Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ex Libris: Butchering Livestock

Butchering Beef: $21 (352p., softcover) on Amazon
Butchering Poultry etc: $22 (456p. softcover) on Amazon

The point in your life may arrive of necessity when knowing how to turn anything from a rabbit to a cow into dinner without buggering it up is no longer an option achieved by going to the meat department at the local Sack O' Grub supermarket.

Whether you've done that before, or not, it's always best not to learn how not to do it when you're cold, hungry, and only have one animal to work with.

It's also a generally handy skill to have, because you can't lose it once you've learned it.

Learn it right and learn it well, in fabulous photo detail from these two textbook equivalents on the subject. They are both yuuuuuuuuuge, comprehensive volumes on the subject of turning anything from Fluffy to Ferdinand into dinner.


This is the sort of detail you can expect in each volume, and once you know how, you can pass it along to someone else, and keep the knowledge handy whenever it's needed. It's the next best thing to standing beside the guy while he shows you the cuts.

You may also be able to get the hardcover versions at a brick and mortar B&N, like I did, for $35 new, vs. Amazon's $50 list. YMMV.

These two volumes should go on everyone's survival library bookshelf, if at all possible.


Badger said...

Out-freakin' standing. 'Cause, you know, whatever; it might be "what's for dinner."
Many thanks.

loren said...

I saw my first cow being butchered on my grandfather's farm when just old enough to get around. Still remember how fascinated I was that it had 4 stomachs.
Still, how to process an animal is probably fifth in the list of importance behind managing to catch/kill, get it home, gutting, persevering and finally processing said critter.
Hacking away and messing up some T bones isn't near as important as you might think in SHFT. Hell, I've been hungry and tired enough not to worry much about cooking something I drug into camp much less carving it up.

Peter said...

Thank you so much! I've been wanting books like this for some time. Ordered both.

Mike_C said...

Gotta bad feeling that there may be call for the THIRD volume: Butchering -- Long Pig: The comprehensive guide to human (sic) butchering. (The slaughter part will have been taken care of already by alternate means.)

Aesop said...


Anonymous said...

Received the "other critters" book yesterday ( we aren't in beef country), VERY impressed

Aesop said...

I try very hard not to recommend duds.

Mike_C said...

Just in case someone has circled back to this post...
THIS is along the lines of what I was thinking about:

Thus demonstrating that not only do GMTA, so do crackpots.
Rock on, James!