Thursday, June 14, 2018

Community Security Categories - Red Yellow Green Blue

Another 24K nugget from Forward Observer, updated.

Go. Learn. Do.

I promise you, TPTB have lists, whether they tell you about it or not.
You need them too. 

Colored stick-on dots, $9 on Amazon.

Neighborhood satellite maps, free, printed from Google Earth.

Duralar map overlay, $31 for 12-foot roll, enough to do 6 full overlays of a 24"x36" map sheet, or 48 letter or legal sheets of paper.

Wet-erase pen assortment for overlay marking, $10.

For townsfolk, start with your street, then your block. Then the 8 contiguous blocks.
For the rural types, start with all the bordering neighbors, then an hour's walk up the roads in any direction.

You will see this material again, folks.


Anonymous said...

I use push pin flags, and i prefer blue, yellow, red. blue are leftists, yellow are neutrals, reds are like minded conservatives. maybe because i see the next big issue as blues vs reds.

Aesop said...

Red is the color of communists, not blue.

The networks flipped the colors of R vs. D in 1992 (you could look it up), and pretended no one should notice afterwards.

The fact is, the problem is always red hives, not blue ones, as has been true since 1917, at the latest.

And as explained by FO, that fourth color comes in handy, because someone friendly is not necessarily on your side.

I'd stick with four colors for that reason.

And push pins work fine in your war room, but they don't work in the field; dots do.
But the key is always the system, and the underlying philosophy, not the tools.

Everyone everywhere will have people in all four categories.

What's vital is sorting them before the real fun starts.
The map is never the terrain, but the closer representations accord with reality, the happier your planning will go if theory has to become practice.