Thursday, March 15, 2018

Vegas Update - Lotta Good Questions, Still No Answers

h/t Gateway Pundit

Vegas radio host Wayne Root has a list of twenty things in the incident that still don't add up. (Which would be ALL of them.) 
#1 Rambo: 
How did an overweight, out of shape, 60-year old, anonymous guy (on no one’s radar) with no military training and no military or law enforcement history become Rambo overnight? He carried out this plot with no help? Got hundreds of pounds of weapons to his room? He broke open a hurricane-strength 800- pound window? Set up sniper-type guns? Pulled off worst mass shooting in America’s history with no training, no help? Even though the one over-riding theme of every survivor/witness I’ve spoken to, or heard from is…they saw or heard multiple shooters. Yet the FBI and Vegas police immediately discounted this theory. Why?

The girlfriend connection has always been fishy, Paddock paying off a $100K debt a couple of days before the shooting is damning evidence that he never did it nor planned it, and Trump's Twitter silence on this whole thing has been deafening, IMHO.

I have spent a literal lifetime shooting down black helicopter theorists, because most of them are psychotic lunatards, but this time, nothing else makes any sense whatsoever, whereas a cover-up of a terrorist plot makes perfect sense, at every step of the incident.

For my money, it's far more likely there were other or multiple shooters, Paddock wasn't any of them, and the answer to the mystery lies four flights up from that 32nd floor suite, where Saudi terror-loving princes cavorted in a private hotel-on-top-of-a-hotel, and where authorities never investigated, but which could have held an entire terror cell unencumbered and unseen, done the entire deed, and walked out at their leisure hours or days later. Probably exactly like they did.

Paddock was just the dead patsy left behind to give a semblance of tying up loose ends for the easily bamboozled.

That, to me, makes one helluva lot more sense than anything that's been floated thus far.


G Russell said...

That audio from the first cycle of reporting of the faster and then slower rate of fire was definatly a crank firing adaptor. And nobody comits suicide with a snub nose .38 and keeps their lips and teeth.

Aesop said...

Half a dozen things could have caused changes in the rate of fire. None of them were found in the suite in question, AFAIK.
And sorry, no, .38 snubbys don't automagically blow your lips and teeth off.
It depends greatly on who puts the muzzle where.

Anonymous said...

If you are gonna blow your head off, why not sit down first? Lots of comfy chairs in the suite.

And if you do it standing, how in the hell does a rifle with a bipod end up sitting across your left leg, on the bipod? That pic bothers me more than any of the others.

Why stack your loaded mags on the floor, on the other side of the column you are firing from behind? Why not move that end table out of your way or stack them on it? Lots of time to get set up....

Why so many unused guns? Why stop? Why shoot yourself?

Yeah, a few unanswered questions.


Eskyman said...

When this first happened, I watched literally hundreds of videos (many now missing from YouTube) looking for muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor. This happened at night, and flashes from all that firing should have been readily visible; I found nothing.

I wondered then, and still do, how Paddock smashed out the windows. A small hammer was shown, which the talking heads seemed to think would've done the trick, but unless it was Thor's magic hammer in disguise it would have been laughingly inadequate. You'd need a sledge hammer at the very least, and a lot of effort.

Pictures of Paddock showed blood in his chest area as well as his mouth & the back of his head; did he first shoot himself in the chest, then through his mouth, as he climbed under the rifles he was found under? (Makes me wonder if the Clintons were involved, if he did commit "suicide" in this way.)

In short, yes- there are "a few unanswered questions." Thanks for keeping this story alive, I still hope to see some answers!

RSR said...

To the body photos:

Stephen Paddock’s body was moved prior to arrival of crime scene investigators

"A police source with knowledge of the investigation told the Baltimore Post-Examiner that Paddock’s body was rolled over by police in the room after being ordered to do so by a commander for locating any identification on Paddock’s body.

That source told the Baltimore Post-Examiner that the Command Post and the Counterterrorism Center wanted the identification and a photograph of Stephen Paddock’s face.

