Thursday, March 29, 2018

Reality Check


Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, millennials are more conservative than gens X and Y at the same ages ever were. And people do not get more liberal as they age...

I wouldn't brag about this map as proof that libs are in the ascendent. But then, what else can you expect from another fine product of public schooling.

JT said...

I think this is less about Millennials and more about the demographic tsunami that Boomers have been rolling out the red carpet for their entire voting lives. That map looking only at white Millennial voters would show a sea of red. The younger generations were born with their head below the water, demographically speaking. That blue reflects the brown tide, not ideological proclivities. The younger gens, from Millenial to Zyklon are as red-pilled as callow youth can be without a governmental propaganda organ directing their thoughts.

Aesop said...

Oh, please.
Teddy Kennedy and the senators that opened the floodgates in 1965 weren't elected by Boomers, who weren't even of voting age until 1966, at the very earliest, and couldn't vote for any president before 1968.
That's just shitty history and Common Core math talking.

Next you'll have Boomers electing FDR four times and voting in the New Deal too.
Reality is somewhat different.

JT said...

C'mon Aesop, I'm quite the devotee and know you can read better than that. You projected that 1965 vote strawman right into my comment. Everyone knows the shell-shocked Archie Bunkers of America didn't have the stomach string up domestic agitators/Frankfurt school infil-"traitors" like Kennedy, et al, after they'd been stringing up literal dictators abroad since 1941. The point I made, which is indisputable, is that while the Greatests got snowed while they were taking a breather from Smedley Butler's nightmare, the Boomers spent every day from 1966, to present, ensuring a shittier life for predecessors and posterity.

What the Boomers did was far worse than FDR and the New Deal. They presided over a judicial tyranny that would have even made FD "Court Packer" R blanch, from Roe v Wade to Prop 209 which, as an anecdote, turned my spot of sunshine in the Central Valley from Amsterdam on the Stanislaus to majority Mexican/carniceria on every corner in 20 years. Your mileage may be similar.

The Boomers I know are all dazed Archie Bunker clones who still don't know why America didn't heave to when the Tea Party made it's stand. But they are clearly in the minority of a generation who enthusiastically embraced the gutting of their own blue collar Democrat party of Moynihan, Webb and Larry McDonald, shamed traditionalist and conservatives who they imagine resembled their parents, and erected of our government a Purtianico-pagan bacchanal dedicated to their sexual dysfunction. We can't even blame Democrats for this. Would "Sheets" Byrd be seen wearing a pussyhat? At who's feet can we lay the blame except for the block of voters who sought to reshape society in their own "clown-mirror of Daddy issues" reflection. A quick glance at the Strauss-Howe generational theory backs up my wild ravings.

Aesop said...

No sale.
In the elections to date that Boomers have voted in, we've had (R) presidents in 30 out 50 years, to date, and the only instances of Republican control of Congress in anyone's living memory. The duplicity of the backstabbing shitweasels purporting to represent those voters is the fault of the perpetrators, not their electorate.

Being the biggest demographic lump in the carpet, the only thing you can tag Boomers for, with any reliability or validity whatsoever, is that they were all born between 1945-1965.

You can find culprits for what went down, but it won't be based on the years they were born in for that subsection of Americans.

The map was a monstrous tweak to the millennial Baby Duck whiners who think everything began and ends with them, coupled with absolute statistical irrefutability of the current crop of still-green muttonheads, but the truth is far more complex overall, and over time. Only sheer optimism gives me still some bare hope that some plurality of the chowderheads can be bootstrapped to reality before they run entirely off the cliff, and take the country with them, but that remains an open question.

Identity politics - the mother's milk of the Leftards, for a reason - is always a non-starter, and any chance I get to throw a bag of flaming dog poo onto its front steps, I'll be firing up a sackful of porch love and heaving it right on the welcome mat.

And while I share your pain over the fate of the Central Valley, when last I looked, that judicial tyranny was a bipartisan effort, going all the way back to the dawn of the Progressive Era, during the reign of the supposed "good" Roosevelt.

The pooch was well and truly screwed by Amendments XVI-XIX, a grand slam of fail occurring a paltry forty years and more before the first Boomer was a gleam in his daddy's eye. Helped along magnanimously by the spawn of Papa Joe's clan from Hyannisport, and their willing minions, when most Boomers were still wearing short pants and riding bicycles.

Everything since has merely been gravity, working.

JT said...

We agree on much more than we disagree on. Keep the faith and as our mutual friend says - stay away from crowds.

Anonymous said...

Not worried about Millennials. Boomers split, X split, most of those split for Trump, Millennials are tattooed vegan whiners who nobody gives a damn about anymore... and Z? Z is now ready to vote.

Z is the most FED UP generation I have seen in my life or read about. They don't hate Boomers, to them Boomers are ancient. Thy hate Millennials with a passion though, and seem to like X ok. We hear about this Hogg asshole every 5 minutes in the news, but look at the OTHER students a Parkland being just as loud on the other side. They don't get the same news time, but they're pissed, and they're determined, and they do NOT use "Old Media". They lean far more conservative than any generation since the Silent Generation, and they're becoming noisy.

They're about to vote and Democrats, without saying so in public, are scared shitless. Z doesn't give a DAMN abut vegan soy race appropriating garbage. They say "Kek" to that. They shit post everywhere. PewDiePie is a good instance of Z - they know who he is. They talk about being red-pilled. They know they got the bum shaft, they are actually seeing and feeling what Trump's economy is doing, and they're STILL cautious and massively conservative fiscally. A lot of them are considering trade schools or online degrees because they don't want to deal with the crap coming out of colleges. They refuse to go into debt to hear that they're evil. They also tend to eschew tattoos for some reason - outdated, overrated. They're the largest generation ever, and they are a force to be reckoned with. Give it 10 years... they're NOT liberal.