Thursday, March 1, 2018

Food For Thought


Anonymous said...

"Epic" Aye.
Boat Guy

Jennifer said...

Uh, Aesop, something's wrong with the comments....

Anonymous said...

LOL WTF is with these spammers?

Aesop said...

Problem solved. They hit another thread yesterday.
All gardens have to be weeded occasionally.

Anonymous said...

The left has no idea what they're messing with.
As soon as the festivities start, they'll for the most part retreat.
Epic numbers of lefties lined up at the restrooms maybe.
I see this political civil war continuing as it has for the last year and a half, unless our President enacts another gun regulation. Then it's game over. He'll lose in 2020.

Anonymous said...

"unless our President enacts another gun regulation...He'll lose in 2020."

He will, and he will.

An orchestra plays according to a predetermined arrangement; it is not a conspiracy but it produces similar effects.

The left has created the very conditions that now exist in U.S culture. (with "conservatives" willingly participating, but just 3 steps behind)

The petrie dish of U.S. culture is growing exponentially, with fresh feed stock added every year as it is vigorously pumped out of the government secondary and post-secondary school system. Examine the current useful idiots: HS students. How long ago was it when it was just college rabble?

The cultural environment is (and has been primed) to facilitate the very actions that are occurring that always lead to more calls for prohibition and confiscation. These incidents will continue and increase until the mobs cries cannot be withstood by either the Congress or the President.

When more onerous controls ARE enacted, nothing will happen. There will be no uprising.
Just like there has been none in NJ, MA, CA, etc. The majority of legal firearm owners in the U.S will not risk the loss of their livelihood and incarceration for the sake of another gun control law. Remember the big uprising when the first AW ban went into effect? You don't because it did not happen. And neither will it again. Like a small but inexorable trickle of water, they will wear away and erode. At times they will overreach and get slapped, but they will regroup and continue.

The left understands incrementalism and they are in it for the long game. The hammer on their flag (hammer and sickle) is not raised in retreat; it is cocked for the next blow.

Anonymous said...

Never let your fat roll cover the reloads.


Anonymous said...

@9:59; past performance is not a predictor. You fail to factor the accumulation of abuses. There was no active revolt in 1773 either.
Boat Guy