Friday, November 2, 2018

The Early Years

h/t Kenny

She's gonna get her letter in the first draft.
Heaven help you all when she learns how to control flying monkeys.


Tactless Wookie said...

"Release the Monkeys!"

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

OT long but start at 07:58

Night driver said...


SOMEONE has developed a relationship with one of daddy's owls.

NOT all that unusual if you have a falconer in the family, but, that kid has THE best body guard outside of a BIG STAFORDSHIRE BULL DOG, I can think of. Because that owl HAD TO [b]WANT[/b] to land on her hand. Remember that the owl is free to go anywhere he wants, and CHOSE to land on her hand. Think on that for just a bit. And consider second order realities of what you can see there.

OH. MY. GOD!!!

The Gray Man said...

Right. Not unusual at all. You know, unless you have someone in your family with a super unusual and esoteric skill set, like a falconer. But everyone's got a falconer or two in their family, am I right?