Friday, March 9, 2018

Socialism: More! Harder! Faster!

So, apparently, some clueless bint at the WaPoo decided the title of this post was the Great Way Forward for herself and her fellow travelers, being good communists in all senses but for occupying the requisite casket:
Hanging on and hoping for the best is certainly one approach to rescuing the best of liberalism from its discontents, but my answer is admittedly more ambitious: It’s time to give socialism a try.

And then Mike at Cold Fury laid waste to her codswallop like a pack of Rottweilers on chicken with a broken wing.

An excerpt:
No it isn’t. It’s time to for you to rethink a few things, admit a few things—LEARN a few things. The rest of us are way ahead of you, and we’re getting a little tired of waiting for the short bus to finally catch up.
Astoundingly, this WaPo op-ed seems not to be parody or satire. It’s really kind of pitiful at this point; the stubborn fools really, truly have nothing else. NOTHING. The Left is so completely mired in the gooey morass of pure folly they couldn’t be dug out with a backhoe. All they can think to do is keep eyes dutifully averted from their ideology’s manifest failures, hoping against hope the rest of us don’t see, and just…go right on regurgitating the same tired, irrelevant crap.

And then he gets medieval.

It's masterful.


A Texan said...

Aesop, that is an incredible article, thanks for posting it.

Here was my comment to it:

"My family has been tremendously victimized by the Left in the last century. My father’s paternal grandfather – a Russian capitalist who built up a small inherited business into a prosperous one employing roughly 50 men (i.e. supporting 50 families) over several decades of back-breaking work, and who used part of the profits to build 14 houses to rent out – not only had all of his property stolen at gunpoint by Russian Leftists (A.K.A. Communists) but later, as a broken 74-year-old man, was deemed such a mortal threat to Josef Stalin’s regime that he was hauled into an NKVD prison, where he was beaten so badly that he died shortly after being released (just like Otto Warmbier and his North Korean experience). On my mother’s side, German Leftists (A.K.A. Nazis) and their fellow travelers murdered roughly 100 of my grandparent’s aunts, uncles and assorted cousins from 1939-45.

I have studied the Leftists, in all of their guises, for most of my life – and I know with metaphysical certainty that they and their mindless ideology have been the single greatest source of evil and misery in all of human history. As such, I will NEVER, EVER submit to these morons – they may kill me, but they’ll have to carefully negotiate their way to my body over a sea of empty brass cases in order to take my weapons. My family may be victimized by these evil bastards yet again…but it won’t be for free this time."

Paul said...

I wonder how the denizens of the short bus all became journalists. And here I was thinking writing took some level of intelligence.

I does amaze me how they convince every one they know better and it will be ok when we let them lead.


Jonathan H said...

She actually has a point - but it isn't the one she is trying to make.
Classic liberalism is a good thing, and I would be ok with it - but what she calls "liberalism" is as you point out socialism, aka communism by an other name.