Monday, June 18, 2018

A Modest Proposal

Get used to that cage, Julio.

Following their previously distributed talking points like any well-rehearsed rent-a-mob, the Usual Suspects, from The Wookette to ABCNNBCBS are all in full throat about the chirren!!!!! being >gasp!< SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS AFTER APPREHENSION WHILE TRYING TO ENTER THE U.S. ILLEGALLY! 
>double-clutch pearls!!<

The Absolute Horror, or something.

These are the same folks who had no problem whatsoever with ICE pointing machineguns at Elian Gonzales to rip him from his relatives here in Florida, and restore him to the blessings of growing up under communism, administered via Fidel's bootheel on his neck.

And of course, they have no problem ripping kids out of wombs by the score every hour since Roe v. Wade, forty five years or so ago. (So, maybe if we just told ICE to start shooting the little bastards, or jamming screwdrivers into their ears and scrambling their brains, we could just call it "late-term abortion", and DiFi, Schumer, Pelosi, et al could go back to STFU status again.)

And they seem to have forgotten how many adult deportees turn out to be serial child molesters, and why maybe pulling young kids out of the big holding pen with those sort of folks might be a pretty frickin' good idea.

Then again, the Leftards' silence over decades' long rape culture dug in like a tick in Rottenham, or Buggerdamned, or some such pestilential village in the Empire of Pedophilia that is Britistan, seems to have induced in them laryngitis to this point, so not much surprise there.

But let's just leave it at this: if madre y padre were so damned concerned about los niños, there was a simple, humane, and dare we say it, legal solution to all their problems.
They could have just stayed their indigent, illiterate, criminal asses in Mehico, and saved us having to round them up and ship the whole clan TFO of Los Estados Unidos.

Make America Great Again: by shipping those criminals back where they belong.
Starting with the second deportation, the method of repatriation used by ICE in all cases should be by trebuchet.

Then after they're returned to the land of their forefathers at a few hundred FPS, they'll probably still have one unshattered femur left to limp back home, and stay there.

I'm not terribly worried about a day without a Mexican; we had a hundred and fifty years without a Mexican, and it was called America.
And it would be a lot catchier title if we renamed it  Another Day Without Setting $318M Of Your Taxes On Fireand made it a 24/7/365/forever national celebration.

Frankly, they're lucky we don't cut the crap, and simply authorize ICE to substitute land mines for the wall, until it's built. Then they could just deport everyone missing a leg as presumptively here illegally.

You'll notice there's not a lot of Norks running through minefields to get to South Korea.
And we've got a metric f**kton of the things just sitting in storage, so we might as well put them to some good use.

And while we're up, let's do one more thing: announce that henceforth, anyone ever deported for entering the US illegally will be banned for life from ever visiting the US on a visa, or ever emigrating here legally, and refused any amnesty for cause, even if it's someday offered to those already here. Caught once, banned for life. Caught here a second time: Fly Air Trebuchet home. Easy peasy.

Meanwhile, some appointed-for-life 65 IQ federal f**kwit judge has ordered all the children released from ICE detention (it's surely not all his own fault he's such a thoroughgoing jackass, he probably started out as a lawyer to begin with). The AG should ask him if he'd like fries with that. And then laugh at him.

He/she/it should also be told to go enforce his order, and then arrested for interfering with federal agents if he tries. And impeached for cause while we're waiting to see how that works out. For blatant insanity, if nothing better suggests itself to the Senate.

Since the federal judiciary has no problem ignoring Americans' rights when it suits them, let's ignore theirs, and see how they like it.

What are they going to do then, print out another DoJ IG investigation?

Because if the feds stop deporting them, the folks who live on the border are liable to simply start practicing the Three-S Policy, without so much as a "by your leave..."

And won't that be special?

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.


Badger said...

Ok by me. Ocean, upper northern reaches, desert SW... critters are pretty good at cleaning up unclaimed protein.

Roger said...

This great furor over the chilluns, is nothing but another means of misdirecting the puplic's attention (SQUIRREL! SQUIRREL! LOOKIT THE SQUIRREL OVER THERE!) from the
malfeasance of their beloved dimocrats and the criminality of the numerous three letter agencies.
What a bunch of sleazy bahstids.

T-Rav said...

All part of the plan to demographically nullify anyone to the right of Leon Trotsky.

Sabre22 said...

I like the trebuchet Idea. How ever I think providing the illegals swimming lessons would be appropriate as well (Not as fun as a Trebuchet) Take them 500 miles off the coast of their home country and point to where the shore is and assist them over the side. Motivation could be provided by a few strategically placed bursts of Automatic weapons fire. Additional motivation could be provided by dumping barrles of chum overboard as well

robins111 said...

