Monday, March 26, 2018

Seig Hogg

This fucktard and his fellow useful idiots are the poster children for 70 IQ dumbassery.
Stay in school, kids. Don't be this kind of jackass.



neal said...

I thought someone would pick up on the Alfred E. Newman vibe and shop a Mad Magazine cover.
They did one with the Hitler stash back in the day.

Saw it right off. Pretty sharp for an old fart.

Anonymous said...

Aesop -

Need some of your wisdom here. What the hell does this mean? Is this important? Does it mean that Hogg wasn't at the school during the shooting and he filmed everything during the earlier fire drill?

Or that afterwards he got home, grabbed his camera, came back on his bike, and, all politically motivated after all of these people were killed, decided to start interviewing a bunch of people - interviews we've never seen? With the media salivating all over this guy, I'd think we'd have seen a few by now.

It's a little fishy to me. Your thoughts and wisdom are appreciated, honestly.

If that's taken down:

If THAT'S taken down (this is Google we're dealing with):

Badger said...

The little asswipe now bemoans being rejected by several schools in the UC $ystem; must've thought their job was to bankroll & facilitate his continuing quest for head of the Jugend.