Friday, June 22, 2018

Keep Calm, and Laugh At Leftards

h/t Silicon Graybeard and WRSA 

Some folks are worried about the kerfluffle over following a decades-long federal deportation policy WRT the chirren' caught sneaking into the U.S.

In a word, don't.

Relax. The EO is rope-a-dope trolling at the Master Class level.

1) Trump issues EO.
2) Court overturns it, because it violates the consent decree agreed to by the Clinton administration.
3) Trump shrugs and says, "See? I can't break the law. So either fix it yourselves, congressional sh*tweasels, or f**k off, idiots. I don't care which. Mid-terms are coming for you @$$clowns. Go do nothing somewhere else."

And the federal courts are triple-boned on this:
either they decline to review the EO, and cede their authority to the President (not going to happen),
or they overrule their prior ruling, and cede their authority back to the executive branch (not going to happen),
or they strike down the EO, and we go right back to throwing the illegal little bastards right back in the same cages into which they've been placed non-stop since the early 1990s, by three prior presidents before Trump came into office.
(That's a win-win-win hat trick, if you're keeping score at home.)

Game over, and the problem is now back in the lap of Congress, and the liberal idiot judges (but I repeat myself) who created the mess. Where it will get fixed, just about the time Social Security and Medicare become financially solvent.

Trump's EO didn't just kick this can down the road, he kicked it off the cliff, and the Leftards in Congress are merrily chasing it full-speed.

Say, just checking: you folks get that Trump doesn't just tweet out his EOs from the smallest room after a high-fiber meal at 3AM, right?
And you get that not only are 114% of the White House staffers composed of lawyers, who review these things 19 different ways, and advise him on the likely responses, but that the president has in fact been dealing with shysters far brighter than the ones inhabiting the DC fever swamps, for about 45 years, so far?

This isn't 9D chess.
Just common sense.

I mean, suffering cats, IANAL, and *I* could spot this in about 3 seconds.
If you get worried, realize that the average sh*tweasel in Congress (either house, but the Senate is generally far dopier) has the IQ, at best, of a housecat, and that President Trump has proven, thus far, to be a Jedi Master of the laser pointer , in this analogy. It's really only that complicated.

{Oh, For those of you dropping in because this got posted to Reddit, sincere greetings and welcome.
Thanks for dropping by.

For those delicate flowers and volunteer reserve officers in the Language Police, who find the discourse hereabouts a wee bit too spicy for their diet, teddy bears, crying towels, and safe-space closets with soothing muzak are available right the hell back out the door, and they probably have some fresh panties for you to change into while you're getting a grip on yourself. If you were looking for the Longfellow poetry reading, it's down the hall and across the way in the Literature Building. I heartily advise you to grow a shell, learn to function in a cold, cruel world, untwist your diaper, and get over it. BFYTW applies in so many parts of life nowadays, doesn't it?

Oh, hang on, there's a phone call for you coming in, CallerID says it's from the Afterlife; let me put it on speakerphone for ya...

Sorry, he gets like that sometimes.
Oh, and maybe you want to give Mittens Romney a call, and ask him how well that Marquis of Queensbury policy worked out for him in 2012. If you want to teach kids in Sunday School, you go right ahead. This is neither that church, nor that pew.

Best wishes. - A.}


Anonymous said...

Please distribute to all concerned:

Duck Duck Go, the secure private search engine, is conducting a survey this Sunday in an effort to prove and detect Google's filter bubble and resulting liberal bias. Please participate. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I must object to your statement that the CongressCritters have the IQ of a housecat, I've had some very intelligent housecats (including the one who tipped to the SOURCE of the red dot the others were chasing and decided it would be easier to get it at my hand than on the floor).

Mark D

Aesop said...

And the frequency of that level of perspicacity in the populations described is identical in both species.

Unknown said...

I will leave it to the people who claim "Trump caved" to read your simple post and figure out that this was, in fact, another well-played move.

Thirdtwin said...

Yes, it's not 9D chess, it is common sense. But getting a porn actress to go to the border and hug victims of human trafficking is worth a few dimensions, isn't it? And don't tell me she's doing that on her own. Trump made her do it.

Not_the_Borg said...

Prepare for a large reader hit inbound. This was just posted to the "Q" channel on .

Dunno if you are red pilled on Q or not.


Aesop said...

Cool beans.

I've seen what passes for commentary on the nutworks (that's not a typo), and I'm pretty sure I could kick most of their asses with half my brain tied behind my back.

So if I've hit the mark with this, the wider the audience, the better for everything.

I may even double my blogging salary.

Anonymous said...

Love your common sense and no holds barred attitude. You go!!!!