Friday, March 30, 2018

American Epic

Learnin', incoming. At about 3200fps. Keep pushing.


George True said...

Few people have ever thought about what the specific words of the 2nd Amendment actually mean. The last part, ".....shall not be infringed" is the most powerful part of it. A dictionary definition of the word 'infringed' means to be chipped away at or taken away incrementally.

That means that NO PART of what is or may be necessary for John Q Citizen to own, carry, or operate firearms can be banned outright or restricted in any way. That means NO banning or restricting in any way of powder, primers, cartridges, upper receivers, lower receivers, bolt groups, stock groups (including bump varieties), or ANY component or supply of materials that may be required in order to make the stick go 'boom'.

Good luck, Lefties, with trying to restrict Ma amd Pa Kettle's access to guns, gun parts, ammo, and ammo components. Ma and Pa have more different ways to monkey wrench .GOV that you can possibly dream of.

There is nothing quite like a pissed off old man.

loren said...

GT, The 2nd or any other means what 5 justices say it means. Your opinion, or mine, means exactly nothing. The alternative is chaos.

Anonymous said...


Not quite. You're talking about the "3rd box", he's talking about
the "4th"...

Soap box, ballot box, jury box, ammo box.

And, yes, it's chaos but I'm beginning to listen for folks to quote
Kosh from Babylon 5: "It's too late for the pebbles to vote, the
avalanche has begun".

Tannhauser said...

I have always considered that eventually, the 2nd amendment would be implemented to pursue its ultimate purpose.

Aesop said...


Chaos is what happens when you think five men define the law.
Anyone can disagree, but first, explain how it worked out when they decided black people were property.

The Constitution means what it means, and the opinions of SCOTUS are only valid when they judge in line with reality, rather than enforcing their prejudice.

The former is justice. The latter is what unleashes chaos.

T-Rav said...

On a related note:

a) is it true that the DOJ is gearing up to implement a total nationwide ban on bump stocks, and b) does this, in your opinion, constitute a "casus belli"? I was under the impression that they're actually kind of irrelevant, but it sounds like an ominous move nonetheless.

Aesop said...

1) Define "bump stock"
a) IDC
b) no

Harry Flashman said...

I couldn't find an email address on your blog. I would like to "steal" the American Gothic meme you have, for use on my own blog. With your permission, of course. If not, no hard feelings, first come, first serve. Your blog was recommended to me by a friend, never been here before.

Aesop said...

Thanks for dropping by.
I "stole" the graphic from Brushbeater's blog, and created the meme with it.
(Meaning someone else's graphic, and my caption).
Use it anywhere you like.
That's why I make them.

BFR said...

Nothing will happen. Just as nothing has ever happened.

NY Sullivan Law; nothing happened.

GCA 1968; nothing happened.

1st California proscription and registration of evil black rifles; nothing happened.

Regulation of standard capacity pistol magazines to 'X' capacity; nothing happened.

Clinton AWB; nothing happened.

NY SAFE Act; nothing happened.

2nd CA broad gun control act; nothing happened.

Bump stocks? nothing will happen.

Required registration of ammunition? It used to be the law in CA. I remember having to produce ID and sign the ammunition registry. Nothing will happen.

They will use incrementalism because history proves that it works, and nothing will happen.

You cannot repair a failing structure by refusing to see the rot that has set in at foundational levels. There will be no major reaction from a people who gladly and willingly give their children, 5 days a week, to be indoctrinated by the government.

Harry Flashman said...

Thanks. I appreciate it and of course I'll credit your blog.

Anonymous said...

This is the electorate.

They knew she knew, and did not care. They did not "vote their conscience", they made a legalistic decision; in the same fashion they will do the same for so-called "rights".

I expect less than zero for an uniformed and intentionally stupefied electorate.

Jack Crabb said...

What did you expect, Anonymous? The burden of proof was not met. Innocent until proven guilty, and all that quaint shit.

Jury nullication is when a defendant is found not guilty regardless if the law, judge's instructions, burden of proof, yada, yada, yada...

Would you really find someone guilty if the prosecution did not meet the burden of proof? If so, fuck you.

Night driver said...

"vote their CONSCIENCE"? In a JURY TRIAL????


Exqueeze me but "CONSCIENCE" has FUCK-ALL to do with guilt. the EVIDENCE is what you decide using. If it became known that you were considering voting your CONSCIENCE you would be removed for violating your oath as a juror and if I were in the vicinity I'd be looking to grease the rail while a friend warmed up the tar.

Jack is right and WAY too polite.....


The Gray Man said...

Two points:

She needs to flip that flag around so the stars are moving forward, into the fight.

Also, when people say "molon labe", they'd better know who are the ones who will be coming to take it.

Related: The people wearing the "molon labe" shirts are the same ones who put "I support our police" signs in their yards. And those people are in for a rude awakening.

loren said...

I don't really have to know who's coming for my guns, I just need a decent sight picture.
Molon Labe