Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Today's Biggest Loser

Well done, Quisling. Couldn't run your own caucus with the Speaker's gavel and a 23 seat lead. Couldn't kill Obamacare even after 8 attempts, couldn't fund the border wall, couldn't help bloating the budget, growing the deficit, and couldn't stop f**king over the Republican base or backstabbing the President at every opportunity, then bolted for the door when the chickens were going to come home to roost. (Joined betimes by a basket of fellow GOPe RINOs who could smell the change in the political wind.)

This is the one man in America who should be hounded and cat-called and annoyed at every restaurant he dines at forever, until he dies, or gets ahold of a gun and one bullet, and does the honorable thing.

The difference between Pelosi and Ryan is than Pelosi at least can blame dementia and Alzheimer's for not knowing what the fuck she's doing or saying.

Ryan is just a straight-up douchecanoe and all-around backstabbing one-man walking clusterf**k.

I'm hoping when he returns home, there's a crowd waiting to greet him with ceremonial rotten eggs to kick off his return to ignominy, opprobrium, scorn, derision, and a well-deserved anonymity, hopefully followed by retirement to a secluded cave in the northern wilderness, muttering to himself until he's fortuitously eaten by wolves. (I will donate the pork chop necklace to that endeavor, if he'll agree to such a well-earned self-exile.)

When the country needed solid leadership, we got this political Gilligan, and now we have to suffer under screw-loose Pelosi, and the reign of totally unhinged frothing-rabid moonbats chairing every House committee in Congress for the next two years.

That's a hell of a legacy, Quisling.
If there's ever been a worse example of Speaker of the House, I can't think of who it could be, although your immediate successor is looking to outdo you, if that's even possible.

Do the country a favor: announce publicly you have the goods on Shrillary and Bill, and face your imminent suicide by three bullets to the head like a man. If only for the sheer novelty.

And when you die, die happy, knowing that your smiling face will grace the political dictionary photo entry for shitshow, for at least the next 50 years.


MMinWA said...

I'm sure his bestest bud, Eric Cantor, who is happy as a clam today as a redistricted Dave Brat went down to an open borders cunt, has a few juicy lobbying spots open for Ryan.

Pathetic asshole. Being a silver lining kind of guy and saying good riddance ain't gonna get it this time. Having that power and not using it is criminal. Bet your ass we're going to get a real good demo now of the use of that power.

I hate to even contemplate where we might have gone with Jim Jordan. And now? Pahhhhh.

And 1 more real sour note for me is seeing Polis elected CO Gov. And not even close.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm morally allowed to speak about your elections (I'm German, and don't talk about my elections... GGAAAHHH).

But you have my deepest symphaties... the only light at the horizon could be, that there would be evidence of MASSIVE voter-fraud on the side of the democrats...

Cynically me has another thing to say, and yes I apply it regulary to my Country too:
Every Country, Society or Population has EXACT that Goverment it deserves..... ;)


Anonymous said...

Ever wonder if people like Bill Buppert are crazy? I don't, and haven't for quite some time.

Funny thing, whenever the "good guys" are dealt an Ace-High straight flush, there's always soneone to blame when they fold and give all their chips away....

Funny thing....

MN Steel

Badger said...

Ryan can stay down in Janesville, the Northland doesn't want him but could still donate the wolves you need. Hey, Black Bears & Coyotes gotta make a livin' too.

Jess said...

Just a hemorrhoid hanging from the ass of Congress, which has a remarkable number of anuses.

Jim Scrummy said...

Good riddance to that US Chamber of Commerce/Koch Bros globohomo cuck Ryan. Brat lost because the commies found a libertarian to run against him (Brat is a libertarian, but not libertarian enough). The libertarian siphoned off enough votes to give the commie the win. Yes, we get nanny botox, but, many of the commie wins were in R retirement districts. Not sugar coating, this sucks. Now with the senate staying R with 54-56 R's is a good thing, it keeps the judiciary train rolling, and not having to worry about the rino cucks (Mittens, Murk, and Collins are the only rino cucks left), gives some room to run, as long as we have the rule of law. Keeping some of the Guvs as R's helps too. The real fight is in 2020, with the state legislatures.

In the end, though, Trump is a delaying action to the inevitable, unfortunately. Not that I am a debbie downer about it, but, the reality is staring me in the face. I live deep behind enemy lines in NOVA, and the diversity tribes have ruined VA. Diversity + Proximity = War. The sides are fairly well formed, now, and a skirmishing cold war has developed.

Train as if your and your family's life depends on it, on all aspects. Never concede defeat, ever!

T-Rav said...

Unlike Ryan, Pelosi at least has the excuse of being mentally handicapped.

I'm not feeling too unhappy about last night, though: we got rid of McCaskill, something I've waited 12 years for.

Sherm said...

I actually forgot that Ryan was Speaker. He had as much lasting impact as a hand stuck in a bucket of water. Pelosi will remind me everyday that she's speaker. Ryan had the opportunity but not the will.

Unknownsailor said...

I do believe that the Republicans retired/not run themselves into minority status in the House.

Talk about s self fulfilling prophecy...

