no one yanked off the pavement in Portland was handed a ticket.