Monday, June 25, 2018

Thought For The Day


idahobob said...

Show up at one of her stump speeches with a bag of soft tomatoes. Bomb the bitch.

Anonymous said...

when a multi millionaire leads the poor to hate the rich....and yet they wonder why they get a dictator within their socialist utopias.

Glenda T Goode said...

All I can say to the left is "Be careful what you wish for".

Egging on the already agitated far left faithful is going to cause someone harm and I am not referring to an inconvenience. This has already gotten out of hand once when Steve Scalise was shot in DC by a rabid leftist supporter.

The left is running out of issues to attack the Delorables on. They are losing as they head into the mid terms and the tide of the red wave will be inevitable. The best that the left can do is instigate and agitate and hope a republican does something that can be condemned like 'fight back'.

This is a huge trap to be very careful around. Don't fall in.

Anonymous said...

I think 99% of those of us to the right of Bernie Sanders and his supporters all understand that the Left just reached "Peak Nazi".

Because a bunch of hyperventilating soccer moms all started to get misty eyed at children being looked after as their criminal parents were being interviewed (the soccer moms in question forgetting that Obama was doing this years ago, and that if a neighbor committed a criminal act with a child in tow, the soccer mom would be the first ones to call CPS), the Left found their "AHA!" moment.

They've been desperately looking for that moment for months now. They thought they had it and went full-on with the Nazi bombardment against Trump. He's the evilest evil thing if evilness EVER, because look at this picture on the cover of Time (even though that crying kid was never even separated from the parents).

Fever pitch. But... where do you go after that? Once you reach Peak Hitler, you have nowhere else to go. Wad is shot. You have no other ammunition other than just repeating yourself. That's going to play toyour base, who already have the minds of soup, but the voting masses are going to get sick if it and turn on you. They already are. And they're starting to ignore leftist outbursts now as the childish, inane tantrums that they are, and looking forward to November to remind these Leftist tards that tantrums don't work. There's no blue wave coming. But they can keep up the theater to remind us why they anniy us so much, so we do remember to vote. That's all they're doing.

A Texan said...

All I can say to the left is "Be careful what you wish for".
These folks barely know from which end of the gun the bullets exit, they have great difficulty determining which bathroom someone should use - and they're going to lord it over about 200 million Americans opposed to them who have between 400 million and 600 million firearms (and probably 50 billion rounds of ammo for those guns (at an average of 100 rounds per - yeah, I know, that's woefully low)? They are deluded in more ways than just politically.

Anonymous said...

When the Left runs out of propaganda it has run out of time; it can restart at the top (Russia), replay the Antifa debacle, it can hire real muscle to attack Trad America en mass, false flag, targeted assassinations, full blown insurgency and attack from outside CONUS. Either way there's gonna be a fight, the Left is willing to murder it's way to power, is it willing to die in that quest? I say when enough bad guys are laying, gut-shot in the streets and screaming for mommy, the fight will be over. No amount of empty promises can sustain an astro turf uprising.

RandyGC said...

I think the old school technical term for Water's screed is "Mau Mauing"

At some point the leftists turn on each other as the failure to overwhelm the "mundanes" is the surely the result of sabotage and insufficient revolutionary fervor in their own ranks! we must purge them!

Hilarity ensues.

The key question is if they do it early enough to provide entertainment value and gene pool culling before becoming a major nuisance and forcing the expenditure of a fraction of the ammunition in private hands in the US?

The optimist in my hopes so, the realist in me says it's going to be really ugly for everyone before it starts improving

Anonymous said...

I think that the people who did 9/11, our very own Deep State, have the means and motives to drive these events.

Our Deep State, the CIA-branch of which has more experience in this than any other institution in the world, has infiltrated or compromised important people in all major departments of government to some extent. It largely controls Congress via flows of money and blackmail. It largely controls the Senior Executive Service (Obama appointed 7000 of about 11000 total, from memory), the most-senior people in the bureaucracy.

They can't lose power, they will hang.

In addition to media control, ratlines and crime cabals, the Deep State's most successful tools have been false flags and faux events. Expect all of those to be in play in our future.

Fomenting civil insurrections as a means of delay

Aesop said...

That last post is lunacy, but I'm leaving it there as an example of what happens when your tinfoil hat is too tight.