Sunday, March 4, 2018

Patrick Henry Lives!

Seven minutes of common sense from the VA House of Delegates last week.
If this guy was the rule and not the exception, everyone could ignore politics entirely, knowing their interests were well tended by the representatives.

The only thing keeping this guy out of Congress is time and money.
He's already smarter than at least half the retards already there.


Roger said...

One does not have to be very smart to be smarter than a hell of a lot more than half of the representatives in congress.

Anonymous said...

Reports of at least a partial walkout by Democrats, who said they were "offended" and "deeply shaken." I am not aware of any fact-based responses. Dialectic was intolerable to tools who operate based on emotion and misdirection alone.

He has thrown down a gauntlet of truth. What the Democrats do next is entirely up to them. Indications are that they will be dishonorable. See you in November.

Anonymous said...

I hope that it was just rhetorical flourish when he said he did not assume that his opposition was evil. If he really believes that then he is fatally compromised in his thinking.

They are evil, they hate any who oppose them, they do not care about "principles", they lust for power, and there is nothing that they consider to be too far or too wrong in their quest to obtain and maintain tyranny.

Anonymous said...

anon at 11:07,

"offended" and "deeply shaken." is their response, and it is a well-proven and effective one. They already know that they cannot withstand fact-based argumentation. Fortunately for them (and because of their efforts) the culture of the U.S. has been so thoroughly disabused of reasoned thinking and lives in the realm of emotions (ask someone/anyone for a position on something: "I feel that...") that this tactics works effectively for them.

They will do whatever it takes. That is one of their slogans.

Anonymous said...

He's running for Senate (unfortunately not in CA... here we get the nutjobs), but just happily contributed to is campaign. Hopefully he gets in and outvotes the dimwits from here every time.

Tactless Wookie said...

I'll be sending some money his way. Of course the lunatics on the other side are "offended" and "deeply shaken" they just got called out for their partisanship and dishonestly.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled beyond description that he is my (Culpeper) state legislator. I hadn't heard he was running for US Senate, but I would love to see him replace Tim Kaine, a mediocre Governor and a miserable, self-aggrandizing Senator. Thank God he and Clinton didn't make it to the White House. I'm writing a check to Nick as we speak!

Unknownsailor said...

I only have one response to someone trying to claim their offended status grants them the moral authority to proclaim me Evil.

Fuck you.

I am done with the weaponized empathy game.

Awww, those poor fascistic snowflakes are offended.


I no longer care.

Anonymous said...

He has my vote.

Some signs already out: Vote ABK : Anybody But Kaine.

brinster said...

Got a letter from Senator Tim:
3.1.18 Making Our Communities Safer

From Parkland to Blacksburg and communities across the country, our nation has a lot of scar tissue from gun violence. Parkland should be a wake-up call: We can no longer sit by and watch as community after community is devastated by horrific shootings. We must work to make our country safer.

That is why I’m working in the Senate on commonsense reforms to reduce gun violence — including strengthening background record checks prior to gun purchases, placing responsible limits on combat-style weapons and high-capacity magazines, and expanding mental health services.

And we can do this while still supporting Americans’ Second Amendment rights. As a lawyer, I fought to constitutionally protect the right of all Virginians to hunt and fish and I respect the rights of responsible gun owners in Virginia and across the nation. But the right to bear arms is not absolute. In fact, the Second Amendment is the only amendment whose text uses the word “regulated,” calling for a “well-regulated militia.” There is an understanding that firearms are dangerous, and because individuals have the right to own them, there also must be some appropriate level of regulation. Our founding fathers understood that the amendments to the Constitution included some limitations because we have to live together — not just as free agent individuals, but we have to live together in society.

I believe we must take concrete steps to keep weapons of war off our streets and out of our schools. It’s critical that we pass meaningful reform that will help protect our children and save lives.


Signature of Senator Tim Kaine

Senator Tim Kaine

I don't think he liked my response, since I haven't heard back from him.
Common sense makes no sense. Instead of a weapons ban, why don't we ban hate? Everything will be fine then, won't it?

Badger said...

Thanks for that link. Enjoy someone who has a true sense of oratory & shows they're also capable of talking on their feet without notes if needed. This is a guy who could issue a warning order & then remind leaders to check their people's feet. For those engaged in the political process in Virginia, he needs to be supported.

(Notice how the Kaine staffer in the response quoted by the commenter above continues to use the wrong - yea verily, illiterate - context of the 18th Century word "regulated." Hammer them on that stuff.)

Anonymous said...

If I was capable of putting my thoughts and convictions into words, those spoken by Mr. Freitas could not be improved upon.

Anonymous said...

If it was only half of the retards we might have a chance.

The Gray Man said...

You can't get up in front of everyone and say "stop calling us evil" and then turn around and call the other side evil. Whether it's true or not, that particular statement did not belong in that particular speech.

The Gray Man said...

He dropped several bombs that the other side is unable to respond to, aside from the typical shocked offense they always take.

Aesop said...

You CAN tell the other side to stop calling you evil without reason or evidence, knee-jerk style, and then call them evil for meticulously documented evil acts.
That's exactly what Freitas did, and that's what burned their asses so ferociously.

Reltney McFee said...

"...he is already smarter than at least half the retards already there."

Is there some particular reason that you are insulting retarded people?