Tuesday, June 26, 2018

18 USC 875c

18 US Code §875(c):

Whoever transmits ...any communication...containing any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

We note that US AG Jeffie Sessions is still M.I.A., and have heard of no federal arrest of Communist Bitch Maxine Waters yet, but we do note that even Chuck U. Schumer has scaldingly castigated her remarks.

When the Leftards begin eating each other, this is very near a breaking point, and I don't think November mid-term elections are going to go the way their push-polls are hoping.


Badger said...

Telling the CNN online covered it (based on previous interview) for less than 1 full news cycle - then dropped it like a hot rock and joined in calling her out because... "optics are important when our rep is already in the toilet."

Wave: They keep using that word. I don't think it means what they think it means.

TheAlaskan said...

Last, true wave, I experienced was in Phuket, Thailand, December 26, 2004. 'Waves'tend to be destructive.

lolitasbrother said...

off subject>> do you think there will, be any downside to the Immigration problem at the south border.
An interesting interview by Stefan Molyneux with David Horowitz where Horowitz says that the activist judiciary are literally creating the law , and refusing Presidential orders should be an offence. eg.Arrest these bastards on the ninth circuit with the army, try and then jail for disobedience of legal orders . paul scott N.Z

Aesop said...

If federal judges continue to unconstitutionally interfere with the enforcement of standing law, there are three remedies:

1) Send U.S. Marshals to arrest them for violating the law
2) Prosecute them in federal court, and refer them to the Senate for impeachment

One is easy, two takes time.
Three is simplest of all.

3) Declare a suitable sector at the border (say 5 miles wide, from the Gulf of Mexico to San Ysidro CA, inclusive)as under federal martial law, due to unmitigated lawlessness, and send in military troops, subjecting all detainees to military justice, and removing the federal judiciary from any say in the process entirely.
If, at any point, they attempt to intervene, they are subject to arrest by military authorities wheresoever found, trial via courts martial, and incommunicado detention at military facilities TBD, up to and including Gitmo or Diego Garcia.

What happens in the Indian Ocean, stays in the Indian Ocean.
"What happened to Judge Commie Busybody?
"Disappeared last Sunday about 3AM in a vanload of blackclad ninjas, hasn't been seen nor heard from since..."
Lesson learned.

The upside of number three is it's both effective, and rapid at a relative lightspeed. When attempting a border crossing subjects you to incoming fire from miniguns at 10,000' from AC-130s, or mortar fire from our side of the border, it rather takes the fun out of that particular game. It will also make everything in Mexico within the range of small arms a no-go zone, and drive several millions of new Mexican refugees into the interior.

The downside is it delivers the exact military dictatorship everyone in this country has tried vehemently to prevent for 240+ years, on a silver platter.
The only real prior example was the illegal roundup of nisei Americans in 1942, which mature hindsight from all sides regards as an abomination and a serious black blot on our history.

But those are the cards in the deck.

One or all of them will be played if this continues.

A usually-unacknowledged fourth one is to either investigate troublesome judges for ethical and criminal conduct, and at that point, given that such is a near-certainty after sufficient scrutiny, either arrest and replace them, or coerce them in place, as essentially "double" agents. That latter was the J.Edgar Hoover policy, but as noted recently, the FBI is already a rogue agent in the game, from head to tail, and wholly unresponsive to the needs of the republic. The less the part they play in things, and the sooner they are disbanded completely as precisely the NKVD/KGB they have become, the better for the nation.