Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Crookedest DoJ In History

Don't stop with Tillerson, Mr. President.
It's time to fire Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller, for incompetence and/or violations of black-letter federal law.

Tell Trey Gowdy his retirement plans just went in the shitter, and he's the new Acting AG, effective immediately.

And then start shuttering the FBI, and laying people off.

Addendum, from comments at WRSA:
Sessions wanted to have the AG job, but he doesn't want to do the AG job. Move him over to Border Patrol or ICE, or just put him out to pasture.
Shitcan crooked/criminal Deputy AG Rosenswine too, and every other crooked Obozo holdout at the Dept. of JustUs. Terminate Mueller's interminable fake investigation, and investigate him for suborning perjury and misprision of felony.

Then purge the FIBs of everyone, down to the level where you find guys who want to actually go after actual, y'know, criminals.
(And if that ends up being 5 guys there, or even none, I'm okay with that too.)

And trim the ranks of federal law enforcement allowed to form tactical teams, carry guns at all, or make arrests to just the US Marshals, the Secret Service, and the FBI. DOE can arm nuclear plant guards and prison guards can carry, but only on the premises, Customs and Border Patrol can carry on duty at the border and ports of entry, Park Service guys can carry only in federal parks, and the Coast Guard is still the Coast Guard. Everybody else writes tickets and summonses, unarmed, or else has to tag up and bring actual federal cops. Everybody else carrying at 97 other federal agencies, turn them in, tomorrow. And make that policy federal law, ASAP.

While I would love to see la Coulter put in the post, mainly because Joy Behar and the rest of the coven on The Spew would have immediate heart attacks, far more likelier is Trey Gowdy.

An experienced state and federal prosecutor, no tolerance for bullshit,  and he knows how to prosecute people, which is the sin qua non of the AG post. Best of all, he's actually trying to get the hell out of politics for good, and doesn't want the job, which should be a requirement for every cabinet post there is, in perpetuity. Drag Jason Chaffetz out of retirement and make him the Deputy AG. Then sit back with a wall of chips and popcorn, sipping cool libations, and enjoy the show that follows.

Call it Operation Sanity.

A year of dithering and recusing himself marks Sessions as a bumbling jackass, and the time is long overdue for him to go, for good.


Anonymous said...

And.....none of those jerks should be able to pension out. CW Buff out...

Anonymous said...

As I have previously mentioned, nothing will happen. The system is functioning very well. We have had "congressional investigations", the issues have been "seriously addressed". We are now past the high point of the arc, and trailing off until a new narrative supersedes "collusion".

Nothing. Will. Happen.

Anonymous said...

Please, someone show me the words "Police Powers" in the US Constitution. Congress is supposed to pass laws for calling forth the Militia to execute the laws of the Union. An FBI with law enforcement powers??? Or am I missing something?

George True said...

I am not so sure about Trey Gowdy. He is an accomplished practitioner of Failure Theatre. All the sound and fury generated by him as chairman of numerous congressional 'hearings' during the Obama regime and not one thing came of any of it. If he is not actually a Swamper, then he is at best all bark and no bite.

If President Trump did not have to be concerned with getting his nominee confirmed by the Senate, then my choice for AG would be... Wait for it...Judge Roy Moore. Imagine how that would trigger all the lefties, and how the MFM newsreaders would howl and knash their teeth. It would be delicious to savor.

Anonymous said...


Only Law dog that has actually fixed something.

Only problem is his position on guns.

But perhaps he could be turned out?

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 6:32
Find the words "toxic waste" in the Constitution.
Or "space exploration".
Or "cocaine" and "heroin".
Find the word "privacy" anywhere therein, including the entire Bill of Rights.
I'll wait.

Just because you never learned the meaning of Article I, Section 8, all the way to the end, doesn't mean the Congress didn't do so, since long ago.

For your edification:
"To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof. "

Notice there's nothing whatsoever in there about limiting the Congress to solely those explicitly enumerated powers, nor was such ever intended nor implied, going all the way back to 1787.

That is known colloquially as the Camel's Nose Entry Clause.
It means plainly that if Congress creates an office or department, they have plenipotentiary authority to make the rules for it, as well as its scope and jurisdiction.
We call that "government".
Sorry if that comes as some surprise.

Go smack your civics teacher, or seek a refund on your diploma.
Or, just crack a friggin' book.

Congress gets to vote in whatsoever it likes, provided it doesn't violate previous law, and you get to vote the bastards in or out, at your whim, every two years.

Welcome to a representative republic.

Aesop said...

For the Gowdy bashers - if the shoe fits - your civics miseducation is showing.
FFS, he's currently only a legislator, not a prosecutor.

All he's allowed to do is hold hearings and compel testimony.
He can't even impeach anyone; that's the job of Bitch McConjob and the US Senate.

He can't arrest anyone, issue warrants, or send anyone to jail.
Only the AG can do that, which is apparently the exact fucking job you don't want to give him.

"This is like playing poker with my sister's kids."

Seriously, get your fertilizer in one bag, and come back at this when you're ready.

Danne said...

This is an excellent idea! Additionally, they need to place well principled advisors and support personnel behind the heads of the rebuilt agencies that survive. The likes of Joe Arpaio come to mind!

StBernardnot said...

I like Danne's idea!!

Anonymous said...

Why do people ignore the words "necessary" and "proper" when declaring what Article 1 Section 8 means. Those two words are quite limiting. Also, why do people ignore the works "the foregoing powers." There is no construct of the English language that permits these words to mean that federal authority is not severely restrained.

Aesop said...

1) The definitions of "necessary" and "proper" are in the sole judgment of Congress. Catch-22.
2) The clause reads "...the foregoing Powers, AND all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof."
If Congress commissions a department or officer, they also have carte blanche to lay out the jurisdiction of same, provided it's not otherwise unconstitutional.

You want to argue something is unnecessary or improper, go ahead. You argue, Congress decides. Game over.
There is nothing whatsoever that is severely restraining upon the Congress, save for other Constitutional requirements or limitations.

You're trying to shoehorn your narrow concept of "ought" into their concept of "may".

It won't work.

The Constitution does not say "Congress may only do what Some Guy thinks they should. They will do what they will do, unless something beyond them prevents them

The only three actual limitations upon Congress besides Constitutional restraint, are the laws of nature and physics, their own imagination, and your vote.

You guess which one is the greatest restraint.

mtnforge said...

Absolutelyfuckingspectacular Rant!

WRENCH said...

"And.....none of those jerks should be able to pension out. CW Buff out..."
Substitute jerks with traitors.

Allen said...

I can see the need for others to carry. For example, up in my neck of the woods the Tree Police of the Forest Service often run into the drug gangs growing weed in the Sierras. Same with the Dirt Police of the BLM and meth cookers.

They've got to prove the need and it's reviewed frequently. The individuals have to be reviewed frequently also. If you've run or hid from the goblins, or scared the living crap out of Mr. and Mrs. Public by drawing down on them for stupid reasons you never carry again.

Aesop said...

No. The solution to that isn't arming the tree police or BLM, it's to send real cops after real crooks.

Giving every swinging Richard and their buddy in the Fedgov guns and badges is exactly the jackassery that got us to the current effed up situation.

Screw that sideways, with a rusty chainsaw.

I repeat, summons and tickets, unarmed, or else call the real cops. PERIOD.
One federal marshal, one riot, and anything bigger than they can handle, send out for the FIBies.

That's the difference between legitimate law enforcement activities, and a police state. Everybody with a federal ID is not law enforcement, and it's way past time they started thinking that, in their every waking moment, down to their bones.