Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Out With A Bang

Pinned down by APD and self-detonated within minutes of authorities releasing the video of him dropping off the packages.

Yet, six months after the Vegas Shooting, we have not one single frame of video of the alleged shooter Official Patsy, or anyone else, entering, leaving or just being around the area, in the most heavily video-surveilled city in the world.

I'm sure that's just a coincidence, and doesn't indicate any official directed cover-up by the feds, who intervened in this case almost before the rounds had stopped landing on the concert.

And I have a bridge for sale, cheap.


June J said...

If the Austin perp had connections to the Saudi's they wouldn't be releasing video of him either. :)

Dan said...

The Vegas story took another twist. The judge overseeing things who ordered info released just recused himself from the case. A new judge will take over and it will be weeks before anything more happens.

Anonymous said...

um, you have a bridge for sale? By any chance, do you have one in Florida? Perhaps something in a pedestrian style, overpassing a roadway??

Elaine said...

I don't think the guy in the video is Conditt. The guy in the video has fatter/thicker looking arms. His thighs look pretty big too. Looking at Conditt (only from the top of his elbows up), his arms and neck look relatively slim. He doesn't look like he would be 'chunky' like the guy in the video appears to be.

Also, why after alluding authorities for days, why would he all of a sudden make such a stupid mistake? If you are smart enough to make a bomb, wouldn't you be smart enough to not go in a business wearing a wig and gloves (especially gloves)? Almost 100% of businesses now days have cameras all over the place, especially at the entrance.

One other thing. Didn't seem like much external damage to the car that he blew himself up in. Any vehicle I have seen that has had a bomb go off in it, was blown to hell. I guess there are different size bombs, more powerful/less powerful?

Just wondering. I wish someone would look at Conditt's picture and the video and see what they think.

Anonymous said...

An electric blasting cap, often used as a detonator in homemade bombs, can, and has been, actuated by a police cruiser close by keying their radio microphone. May not have been an intentional detonation.

DarkSideLawyer said...

I gather you have seen already, but here is the MGM footage released thus far:

Aesop said...

Anyone with access to electrical blasting caps isn't making a "homemade" bomb.

And anyone sending them from a FedEx office while toting a cellphone was overripe for a Darwin Award to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Electrical blasting caps are cheap and easily available with a blasting permit, or otherwise on the street. How is a remote bomb set off, using a timer, batteries, etc. without an electric cap? Electrical caps are required rather than a conventional blasting cap with a fuse (think Wile Coyote and the Acme bomb co...)

Aesop said...

I'm well familiar with demolitions since military days, and both types of cap, but once you get to "blasting permit", you leave the land of "simple" for 90% of the country.

As to how to set a bomb off without a blasting cap, I could refer you to relevant books and resources, but offhand, I can think of several ways, which I won't commit to the Internet, none of which require even a driver's license.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the guy's source for build instructions, it was legit as his devices worked, and he didn't end up with a hook.

Further, and unusually, he built a couple of different types, again, as I understand it from my civilian training, not what most of these guys do.

Looking at the reporting, walking the chain back-

bomb explodes at Fedex, trace back to the drop off store.

"eye witnesses" identify a guy wearing a wig and gloves

video gives a time stamp, then using "cell phone data, and data from Google"

they know the guy from his phone being located there at that time, google coughs up his movement history, and search history

they start backtracking, find the Fry's store where he bought resistors and battery boxes

they find the online sale where he buys imported batteries

they put him under surveillance while continuing to build the case

he twigs or just gets a wild hair and bails

they follow him, and smash into him with a van when they're afraid he gets away

swat wastes him as he hits the button, or it's a deadman switch

cops "he'd probably have died anyway"

his Christian belief and survival group membership gets mentioned, and emphasized

anyone think he's really dumb enough to walk into Fedex with his phone? Or is this the cover story for some other tech they can't talk about publicly, like having to gin up evidence so you don't reveal the existence of the Stingray cell site emulator?


Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask, when did he make the 25 minute long confession video?


Aesop said...

I'm still looking for the bible verses about blowing up your neighbor.
I found the video reference to the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch in the Book of Armaments, but that's it so far.

He was a low-info whacktard, and he was caught because he was both crazy and stupid.
That's generally a fatal error set to pack along on that sort of ride.

God talking to you through your religion's scripture is orthodoxy.
You talking to God is prayer.
Hearing God's voice telling you to blow people up is schizophrenia.
He's the right age-group for that, too.