Friday, March 2, 2018

Operation Backfire: Hee Haw Edition

h/t Kenny

So, in their rush to "Do something!", Delta ended their discount program with the NRA. Which, they report, was used by a total of 13 passengers, travelling to the NRA Annual Convention.

Consequently, after Delta's publicly slapping the NRA around, the Georgia legislature passed, and the governor will sign, legislation ending Delta's $50M fuel tax subsidy from the state of GA.
At a generous $400 take per ticket, their balance sheet just lost $49,994,800 in a day.
Delta also employs some 33,000 people in Georgia. So further payback from Georgia is possible. (Like mandating that no state-funded travel or business is on Delta.) And if any competitor is savvy enough to pick up that dropped NRA discount, they could snag the fuel tax discount for themselves, putting Delta down a cool $100M, versus a corporate rival.

They've also been hit with a yuuuuuuuuuuge backlash among gun owners in all 50 states, so this knee-jerk virtue signaling promises to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Advice: Short Delta stock.
Prediction: Look for a corporate board shake-up, about 2 seconds after the next stockholders' meeting.

Some mistakes in life you just don't get to make twice.
Mess with the bull, you get the horns.


Badger said...

Outstanding. Sent a note to MidwayUSA also as an occasional customer suggesting they ditch Fedex as one of their shipping solutions, primarily because Fedex is completely loathing really of anyone that might patronize them*, to wit:

(don't know if this comment area supports embedding links in the href= style of Wordpress like at WRSA so full link above).

In other words, "We hate you (but we'll take your money)."

* The other reason is that they will, in mid-transit of your package, decide to shift your package to the taxpayer-funded USPS for local delivery, per their little agreements about getting it "the last mile" when what you paid for was to have it to your DOOR, maybe not a PO box.

2knives said...

I am moving to Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Jesusfuckingshitmychrist! You made my whole month with this post.



TwoDogs said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fuck you, Delta executives, and the SJW you rode in on.

Anonymous said...


Seems like Fedex is pretty dangerous in their own right

In the 24-month period prior to December 3, 2017, FedEx Express drivers were reported to have been involved in 1762 crashes, 575 involving injuries, including 41 deaths. From 2012, the number of crashes has increased by 254.5%; the number of injuries has increased by 192%; and the number of fatalities has increased by 273%.


SiGraybeard said...

One of the things nobody talks about on this is that Georgia has Delta over the barrel. Atlanta Hartsfield is Delta. I wouldn't doubt that 75% of the traffic there is Delta.

So Delta might threaten, "Fine - we're moving somewhere else and we're killing your little airport" and it would be time to call their bluff. It would take them years to put together the infrastructure somewhere else.

I bet the possibility of this happening didn't even cross their minds when they were deciding.