One other thing became clear: Run away from Trump, and you lose.

The election yesterday put an emphatic stamp on the fact that the Republican Party now belongs to Trump.

As for 2020, it would behoove all of you to remember that the onus is on Senate Republicans to defend many more seats than Democrats next time, so don't get cocky about the Senate. That can change in 2 years.

DAN III said...

Anyone with half their senses KNEW Ryan was a piece of garbage YEARS ago. While one can M-F Ryan 'til the cows come home never forget two groups of Quisling bitches who supported Ryan:

1. The voters of Wisconsin's 1st CON-gressional District.

2. The douchebag Republican congress-weasels who voted numerous times to anoint Ryan as Speaker and KEEP him in that position of power, fucking Traditional Americans and POTUS Trump every chance he had !

Never forget 1 & 2 above....they screwed us as much as their boy Ryan did. Even moreso.

Anonymous said...

If the predictable behavior of the 'left'in power over the next two years doesn't galvanize real resistance and retake the house and reseat Trump in 2020 then fuck all!

AB.Prosper said...

Unknown at 8:20

The Republican establishment is strongly anti populist nationalist and are globalists. They actively hate the Religious ,Populist and Palecon wings and would purge them if they could. The problem for them is if they did that , they'd have so little power they would get nothing.

So being who they are they backstab.

All that aside TINVOWOOT is the reality of the situation, has been since Bubba at least. The Courts won't save us, President Trump won't save us, no one can save us but ourselves

All we are doing is buying time and if we are wise instead of just laying in more ammo and guns, we'll learn to organize , to take and use power and will formulate an alternative system.

Until that its a bunch of individuals who are basically speed bumps to the system

Dad29 said...

Couldn't kill Obamacare even after 8 attempts, couldn't fund the border wall, couldn't help bloating the budget, growing the deficit, and couldn't stop f**king over the Republican base or backstabbing the President at every opportunity, then bolted for the door when the chickens were going to come home to roost.

You forgot that he fully funded BabyKillers, Inc. every year he was there, too. Wouldn't bother me quite so much except he flashed his "Catholic" card a lot.

He has a nice compound, complete with a big wall surrounding it, to which he'll retire and grab a $750K/year lobbying gig. Well.....some get their reward in the here and now...

Dan said...

Ryan was a plant...a commie lib posing as a RINO....and it worked. His treachery while Speaker kept a LOT of things from happening. He was just a "placeholder" keeping the house in check till Peloser regained the gavel. Expect NONSTOP effort from the House to impede Trump and prevent him from accomplishing anything.....starting with the inevitable impeachment attempts as soon as the dems are sworn in.

william williams said...

If one is hoping to preserve in North America some serious degree of personal liberty, including freedom of association, secession is the ONLY long term answer that does not involve millions of dead.

The libertarians' "free state project" were indeed onto something, as is Mr. Rawles with his "redoubt". This will distress Aesop, but we need to say good-bye to California, and others.

And good riddance.

Aesop said...

Good luck with that.

Try wishing yourself a chocolate donut while you're at it.
There are no red states anymore.
It's purple from coast to coast, and getting worse.

The "Redoubt" is crumbling by the year (ask the locals about that), and the Free State Project is a total flop.

You want to stick your head in the sand and imagine there's some magical blanket fort to protect you, good luck.

The reality is, if you want liberty, just like every nation and race throughout human history, you're going to have to fight for it.

Run-and-hide never works: never has, never will.

Next item...

Reltney McFee said...

Mr Aesop: as you have previously noted, once you have run and hid, and established your own personal retreat, (a) your neighborly immigrants from Redistributionistan may collectively arrange to parcel your stuff out among themselves, or (b) some happy band of adventurous souls may happen upon your stash and figure out that it would look better on their shelves, than on yours.

Which speaks to your point, of kissing (anyplace) goodbye, is not materially different from kissing (your own corner of the place) goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Sam K says the 'Redoubt' is kicking ass. taking names, prospering and expanding.
Who should I believe?
As if........ ha, ha, ha, ha!!!
My dick laughs.

The Freeholder said...

A number of people noted well before Tuesday that the House was Ryan's to lose. Credit where it's due, he did a bang-up job at that.

However I doubt all is lost. The Dems under Pelosi are going to live down to their lowest impulses with with a will. Those who can think past the tip of their nose will be appalled when they get a good look at what the new, young Democrats have in store for us all should they come to complete power. This House won't be Pelosi's to lose, but simply a question of how badly she will lose it (assuming that massive stroke that's waiting in the wings doesn't send her to the hell she so richly deserves).

Aesop said...


Yeah, those election day tallies are notoriously inaccurate. I'm sure all those districts were 100-0 in the Good Guy column.

The people that think that for real are going to get a surprise one day, but not the one they were hoping for.

June J said...

Scary thought: could be talking about Vice President Ryan had insipid weakling Romney been man enough to fight for the Presidency instead of nicely allowing Obummer and the Democrats crush him.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your obituary on Weasel-dick Rat Fucker Ryan, can't come soon enough.

JackieO said...

But Brutus was an honorable man. Who chose to sink the knife more deeply.