Saturday, November 10, 2018

Happy Birthday

243 years of tradition, unbroken by common sense, yet you can still count on them to be playing in the blood of America's enemies when the smoke clears.

When you look for another service where an 80-year old who retired 30 years ago gets his Medal of Honor, still fits his dress blues, and looks like he could still be on active duty, but don't find one anywhere else, you'll know what they mean about "Once A Marine, Always A Marine."


Grog said...


Badger said...

Good piece, well done. Made a point today to call some Marine friends & wish them Happy Birthday. They all get it & genuinely appreciate it. (Sadly, it's a coin flip whether my Army brothers could tell you the Army birthday, exactly, and know the math RFN.)

MMinWA said...

I'll have whatever that Marine is having please. The dude looks like his kick ass level hasn't dropped a bit since Nam.

Anonymous said...

A friend of my Dad was a Marine in WWII. He was buried in his Dress Blues after dying at age 82. The Blues fit like they did when he served.


Anonymous said...

That is a MAN!!