Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Color Me Shocked

This is why I can't even bother, just from various headlines so far this week.

1) FaceCrack is under investigation for stolen customers' data.

Look kids, if something on the interwebs is free, it's because YOU'RE the product.
Write this on your hand with a sharpie, lest ye forget.

2) A "self-driving" car from Uber has (predictably) had a catastrophic failure, killed a pedestrian, and Uber and everyone who touched that p.o.s. idea will be successfully sued for an amount sufficient to have bought a few hundred new cars forced to rely on their drivers watching where the hell they're going.

Tech fails. Like little incidents vis-à-vis RMS Titanic, LZ Hindenberg, and the Daichi Fukishima nuke plant should have clued you into. Self-driving cars are simply tree chippers with a handy conveyor ramp for pedestrians and drivers alike. Anyone deploying them or driving one should be receiving incoming small arms fire until they change shape or burst into flames.

3) A Democrat  Communist congress shitweasel has called for an armed coup against President Trump.

Commies gonna commie.

4) Every politician with an opinion is predicting racial genocide in SAfrica, in 3, 2, ...

Like twenty years of being both the absolute and black-on-white rape capitol of the planet weren't a subtle hint there. People who've spent 20,000 years with bones in their noses are not going to try peaceful co-existence when you hand them the country on a platter. Rwanda was not an anomaly, and ZULU was a documentary.

5) Juvenile drama queens attempting to opine about Constitutional laws should be muzzled, and/or beaten to a bloody pulp.

Taking your cues about the bounds of natural law from dumbasses who eat Tide pods is its own reward. But if their Soros-funded jackassery manages to provide the impetus to revoke the 26th Amendment, it'll strike a blow for sanity in the republic.

We've also heard tales about people worried about the bombs going off in Austin.
Given it's the libtard whackjob capitol of the state, no points for guessing who'll wind up discovered responsible.
But authorities may also have to reluctantly grant the possibility that there are only 27M possible suspects, who live in the normal part of the Lone Star State, who've had enough of Austin nonsense, and are clearing their throats on the matter.
That will doubtless complicate the search for a culprit.
You'll know it's rednecks when someone starts shooting at refrigerators full of tannerite at Antifa rallies.
Just saying.


Reltney McFee said...

refrigerators? Not Conexs?

Aesop said...

It's gotta be small enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck, or it ain't happening.

But I like how you're thinking.

I'd pay good money to see that trick on YouTube.

Jim Scrummy said...

1) Please pass the popcorn and adult beverages, I just love this s-show that is beginning. The planet would be better without bookfarce.
2) AI cars is stupid. Maybe I am old and gray, but to me I had two rights of passage in the first 16 years of my life: learning to ride a bike and getting my driver's license. They both equal FREEDOM. I prefer dangerous FREEDOM over peaceful slavery on any day that ends in a y. AI cars are dumb and are enslavement.
3) Yep. I live in target rich commie NoVA, and getting tired of their crapola. Not sure if the commie congresscritter wants a two-way range, of course he wants me dead.
4) Don't forget Rhodesia err Mozambique. Rhodesia use to be the bread basket of Africa. Now it's just a basket case.
5) You had me at Tide Pods... I guess I have red-pilled my pre-teen kids, because they love the 2A and boomsticks. What do the commies have to offer...taxes, enslavement and of course they want me dead.

Jack Crabb said...

To riff on an old slogan:

Fuck 'em all and let God sort 'em out.

loren said...

The Oz government here is wondering if they can squeeze in
a few shell shocked White S. Africans in between the Somali immigrants . So far most of the politicians/newspapers feel the White farmers deserve what they get cause they're White so fuck em.
Meanwhile African gangs in Melbourne are running riot. One of these days there will be a serious shortage of hemp. Not the smoking kind either.

The Gray Man said...

Aesop, are you shocked that Mohammed Noor got charged? I am. We may be in for a goat rope now.

John ShootBetter said...

Who will rise up to defend the semi-automated Uber self-driving car? I will rise.

Firstly, the facts of the case aren't in yet. There are certain circumstances under which it is impossible to avoid a collision. A pedestrian jumping out from behind an obstacle with less distance to the car than the stopping distance for the car at that speed is one of them. At this point we don't know that's what happened, but it is a real possibility. It doesn't matter if the driver is Mario Andretti, a robot, or drunk as a skunk at that point: the car won't stop in less than x feet, and everything else is just physics. There's a video of the road while the Uber car was underway. I suspect its evidence will be quite telling.

