Thursday, March 15, 2018

This Sign Took 3/5ths Of An IQ Point: All He Had

h/t to Gun Free Zone for the pics

But don't think the white kids were any brighter:

And those posters are proof that school teachers in the public schools should get an across-the-board 50% pay cut, and continue getting a 10% cut each year that their students can't think at grade level.


Anonymous said...

Her school is a gun free zone. They do not want to end the Gun Free School Zones Act since then the school shootings would end.

Deana said...

While I would scarcely be willing to let the schools off the hook, it is the parents who are to blame for this level of moronic behavior and idiocy. There are good teachers out there, or at least I think there are, but they can only work with the raw material they are given. And then these teachers have to contend with the union and the administrators. You couldn’t pay me enough to be a teacher today.

Old California said...

I'm a retired public elementary school teacher in glorious California. For a significant part of my career I taught in a Title One school. Something like 90% "English Language Learners"---many didn't actually learn much because they couldn't due to inability and in some cases actual parental sabotage. Very high poverty with much truancy. I habitually got more than one yearof progress in a school year from MULTIPLE students. However, input was FAR more important than I.

Linda Fox said...


I taught Physics and Chemistry, and I assure you that Leftist thought did NOT make it into the lesson plan.

That's the Social Studies and ELA Departments.