Sunday, June 3, 2018


So last night, determinedly nosey but sketchy furball decided to tactically unass the computer area last night, just ahead of the arm swipe aimed in her direction, but as a parting gift, she managed to deftly leap on, flip, and dump most of my steaming about-to-be-eaten stew into my lap. The little $#!^.

I haven't danced like that since college, scraped most of it off me, and removed the garments decorated and soaked in water and sauce that were well north of comfortable temp in short order, while pouring the coldest tap water I had on the pain.

And then sat for most of 10 hours or so with ice packs, changed out regularly, to assuage the pain from what I'd assumed at the time to be simple first-degree burns to thumb, abdomen, and thigh. I suppose I should be somewhat thankful it missed my, erm, lap. Crikey. (Note to self: obtain more cool gel ice packs.)

The mystery was explained after the pain subsided today, as one by one, a number of nice fluid-filled blisters have arisen, informing me that it hurt so effing much because it was a number of small second-degree burns.

So please, trust me when I tell you to get the heat out of any burn as fast and comprehensively as you can. If I hadn't piled on baggies full of ice cubes and water rapidly, and kept cold packs there until the pain mostly subsided, I have no doubt I would have two solid giant blisters instead of a few speck-sized ones, and it would have hurt a lot more than it does now, and probably still would.

And it would then be open season on the possessed little demon responsible.

Spittin' image of The Offender, minus mine lacking actual visible horns.
Originally named Othello, because black and jealous, but changed
to Isis because female, and Star Trek TOS. Now I'm beginning
to wonder if she's not actually a murdering jihadi after all.

Shower water temperature will be a rather personally interesting decision for a few days.


idahobob said...

Dead cat.

Cats are not allowed in my home.

I know, I'a a mean, heartless ol' bastard.


Jim Scrummy said...

That picture of your kitter's face looks like my female kitter when she ready to scratch my eyes out. We have two Maine Coons, the male is a 22# bowling ball, particularly at 0330 when he decides to jump on me and hit a sensitive spot. The female is all huntress. She's vicious when she is on the hunt, as you say a jihadi-cat... We also have a 97# Working GSD. He hits like a panzerfaust, I have the bruises to show.

Badger said...

Hope you heal well; appreciate the continued BCT-related discussions. Such a critter would've been given to the Siberians for them to play with "till the batteries run out."

Anonymous said...

There's one kind of "good" cat, the ones that are no longer breathing.


Anonymous said...

did you grab it by the hope you heel up man. burns suck. so what is your opinion of the water gel stuff. maybe be a good post on your exp in the ER and what happens in the ER when gels and etc are applied.

Harry Flashman said...

I have a couple of indoor cats. They behave the same way. I never let them get near me if I have a cup of coffee. They are good souls but they can move fast and they don't give a lot of thought to potential negative consequences of impulsive behavior.

Aesop said...

I had two cats once: as penance for dissecting one of their tuxedo cat cousins, I adopted two kittens after I finished my anatomy class. I only wanted one, a Fred Astaire cat, but it turned out there were two in the litter, and I couldn't break up a matched set, so I ended up with a Fred and Ginger. Fred was the best; Ginger was okay, but eventually a sketchy nutbag. Both died after long and happy lives.

This cat isn't mine, per se. The fucktard bumpkins next door owned it, got it declawed, and I occasionally petted it, then sent it on its way, because Not My Cat.
Which worked fine until the bastards decamped to Utah (no shit) and left the cat to wander in the parking lot. When I realized it wasn't crying to be petted, but rather for food, I ended up with a cat. Who now thinks she owns the place.
She's only occasionally a PITA, like this time, but ain't nobody tougher than scalding burns. She is now banished to the non-food portion of my world.

FWIW, the Water-Gel products, both preventative and therapeutic, are the shiznit.
Prior to GW I, the inventor's Pentagon Buy-Me demo to Army armor brass was to wrap his burn blanket around his arm, and have a guy apply a blow-torch to it outside, for about a minute. While he explained the product. Needless to say, his arm was completely unscathed when removed.

Breaking protocol, Big Green actually followed some common sense, and bought about 20,000 of the burn blankets to put in Abrams, Bradley, etc. armored vehicles and all ambulances prior to going into Kuwait, and they doubtless saved lives then, and since.

If you have a burn kit and it isn't Water-Gel, it isn't stocked properly.
You should also have at least one of the blankets in every vehicle. Not just for you, but to use for someone else.

Some products made in America kick the world's ass. This is one of them.

Robohobo said...

Apply aloe from the plant liberally and often. It really does work.

Aesop said...

Rather impractical right at the moment your @$$ is on fire.
This is why we have ice packs and medicine cabinets, ideally with Burn-Gel.
Which proprietary product, AFAIK, is based on the properties of aloe in the first place, and helpfully doesn't require searching about the countryside for the plant or doing plant dissection in the kitchen, while body parts are yet throbbing hot.

Anonymous said...

Good call.