Saturday, March 24, 2018

Turning Over The Compost Heap, We Find...

Paddock accompanying 15 cases into Mandalay bay Hotel. BTW, none of these cases is long enough for any of the guns, so now we're supposed to believe he disassembled every one of them, then assembled them all, in a few minutes when he was actually in the suite, or else not until the actual day of the shooting. Possible, but rather improbable.

A number of commenters, including Gerard VanderLeun, have pointed to the recently released video from MGM surveillance cameras regarding Vegas corpse Stephen Paddock's movements before the shooting at the music festival there.
My thanks.


My take:

The video commentary is distracting, because it adds little, assumes much, and opens entire acres of additional questions.

What we see is a man NOT meticulously planning a mass shooting, but instead doing everything but.
They tally up the number of cases he brought in, with no more idea of what was in them than the bellmen had.

More important, what was in the cases he took back out?

He wasn't even there long enough to soil his underwear - nor indeed, even to change clothes - so he's bringing things in, and taking things out, and nobody knows what was on either trips in or out.
I see a guy meticulously exchanging something.

Big cases for little cases.

Nobody brings twenty- or forty-something guns to a room where they're only going to shoot a few of them.
Nobody sets up video surveillance of a hallway, and then has no plan or intention of shooting it out with authorities, nor any more serious impediment to them than a locked deadbolt.
Nobody breaks out two windows when one will do.
No one would buy a gun they won't live to use the day before a mass shooting they're planning on killing themselves during.
Nobody settles a $100K casino marker the week before they go out in a blaze of glory.
Everything about Paddock points to a guy who expected to be about his business on planet Earth long after that fateful weekend.

As we expected, they have video inside all the elevators.
Who else was coming and going to Paddock's suite?
Who was taking cases in and out?
Did any of them match the ones Paddock brought in?
Money, drugs, and guns all ebb and flow around Vegas.
If he was "scouting out" the street festival, where were those rooms in relation to the festival there?
If they were on the wrong side, why assume he was scouting them at all?
What guy books a suite he doesn't need for a week, brings the supplies days in advance, and then does no actual prep until literally the last minute?

We have no motive, no rationale, no sense made of anything, and no reason to suspect Paddock was anything more than the Dead Guy conveniently found inside the suite after the shooting, and very likely, dead before the shooting began.

His own home-brew video camera wasn't pointed at the stairwell immediately adjacent to his suite doors.
Because he would foolishly assume no one was coming in that way??
Or because the shooter(s) who actually did it didn't want to be caught on their own cameras making a hasty getaway minutes before the first police (or anyone else) actually arrived on scene, after the last shots were fired at the concert?
There was not a single LVMPD officer outside his suite or the adjoining room to hear one single gunshot fired during the incident, including the supposed final one through the roof of his mouth, because the entire affair was over definitively before they got there.

Paddock was a patsy, not a psychopath. Nothing else fits all available evidence.

And whatever he was up to is probably well-known to the FBI, and deliberately concealed from everyone else.
They've had six months to cover all the tracks and concoct this latest (Number 12? Number 42? I've lost track.) narrative timeline, and only now do they release the video???

Sh'yeah, right.

Go back to Ruby Ridge and Waco, from twenty years ago, and tell me how the pre-event narrative turns out to have matched up when cross-examined in federal court afterwards.

The only thing we and TPTB can be sure of is that none of this is ever going before a judge and adversarial counsel.

And that it's likely 100% fairytale horseshit, to a metaphysical certainty.



Anonymous said...

I was wondering how long it would take for the FBI, to fake a video for the sheeple.

BigCountryExpat said...

My Guess? (As a former analyst and member of a "Red Cell" Intel Group)
there are two primary options:
1) Paddock was a hardcore anti-Trump Antifa Symp. (Evidence has come to light in numerous anecdotes) He arranged to have his 'team' there and 'do the do' expecting to be part of the exfil, instead he got two to the head and was left as a patsy.

or (IMO the most likely)

2) Paddock was the point man in a weapons deal to antifa/ISIS members sponsored by the feds. (This would explain the NUMEROUS weapons and 'styles' of weapons found, along with the evidence found that was made public). The perps KNEW however that it was a sting, and the cameras in the room support the fed involvement... likely he was putting on a demonstration of 'product' when they iced him, and proceeded to cap all those folks... also all of the Saudis in the building were NEVER questioned, and since the Fibbies are famous for CYA, when things went sideways, they went with the famous "Lone Gunman" theory, which has worked for OH so many years, knowing full well that MGM and ANYONE involved would go along to insure no legal repercussions could follow...

Its the KISS principle... Keep It Simple Stupid

Think "Gunwalker" times 100X

loren said...

I imagine that if there was an incident involving a dude shooting from a 6th story window at a moving car with an old cheap rifle and managing a head shot from 270' we'd all be up in arms saying not possible.
That being said, something stinks here.

vanderleun said...

Thanks. I was hoping you'd do a post like this. Excellent.

The Gray Man said...

Is there no one close to this whole thing that is willing to come forward, even anonymously? No "Deep Throat" type to blow the lid off of it all?

Anonymous said...

If it was planned as a lone gunman operation he would not have needed more than 2 or 3 rifles and lotsa ammo. All those guns indicates that the party was planned for more people to attend. The surest bet is that if the truth comes to light it will not be shared wit the peons. _revjen45

Anonymous said...

I'm sure people will say this is LARPing, that's fair. I have no evidence and only the say-so of one person. All you guys have is an alleged second hand tale on the internet.

A very long time SF guy, recently retired from the army but doing private work for them, told me the day after Vegas happened that he knew Paddock professionally. Paddock worked for various military contractors and was a fixer for SF/counter-terrorism in Southeast Asia.

Guy who said this spent most of his career in Asia, recently doing counter-terrorist "advising" in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand.

"Either it was a job that went bad, or he turned. I don't know. I shouldn't say anything, I'm still under UCMJ." Then he clammed up and won't talk about it anymore.

I encouraged him to talk to some guys who weren't under UCMJ and talk to a congressman or something. Who knows, maybe the one year anniversary will bring this info (that's a laugh).

Aesop said...

It's as plausible as anything else.

We have an instrument-rated pilot, former federal employee, mysteriously rich playing a game that doesn't cause one to become so, with multiple houses in Nevada, a fuckton of guns, travel and contacts in the Persian Gulf and SEAsia, a total Gray Man lifestyle and profile, and his former airplane is now owned by a company in the greater-DC VA area whose website is a template for "WE ARE A CIA CONRACTOR FRONT COMPANY".

And the feds were on the scene before the blood had dried, and had their hand up the ass of the county sheriff before he ever opened his mouth, and every time he's done so since then.

This is pretty transparently (to me) a colossal federal fuck-up, but like most icebergs, 8/9ths of it cannot be seen with the naked eye on first glance.

Bill said...

So that's why they call it sin city. 🤔