Sunday, November 4, 2018


h/t Daily Timewaster


Old NFO said...

He's rolling in hot! :-D

Anonymous said...

Any mother with a baby has to multitask or else she needs a housekeeper, cook & bottle washer. Not all babies & children are compliant with the need to keep house, cook for them & hubby. I spent years with a babe on my left hip or on my back so I could get the basics done - comforting babe by moving rhythmically, while doing the dishes/food preparation & having a conversation with a pre-schooler is normal.

dmv gringo said...

The swept wing posture is utilized just before
entering water (via beak down dive) to snag prey.

The Gray Man said...

I'm not really sure that he's talking about housework... But alright.

skybill said...

Hi Aesop!!,
'Reminds me of doing "10-MAN".. Speed Stars Skydiving back in the day!!! Out the door, go into your dive, lock in on your slot in the star, hit "Hyper Space," at the right time, ya' pull out, flare, slide in and dock!!

Gorgeous Foto!!!!

Thx for posting... I will share this among the Skydiving Community!!

Blue Skies,