Secondly, pedestrians getting hit and killed by human drivers is virtually a dog-bites-man story: it's downright pedestrian if you pardon the pun. The robot cars don't need to be perfect, they just need to be better than human drivers. And the robots never get drunk, tired or distracted.

Thirdly, I live in the Phoenix area and I see an automated car about once per day. At one of the Denny's in Tempe you can watch about five Uber automated cars go by in an hour--or you could anyway, until yesterday. They all have humans in the driver's seat, so it's impossible to tell which are on autopilot and which are being conventionally driven, but I did strike up a conversation with a Waymo (Google) driver about a year ago at a stoplight. I asked how often he had to take over from the robot, and he said "about once per shift." He was driving the car at that moment because the cops had an intersection shut down, and while the robot was able to "see" the road flares the cops had out, avoid the intersection and turn around, the nav system couldn't figure out that the road was closed and kept doing U turns and going right back to the closed intersection, so he had to take over.

When you figure that zero vehicles completed the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004 (150 miles off-road, closed course, one vehicle at a time), then five vehicles completed it in 2005, to Waymo drivers taking over for the robot on real city streets "about once per shift," that's an astounding amount of progress in a very short period of time. Now, it's possible that driverless cars will be a boondoggle able to get 95% of the job done and can't close the last 5%. It's possible that they'll be a real catastrophe, blood-on-the-asphalt style. And it's also possible that they are going to revolutionize transport. As Yogi Berra said, "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

I don't mind my 15 minute commute, but I wouldn't mind a dumb robot taking over long inter-city drives. I also wouldn't have minded if the robot had stopped the guy who rear-ended me on the Interstate in heavy traffic a few years back.

Aesop said...

@John SB

Surprise, surprise, AZ sides with sanity and against AI cars:


Uber was told on Monday evening to suspend its autonomous car-testing program in Arizona. The move follows the death of Elaine Herzberg, a pedestrian who was struck and killed by one of the company's self-driving vehicles on March 18. According to the Associated Press, Governor Doug Ducey told Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi that public safety should be a top priority, and that "[t]he incident that took place... is an unquestionable failure to comply with this expectation."

Herzberg's death has shone a spotlight on a state that was already unfriendly to pedestrians—in the same week as this fatal crash, nine other pedestrians were killed by vehicles.

Which shines a wee bit more light on why John, living in pedocidal Phoenix, sees pedestrians getting whacked as a dog-bites-man story. Hint, John: In an actual dog-bites-man story, we hunt the dog down, capture it, and execute it. All I ask is the same reasonable consideration for AI cars, when they kill. Shoot the CEO and chief engineer after each and every fatality, and you'll hear not a peep from me.

But you could fund the further research by making the retributive justice a pay-per-view event.


Alternatively, test the vehicles with the company's engineers strapped to the bumpers, and in the neighborhoods where their kids are required to play in the street during testing.

Either you believe in your product, or you don't.

From Borepatch's site comment on the story:


"This sounds like the Arizona government doesn't believe that Uber has been entirely candid about the accident.

I suspect that when the complete report on this comes out we will see a number of factors contributing to the pedestrian's death: sub-par sensors, lack of radar to complement visual sensors, sub-par software that didn't recognize a dangerous situation, and a driver so lulled into complacency that he was paying attention to everything BUT the road.

None of this recommends self-driving cars as remotely ready for prime time.

Like I said, this sort of @$$hole tech is a goat-rope, with nothing but downside for any good purpose. The closest thing we have to AI "let someone else drive" now is trains and passenger flight.
Passenger flight has been zero US fatalities for a ridiculous amount of years, (condolences if you flew on an AirFrance Airbus with smarter-than-pilots-computer controls over the mid-Atlantic) because instead of a computer, we have the most highly trained kind of bus drivers on the planet, assisted and overseen by literally thousands of people in towers and flight centers from coast to coast, 24/7/365. It's the ultimate anti-AI, except for the passengers.
Trains, OTOH, smash together and kill people with a tedious regularity to this very day, only going back to shortly after someone put a steam engine on tracks in the early 1800s.
Uber is going with the Hindenbur,er,...I mean train model.
It's predictably not working out so well for them.
You can't sell sizzle without the steak.
But the victims are still extra-crispy.