What we don’t know at this point is whether photographs and or video were taken of Paddock’s body in an unaltered position as he was found in the room upon entry and were there any photographs and video taken during the process of rolling over his body.

Were the photographs that were leaked to the press showing Paddock’s body stretched out on the floor lying on his back, photographs taken before his body was moved or after it was rolled back over, is undetermined at this time.

Once again, transparency was non-existent as neither Lombardo or McMahill made any mention during those press conferences that Paddock’s body was moved prior to crime scene investigators arriving and the reason for disturbing Paddock’s body, a crucial part of the crime scene.

Remember at that point in the room that night, no determination could have possibly been made that Paddock had died by his own hand or that of another. It was a homicide crime scene until the investigation determines otherwise, something that is impossible to do minutes after the room was breached.

To further complicate matters, the investigation of the room was turned over to the Force Investigation Team that investigates officer involved shootings and use of force. Did that team also conduct the investigation into Paddock’s death, we do not know."

vanderleun said...

Video released....

Make of it what you will

WATCH: Video of Stephen Paddock Bringing Guns into Hotel | WRKO-AM 680

Aesop said...

The commentary is distracting, because it adds little, assumes much, and opens entire acres of additional questions.

What we see is a man NOT meticulously planning a mass shooting, but instead doing everything but.
They tally up the number of cases he brought in, with no more idea of what was in them than the bellmen had.
More important, what was in the cases he took out back out?
He wasn't even there long enough to soil his underwear - nor indeed, even to change clothes - so he's bringing things in, and taking things out, and nobody knows what was on either trips in or out.

I see a guy meticulously exchanging something.
Big cases for little cases.

Nobody bring twenty- or forty-something guns to a room where they're only going to shoot a few of them.
Nobody sets up video surveillance of a hallway, and then has no plan or intention of shooting it out with authorities.
Nobody breaks out two windows when one will do.
No one would buy a gun the day before a mass shooting they're planning on killing themselves during.
Nobody settles a $100K casino marker the week before they go out in a blaze of glory.
Everything about Paddock points to a guy who expected to be about his business on planet earth long after that fateful weekend.

As we expected, they have video inside all the elevators.
Who else was coming and going to Paddock's suite?
Who was taking cases in and out?
Did any of them match the ones Paddock brought in?
Money, drugs, and guns all ebb and flow around Vegas.

If he was "scouting out" the street festival, where were those rooms in relation to the festival there?
If they were on the wrong side, why assume he was scouting them at all?
What guy books a suite he doesn't need for a week, brings the supplies days in advance, and then does no actual prep until literally the last minute?

We have no motive, no rationale, no sense made of anything, and no reason to suspect Paddock was anything more than the Dead Guy conveniently found inside the suite after the shooting, and very likely, dead before the shooting began.

His own home-brew video camera wasn't pointed at the stairwell immediately next to his suite doors.
Because he would foolishly assume no one was coming in that way??
Or because the shooter(s) who actually did it didn't want to be caught on their own cameras making a hasty getaway minutes before the first police (or anyone else) actually arrived on scene, after the last shots were fired at the concert?
There was not a single LVMPD officer outside his suite or the adjoining room to hear one single gunshot fired during the incident, including the supposed final one through the roof of his mouth, because the entire affair was over definitively before they got there.

Paddock was a patsy.
And whatever he was up to is probably well-known to the FBI, and deliberately concealed from everyone else.
They've had six months to cover all the tracks and concoct this latest (Number 12? Number 42? I've lost track.) narrative timeline, and only now do they release the video???

Sh'yeah, right.

Go back to Ruby Ridge and Waco, from twenty years ago, and tell me how the pre-event narrative turns out to have matched up when cross-examined in federal court afterwards.

The only thing we and TPTB can be sure of is that none of this is ever going before a judge and adversarial counsel.
And that it's likely 100% fairytale horseshit.