Saturday, June 9, 2018

End Of The Gravy Train Coming...

h/t Gateway Pundit

(MORDOR ON THE POTOMAC) The House voted Friday to audit special counsel Robert Mueller's team to see how he's spending money as he investigates alleged collusion between Russia and President Trump's campaign.
Lawmakers voted 207-201 to attach the language to a veterans, military construction, and energy and water spending bill that was headed to pass Friday. 
The Justice Department reported in December that Mueller had spent nearly $7 million on the first four months of the investigation.

Eighteen months for this witch hunt, at over $1M/month, and he's got jack and $#!^ to show for it?!?

Fire his ass, turn over everything to the world, unclassified, unredacted, and walk the f**k away.

Then let the trials of Mueller, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, and Felonia von Pantsuit commence in earnest. Probably HopeyDopey too, as he obviously knew about misuse of federal investigations to infiltrate and sabotage an opposing campaign, which is probably only about a dozen federal felonies right there.

After a week - or better yet, a year and a day - in the orange jumpsuit pen post sentencing, TPTB can perhaps commute the sentences for Clinton and Obozo if they want, to time served, to "spare the country the stress of seeing their heroes where they belong".
If Attila the Trump is feeling like it then.

The douchebags who toadied along do the full nut.

Pour encourager les autres.


Anonymous said...

Whitey Bulger is probably unavailable for comment.

Anonymous said...

Will there be drawings for a spot on the firing squads like doe tags?