Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Why You're Getting Rolled, Lesson #2,087:

For baseball players, it's "Keep your eye on the ball."

For fighter pilots, it's "Lose sight, lose the fight."

Different ways of saying the same thing:
History's gut pile is assembled from the body parts of the witless and clueless.

At its root, the Parkland shooting, except for the dozen-and-a-half unfortunate victims, was nothing surprising or newly dreadful, and nothing functionally different than any of the other mass shootings enabled by the concentrated stupidity of Gun Free Victim Zones. It's what happens when you ring the dinner bell, chum the water, and push tourists into the pool with predators created by the Left, sharing the same amoral outlook as hungry carnivorous sharks.

FFS, that's been the entire point of the exercise, indeed the very raison d'etre for the Evil Party to enact it: precisely to keep up a steady supply of outrageous acts, to feed their Political Hate Machine with a never-ending supply of still-warm victim's blood, for their faithful party hacks to always be dancing in, until they achieve their goal:

the total disarmament of anyone who would oppose their totalitarian control of the population.

They already have full Astroturfed fill-in-the-blanks scam campaigns ready to go when each Next One happens, like they did this time.  Just shake and bake, add in some useful idiots to be the face of Stupidity du jour, and Presto! Instant Pudding!

They aren't even shy about this now.
They say it right out in public, outright, openly, explicitly, unashamedly, with pride, and malice aforethought.

Let's review, kids, with their own Playbook 
("Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!")

"#8.: Keep the pressure on."

This is why they never stop.
This isn't football, or baseball. It's Rollerball, final game.
No timeouts, no penalties, no substitutions, and no time limit.

You're either Jonathan E., or you're roadkill in this game, on the way to the final goal.
There isn't any other option, and you can't get out of the game.

The other side either gets beaten to insensibility, or you do. Winner take all.

So what happened with Parkland?

You. Got. Rolled.
Look at that opening photo.
That's where the phrase comes from.

The douchebadge deputies dropped the ball there thirty-nine times.
The shitbags at the Federal Bureau of Incompetence dropped the ball another half-dozen times.
The assigned School Resource Officer was a gutless coward, more worried about preserving his own fat ass and pension, than about protecting the lives of teenagers. (That fat assbag should be hounded and catcalled every waking moment from sunup to sunset every day of his miserable life, including by people with bullhorns outside his house from 7AM to 10PM daily, until the day he eats his gun.)

At your service, you chickenshit bastard.

The cowardly Broward Sheriff's deputies violated every rule of Active Shooters, and listened and watched while a 19-year-old weakling massacred other people's kids, because they lack the requisite moral character to put their lives on the line when it matters, and give him a new problem to work on, flying at his head at 1100FPS, times the number of rounds in all those magazines they tote around on their donut-fattened hips.

Those multiple failures should also be the narrative 24/7/365, from every person on the internet to every talking point in every bit of media, until Hell freezes over.

But you don't have the patience, perseverance, or stomach for that kind of fight.
So you lose.

The Florida legislature turned back gun control catcalls initially, and ignored them, as should be the default response every time they start, but their worthless Senate, including twelve fat bastards given obviously-bogus A-ratings by the perpetually worthless NRA, stabbed you in the back. Like they will.

This is what always happens when you hire some lazy rent-seeking @$$holes to do a job you should be doing yourselves, because it's too hard, too icky, or you're too lazy. And being demonstrably lazy, no one will recall those backstabbers, nor boot the ones not already termed out, so there are no consequences for such perfidy.

Michael Corleone was willing to whack his own brother for taking sides against the family, and you won't even dump out of office a legislator who sets the Constitution on fire in front of your face, and then spits in yours.

So what would've been the usual three-day ejaculation of nonsense was given new life, and seeing the faltering cardboard-cutout "army" in their path, the Soros-bux flowed in, then more from the Usual Suspects and Useful Idiots in Hollyweird, and you got the Florida gun bill.


And now, the FakeNews narrative of shrieking harpies running a new Children's Crusade.
This should be getting beaten like a rented mule. It should be getting clubbed, 24/7 like baby Harp Seals, non-stop, until their blood is caked up to your armpits, and then repeated for effect.

"#5.: Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."
"#6.: A good tactic is one your people enjoy."

Hence the memes I've cheerfully contributed on the subject.
Shills like Hogg, Gonzalez, and their army of middle-aged Leftard harpies, and their Astroturf funding sources should be the stuff of ridicule every waking moment until they become the poster children for National Joke, and the default punchline of every comment on the subject of gun control, for decades to come.

But you don't have the patience, perseverance, or stomach for that kind of fight.
So you lose.

The same is true on the Omnibus Spending Bill.
The president's job isn't to propose a budget.

If that fact is news to you, you're simply a retard.
If you take that in, learn a lesson, and stop falling for that nonsense, at least you're an educable retard.

The Congress - you know, the 435 shitweasels you have the most concrete, firsthand, undeniable control in sending to, or recalling from, Mordor on the Potomac, and their 100 money-guzzling House of Lords betters in the Senate - made this year's Frankenstein Monster budget-busting porkfest. Because they can.

Did your elected douchcanoe(s) vote for it?
Will you give them rivers of lava at every townhall meeting you can about that?
Will you give your time, money, and invective every waking moment to turning their fat, stupid asses out this year for that sin?

No, of course you won't.

You don't have the patience, perseverance, or stomach for that kind of fight.
So you lose.

That's why TINVOWOOT: There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This.

60% of you, at minimum, don't even show up when all it would cost you is a buck's worth of gas, and 15 minutes of your time. That's why cheating helps the other side, and elections are such near-run things. Would that America on any Election Day had one voter in ten who sleeps through it actually show up. So you sure as hell won't do it just because the future of the country hangs in the balance every two years.

So, being too fucking lazy, going back decades, to pull a lever when that's all it would cost you, you'll get another actual revolution/civil war/zombie apocalypse, because somehow, waiting until it's actually that horrible appeals to you more than regular maintenance, and throwing the bastards out of office decades hence did.

Best wishes with that plan.

Because you don't have enough ammo.
And you don't have enough of anything else, including allies, to think that plan is going to work out the way you'd hoped.

Maybe society and civilization will survive your laziness and stupidity long enough to write a history or two of how everything went to shit because you lacked the intelligence, character, or endurance to preserve civilization, and sustain it when it was your turn.

So you can fix that.

Or, not.

Fuck up in haste, repent at leisure.

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