This caged kids meme is simply an updated version of the Alan Kurdi, bullshit scheme

Anonymous said...

So, you *DO* know that the featured pic of "caged kids" dates from 2014, right? Or so says Tineye. our Dear Leader, His Grand Puissance Barak Hussein Obama 1, Emperor, was in command at that time, amirite?

0007 said...

Let's turn 'em all loose, put 'em on buses, and send them to that judge's neighborhood - along with the keys to his house

loren said...

Course if our resident population of lower middle class "workers" were worth a shit us employers would not need those hard working, show up on-time, polite, decent folks to make us money. Not that I disagree with your basic premise.
Perhaps a one for one exchange would be a better solution. One Mexican for us. One dirtbag tossed over the Rio Grande.

Aesop said...

Oh, please. As if illegals are getting paid the wages that would even get a native American to apply, or like they weren't living on welfare fraud and handouts that are 20 times what they make elsewhere for actually working. That $318M/day isn't paid to them for working, FFS, it's pure socialist wealth transfer from productive Americans.

You want Joe Average to work harder, take those 30M deadbeats off his back, and get their hands out of his pockets.

The only immigrants working hard, by and large, are the legal ones, who waited their turn, and busted their asses, just in time to pay for those illegals to get handed everything on a platter.

And hereabouts, the illegals, who make up conservatively at least 10% of the state population, provide over 1/3 of its inmates and 2/3s of the mothers delivering babies at every hospital. So between getting locked up and getting knocked up, they don't have a helluva lot of time to be doing productive labor, except the kind that makes anchor babies and future Democrat voters.

They don't even want to pick produce anymore, which is why your cherry tomatoes that used to be round are now oblong: they were crossbred for that, so that machines can pick the tomatoes the illegals won't.

The only thing illegals are producing here is votes.

loren said...

Your experience differs from mine and I'l bet most anything I have more of it. Course you do live in SCal so..........guess somebody has to live there. I did live in the N Bay area for a year. Beautiful place ruined by Californians. Biggest bunch of assholes I ever met - and I've lived in the ME so that's saying something.

Aesop said...

Mayhap, consult Wikipedia for the origins of "Californian" luminaries as Gray Davis, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi, then get back to me on who's ruined what.
Haight-Ashbury wasn't local kids in the '60s either. A quick check of the bios of the Manson Family will let you know where the counter-culture that now infests Frisco came from originally.
The last time CA got anything worth writing home about from East of the Mississippi was probably around 1850, and all they left behind was Stanford University and the Central Pacific Railroad.
The current detritus washed up hereabouts only gave us the luminaries noted above, whose sole contribution has been to make the state safe for homeless people from the other 47 contiguous states to arrive and shit everywhere, and their own hippie-spawn to angle for lifetime employment as Starbuck's coffee slingers, while illegals shoot the productive natives without let or hindrance.

But if you're that enamored of the latter's imaginary work ethic, swing by here and take home all you want. I've only a paltry lifetime of firsthand experience, and they are, almost without exception, the ones too criminal, illiterate, feckless, worthless, shiftless, and plainly unmitigatedly stupid, to be able to make a living in even Mexico, which says even more.

They are the froth from the cesspool, and the chunks big enough to float to the top, nothing more nor less, as everyone sensible in every state is only too slowly starting to realize when they wash up in their hometowns.

The Leftards want to emulate Australia's stance on guns; I would have them look at the sensible Oz attitude on immigration first, then see how one might have some bearing on the other, and try that experiment for a century or so, rather than the other.

Anonymous said...

Womp womp.

Anonymous said...

I lived in the Bay Area from the time I was 4 (Dad went to Stanford for his PhD and brought us along), I'm 48 now and HAVEN'T lived in the Bay Area for 6 years. It wasn't illegals turning the place into a shithole, it was every out of state dipwad liberal coming in and turning it into the worst possible place I can think of to live (outside of NYC and LA). My husband was born there back in '66. There were orchards around him. Now it's just concrete, traffic, and STUPIDLY overpriced housing to work for a bunch of fascist leftist emoloyers. No thank you.

Now if just out of state liberals (Dad was a Marine and a Conservative) and educated immigrants can turn what was once a jewel of an area into the cesspool that it is now, imagine what undereducated jobless illegal immigrants can do. If you like your shitholes, CA and the U.S. Government are guaranteeing you can keep your shitholes. Fun.