Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Diversity Architecture: Good to The Last Drop

I get taking your daughters to work.
But if you're going to hire them, you might want to verify that they passed the math classes.

Otherwise, just let them answer the phones.


billrla said...

Suspension bras. Suspension bridges. Suspension of disbelief. It gets confusing.

Paul said...

Roman bridges are still standing 2000 or more years on. This one was not even done yet. Seems like we lost something somewhere.

Sentenza said...

I have some good news, though.

The Somali shithead that shot the Aussie woman is getting charged with manslaughter.

loren said...

Seems the Florida Dept. of Transportation changed the design and increased the span by 11 ft. They also removed the supports before they did the post tension of the span (structural concrete beams have to be either pre or post tension-ed to give them strength). They also didn't have the suspension system in place yet.
From the pics of the participants it seems diversity was the number one strength in these companies. It's how they (can) win jobs in our fucked up country. Any company who works for a federally/State funded job has to certify that X amount of people are 'other than white males").
The chickens are now back on their perches.

Sgt 73rd Regt said...

Dear Raconteur,

I would be interested on your thoughts re: Officer Mohamed Noor finally being charged for the murder of Justine Damond. The news reports down here in OZ say that he is charged with both murder and manslaughter?, is this correct? Under our legal system you can only be charged with one or the other.

Cheers (from a long time lurker)

James M Dakin said...

And they should only be answering the phone until they find a husband, then move on so another can fill the position. Not that I'm bitter.

The Gray Man said...

Roman bridges were built by men.

Sentenza said...

Sgt 73rd Regt.,

It may be a feature of the Minnesota legal system that a prosecutor has to lay all possible charges at the beginning of a case.

June J said...

I'd wager the diversity women engineers involved couldn't pass a test administered by an experienced bridge engineer