Saturday, March 10, 2018

Old Guys Kick Ass

If you'd like to let Hollyweird know what you think about gun control, or you'd just like to get some entertainment value for your buck, there are two things you can do this weekend.

Thing One, is go see Bruce Willis(61) in Death Wish, now in wide release.

Bad Guy thinks he's sorry. He's about to be sorrier.
A well-written and perfectly updated remake of the Charles Bronson iconic original that breaks the Remake Curse, and re-imagines the original very nicely, without making you wish the writer and director were part of the final body count. Considering the source material, that's no mean feat.

There's no need for spoilers, just go see the movie. If you saw the original one, you know what you're getting. If you didn't, go back and watch it later on. First, go see this one.

Thing Two, is drop by the local DVD/BD counter, and grab The Foreigner, if you missed it when it came out last year. Or, even if you saw it.

Wait till you see the other guys.

With non-Bond Pierce Brosnan in the way of London Chinese restaurant owner Jackie Chan(62) in his quest for answers amidst The Troubles, this one hooks you, and then drives the point home relentlessly.

Jackie Chan is still The Man, from the beginning to the end of this movie.

As Tommy Lee Jones once said onscreen,  "This is not the work of a cook."
I'd even buy it at WalMart. Jackie Chan is the only thing made in China in that whole store that's worth the full price you pay, and then some.

Both flicks: Both thumbs up. No disappointments, and worth the time and the ticket.
This is what we go to the movies for.

(For comparison, at their age, John Wayne was making The Green Berets, Hellfighters, and True Grit, and winning his Best Actor Oscar.)

Old guys kick ass.


Grog said...

Jackie Chan was making movies 40 years ago, and was an expert in his area of study before that. I'd rather challenge van dame(deliberately mis-spelled)that Chan or Seagal. For anyone who wants to disagree with me about Seagal, whatever else he may be or not be, keep in mind he was studying in Japan in the 70's, and Americans were not exactly popular in Japan at that time.

As it has been often said, "don't pick a fight with an old man, because there is no weapon he will not use. Just leave him alone with his bourbon and cigars, or he will kill you." Richard Overton comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

For those of us approaching "an age" these are worthy exemplars. As was Duke.
Boat Guy

loren said...

I prefer Duvall and Caine in Second Hand Lions. Neither much in the way of fighters but head and shoulders above Chan and Willis acting ways. Better men too.

Anonymous said...

No argument ref Duvall, and dunno how you'd say not much in the way of fighters; at least the characters in SHL, Duvall clearing up and educating four would-be "tough guys" (backed up by Caine with a pump shotty) is a favorite "old guy" scene.