Saturday, November 17, 2018

Mafz: Still Hard, Bro

Some sorry-ass tropes need taking out for a good beating with a lead pipe.
Here are four overdue for another thumping into toothless oblivion.

"CA and NFY run the country."
"The Constitooshun is a dead letter."
"Trump is a fraud."

CA has nearly 40M people, NYFS has about 20M.
NYC has only about 8.5M people.

And for reference, both states combined had about 10M 13M Democrat votes in 2016 (2018 was even less than that), barely 20% of the vote total for Shrillary, and fewer than 8% of the total votes cast, despite being home to nearly 20% of the total US population. IOW, CA and NY are under-represented in voting tallies. So much for that meme.

As Casey Stengel used to say, “You could look it up.”

You can have your own opinions, but not your own facts.

Uncomfortable Reality #1 is that another 50M of your friends and neighbors in Flyover Fucktardia nearly elected Felonia von Pantsuit to the presidency. (Don't like it? Tough shit. Own it.)
The illegals voting hereabouts in Califrutopia merely provided the margin of the totally irrelevant popular victory, while adding nothing to the electoral trouncing she actually got. Thanks for playing, and we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

Uncomfortable Reality #2 is that we can and did “vote our way out of this”, even by such a relative squeaker of fate, with a fractional and abysmal turnout, and as lackluster as the subsequent results have been. TINVOWOOT becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy only for people who insist on floating over the falls in a raft, and throwing the paddles overboard. The actual problem is not that TINVOWOOT, but that electing RINOs doesn’t get you anything more than voting for outright Ds.
WTF, didn’t you people pay attention to GHWB, Dole, Dubbya, McCrazy, and Romney? WTF is this still news to anyone??
And sitting at home with your head up your ass never wins elections. (30% Election Day no-shows, call your office).
(File that under : Duh!)

Uncomfortable Reality #3 is that that pesky old “worthless” Constitution, those idiot Founding Fathers, and their prescient wisdom, saved our collective asses yet again, but no one has the wit to note the obvious on that point. Sorry if anyone’s dogma got run over by reality’s karma. The yappy little mutt had it coming.

Uncomfortable Reality #4 is that unless a lot of jackholes who sit around the one day out of 1461 that it matters pull their tiny heads out of their fat asses, I would not expect a similar electoral miracle in 2020. (If they do wake the hell up, and concurrently send about 50 more small-g government Republicans to the Congress in 2020, instead of more big-government D-lite RINOs, along with re-electing Trump, and we start imprisoning people federally for election-stealing among other high crimes, we can talk. I’m not holding my breath.)

You have about 700 days to deal with what happens after that, assuming the likelier outcome.

Choose wisely.
Best Wishes.

And mind the molars scattered on the pavement.


TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

A sober analysis of the situation, as usual. Those of us who aren't always so sober appreciate it. Cheers.

Popular Front said...

You've lost me. What is TINVOWOOT and where is NYFS?

Irish said...

TINVOWOOT “ there is no voting our way out of this”. NYFS... my guess is “ New York fucking state”.

Popular Front said...

slainte Irish!

Skip said...

Anyone that is worth a shit would be crazy to run for office.
Voting is a choice of getting shot with .45 or 9mm.
We have never missed an election, but damn the pickin's are slim.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing how most elections anywhere outside the "Blue Hives" are "decided" by 10 percentage points or less, which is 54% to 44% for the Mafz Disinclined.

Doesn't matter how "Red" (nice color for the "good" guys, British Redcoats, Soviets and Maoists notwithstanding) the district/State is at the time, there are no blowout victories at 75%+ unless a local candidate runs unopposed.

This tells me one of two (2) things:

(1) Those counting (or announcing) the votes are tweaking the numbers to denote a closer-than-reality vote, wrecking the confidence in the Ballot Box system of change, or,

(2) More people are realizing that using the Ballot Box is as useless as using the Soap Box (deplatforming) and the Jury Box (surely judges and prosecutors that depend on fines and fees for their retirement funds can be impartial), are withdrawing "the consent of the governed", and are primed to resort to the Cartridge Box.

At no point has any meaningful effort been made to straighten out ANY of this crooked system that purports to rule in the interest of the people it oh-so-nominally represents.

But, hey, at least it's not like there's a connected Red-Flagging New Yawker that green-lighted the Police State to "take the guns first, go through due process second" at the helm of this sorry ship of state...

Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

There's no disputing the fact that this country has been getting more and more "Blue" since the Russian Revolution.
Marxism is a cancer. It is here, and we will just have to go through the motions and hopefully survive it.
You cannot stop the Free Shit Brigade. Once you get people on the government Tit, it's near impossible to wean them off it.
The voting worked in 2016; we were able to slow the process down, get a brief reprieve. But full blown Communism is coming to America. It cannot be stopped.


Anonymous said...

The very essence of the government (euphemistically called "Public") school system is to create a petri dish of young minds, and then contaminate them with the virus of statism that will grow, multiply, and change their thinking and behavior for the remainder of their lives.

