Wednesday, June 27, 2018

PSA: Problem, Solved

"Don't be separated from your children. Stay home in Mexico!" 

Quisling Ryan's Amnesty v9.0 goes down to crushing defeat.
Boo frickin' hoo.

(You'd think after trying to slip one by the goalie nine times since 2000, and failing miserably each and every time, even the GOP idiots in the House would catch a cluebat after they've been hit in the head with it that hard and often. But you'd be wrong.)


Badger said...

RE "slithering home." Nyet! He can stay away; I'm sure you have suggestions for areas of the globe where he might want to captain an overloaded refugee raft.

Jaybo said...

Prediction he will return as a democrat...doesn't even need to change clothes.

Aesop said...

Walking away from Speaker of the House is a career-ender.
And no one, ever, trusts a turncoat.
It's the Benedict Arnold Rule.

He's political toast, and a failure, and young enough to have that haunt him for the rest of his quisling existence.

As it should.

Tell me how all those fake-splanations of "What Happened" are doing to salve Shrillary's existential pain these days...

Anonymous said...

Ryan will probably turn up on the floundering CNN ship and help sink it some more. Wherever he ends up, history has already judged him.

Old Sarge

Anonymous said...

Legacy DENIED! Hoo Rah