Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Left Is Done Being Civil...?!

h/t Dianny and Mike 

Dianny, who usually just memes out some real corkers of visual snark, unleashed quite the essay t'other day. She begins:

When has the Left ever been civil?
Was I asleep for that fleeting nano-second?
And then continues with a full-throated smackdown of the silliness of the very oxymoronic idea of Leftist civility (cf. military intelligence, Vogon poetry, and jumbo shrimp).

 So, with that as the entreé, what's for dinner? Mike at Cold Fury gives you Kurt (May his tribe increase!) Schlichter FTW:

This does not leave much room for reasoned debate. In fact, it makes reasoned debate impossible. So, since they’ve taken reasoned debate off the table, there are not a lot of options left for resolving political and cultural differences. There are lies, intimidation, and violence. That’s about it. And the first two have stopped working.

And the media not only doesn’t care but actively and consciously supports lying to you to support its liberal allies. But no one cares anymore. They can lie and lie and lie, and do, and we just smile and buy more guns and ammo. 
So the leftists attempt to intimidate us into submission, showing up at people’s houses and screaming at them in restaurants. Take that, Sarah! The idea is since the leftists can’t convince Normals with the power of their ideas – because leftists’ ideas inevitably involve Normals ceding more of their rights and money to leftists – the left wants to make submission and obedience the price for being able to participate in the culture. But what’s inevitable is that us newly militant Normals, whose power is political rather than cultural, are going to respond pursuant to the New Rules and demand that leftists bake us a cake. 
That leaves them only violence. We’ve already seen it, and you can sense that it’s only a matter of time before the liberals openly embrace it. They have set the conditions for it. They have dehumanized the opposition, that is, us. Their lesser tactics aren’t working. The lies no longer resonate because we Normals are woke.
Intimidation isn’t working. It makes the libs quiver with joy, but it just makes us mad. Getting your opponent riled up is a poor strategy, especially at the ballot box. Mad people tend to retaliate. November is coming, and we all fully understand that every middle finger selfie, every vicious tweet, every assault on a conservative diner, is an attack on us.  
So, the left will embrace violence. It’s only a matter of time. They have to go there, because there’s nothing else left to try to undo our successful rebellion of 2016. The inertia of their hatred makes it inevitable. If we really are Nazi murderers who butcher children, don’t they kind of have to respond violently? Is violence against us justified? If what they are saying was true, it would be mandatory.  Do you think at Democrat gatherings, in fern bars and bus stations, they don’t giggle and whisper about how they hope the next time one of their own attacks a bunch of conservatives he, she, or xe runs up the body count? 
Do you hear a single prominent – or not prominent – liberal pleading with his, her, or xer fellow travelers to pull back from the brink? No. They can’t. 
The Democrat base won’t tolerate a retreat from extremism. They must push forward, get more extreme, pump up the volume, with each MSNBC chatterclown striving to top the previous doofus’s Hitler hyperbole. These Democrat idiots are going to talk themselves into a Second Civil War and then act surprised when it works out poorly again. 
I wish I had some suggestions about how to make this not happen. I’ve pulled the alarm about it highlighting the potential for the country to split apart and descend into chaos. But there is nothing we can do to stop this because we did not start it and we are not driving forward. This is a result of a liberal elite (supported by its Fredocon fellow travelers) enraged that it has been ejected from the positions of power in the government by the mass of Normals their own mismanagement and greed have turned resolutely militant. 
Only liberals can choose not to go down the road to widespread, systematic violence.  
But if they choose poorly, Normals are ready, willing, and able stop them. Last month, Normal Americans bought over two million new guns. They’ve got 400 million already. Normals are sitting on a towering mountain of lead-launching freedom. 
But we’d prefer the option the liberals have ignored – a return to a society where disputes are resolved via the processes outlined in the Constitution and the individual rights set forth within it are respected. {And, we'd like a pony, too. - A.}
Don’t go with violence, progressives. It will end badly.

And given their track record, I'm betting you don't have enough ammunition, or hard-hearted and like-minded friends, for which choice they'll likely make.

Per Remus, "Prepare. Stay away from crowds. Be alert."

Best be about a remedy to that lack, ASAP.
Tick Tock.


June J said...

Why are progressive socialists so damn stupid? Never bring a blowtorch and pliers to a gun fight.

Anonymous said...

Proud to have contributed to the two million number and intend to continue soon's the dealer can make it happen. Twenty-two ammo continues to be slightly overpriced but the prices on standard loads is purty good.

Anonymous said...

A word of advice for anyone stacking ammo: Of course, you're doing the right thing - the stuff doesn't spoil or go out of style, so the worst that could happen is that your kids or grandkids will shoot it. But buy the right type for the type of festivities that appear to be more likely as time passes by: hunting ammo. Yeah, FMJ for your semi-auto is just fine and dandy for practice, and you won't exactly improve someone's health if you hit them with it after it exits the barrel of your firearms at X hundreds or thousands of FPS, BUUUUT FMJ has a higher probability than expanding (HP or flat point) ammo of just making a pencil-thing line through meat. Again, that's not going to improve anyone's health, but it might not stop them from attacking you and yours. HP coming at them at 3,000 FPS is damned near guaranteed to increase business at the local funeral home.

Just sayin'.

Aesop said...

It's a zero-sum there.
FMJ is chosen because it feeds reliably in semi-auto firearms.
HP hunting ammo not so much.
A weapons jam because you chose non-mil-standard ammo is going to increase the business at your funeral home.
The advice often heard to making those sorts of choices is "Suture self".

Reltney McFer said...

So, the left will stop being civil? I'm not clear on what "not civil" might look like, given recent shenanigans.

Perhaps Mr. Bracken's thoughts might prove prescient (see his CWII analysis)