Every government college (and the majority of private and even nominally Christian ones) operates as an FOB in the ongoing civil war that is occurring in front of our eyes. When taxpayers fund and energetically participate in the indoctrination and training of those who will act to destroy their own country, there is very little chance to change the trajectory.

Living in a "college town", I witnessed the a very large turnout of college students at the polls this past week. Even the media notices, saying that the "college educated" are invariably Democrat voters.

This is what happens when people train their own children to be the enemy.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

I'm less worried about the Communism than the smooth talking centrist who says he'll protect us from it. In fact, he'll get rid of all socialists of every stripe. Maybe he'll start widening the scope of it little by little, taking other groups of people. Progressives, liberals, Libertarians, Green Party types, environmentalists. Yes! we'll say. Take them all away! And he'll smile and nod as the Feds at his command round up every one of the bad people.
Then, he'll say that black people have too many guns. Let's control the number of guns they have. And we'll be like, "Isn't that gun control, though?" And he'll say no, it is crime control. And we'll nod because that makes sense. Then he'll take guns away from Latinos and we'll be like, "That's kind of weird, but okay. I guess there are plenty of gangbangers and cartel types out there." Then he'll start a Department of Firearm registration to handle all the gun seizures and we'll be like, "Okay, getting a little worried here. Don't touch my gun, but yeah, keep up the good work with all the others."
Then he'll say all guns must be registered because the border between Mexico, let alone between states, is just so fluid and this is a plain old common sense approach to dealing with that issue. And we'll resist the notion, but him being a smooth talking country boy veteran centrist, we'll be hard pressed to mount a rational defense without sounding like gun nuts. And the youth groups supporting this disarmingly charming man definitely won't help matters. They'll be passing out flyers and special pins that say, "Join the Party!" in that semi-ironic way that young people do.
So, yes, Communism is bad, but if someone says they'll save you from it, run!

Anonymous said...

Uncomfortable Reality #1 is that another 50M of your friends and neighbors in Flyover Fucktardia nearly elected Felonia von Pantsuit to the presidency.

Therefore, "TINVOWOOT" and "The Constitooshun is a dead letter". There's no way to change these minds into wanting small government.

Pat H. said...

The US constitution was dead almost before the ink was dry on the parchment. It was created by a cartel of special interests; with George Washington, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and others that called themselves "The Federalists".

The first, and so far only, Constitutional Convention held under the Articles of Confederation (AoC), the real government created by the actual founders, had a narrow, sharply defined limit on what was to be done as fixes to the AoC. The Federalists, who were about as far from federalism as they dared at the time, began immediately to remove all limits on what the Convention could consider. After a number of attempts to stop that usurpation, those opposed to the Federalists capitulated. Out of this cabal came the new government that we're imprisoned by today.

Many want to "restore" government under the Constitution, to them I ask restore it to what? To what was had before 1803, before Marbury vs. Madison? How about before 1819, McColloch vs. Maryland? The plain fact of the matter is the US Constitution is functioning exactly as those who created it wanted, and it is and always has been an awful document that overturned the American Revolution and the real founding government.

Anonymous said...

"Dead" huh. Whatever.
I'll take that "awful" document over any other document/system you want to put forth. Today, tomorrow, forever.
My ancestors fought in that revolution knowing only that tyranny was unacceptable and that something better was worth killing for; should the Regulars match again (and truth be told, not till something truly comparable occurs) I guess we'll find out if our ancestral blood runs true
Boat Guy

Aesop said...

I don't want anyone else to "save" me from communism.

I just want lower ammunition prices, and some minor relaxation on when self defense applies, legally.

At that point, I can take care of the problem myself, with a 0% recidivism rate.

Helicopter ride optional, but not required.

And Gen. Pinochet says "Hola!"

Pat H. said...

A friend of mine was involved in the defense of Rhodesia, which was ended when the large western governments ganged up and forced the whites to accept negroes in charge.

The bad thing is negroes, while starving, aren't starving fast enough.

The good thing was, my friend could kill as many negroes as he wanted to kill.

I'm thinking we could officially sanction something like the defense of Rhodesia, but more successful.

Linda Fox said...

The way I see it, we can work like hell to awaken the Sleeping Masses, by constant pressure on THEIR playing field.

Forget Facebook - Instagram, SnapChat, et al - those are where the younger, more malleable ones are. Create a meme or video (why not writing? The former are short, capture attention, and are more likely to be shared - don't even us Old Farts share the memes and videos more than lengthy pieces).

The links that are embedded in those memes/videos are for the more lengthy pieces - posts, articles, books, videos. They will be seen by the targeted audiences, IF the initial hook gets them.

An example of a meme that makes them think, and may lead to some clicks.

Anonymous said...

"An example of a meme that makes them think"

That's the problem.
We have several generations of Americans that don't know how to think.
Since the 60's, our children have been taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think.

We can ridicule with memes and play the Ailinsky tactics back at them, but the time is over for trying to sway opinion. They want you dead.


Aesop said...

It doesn't matter how many you sway; no matter how many you get, the ballot boxes will be stuffed.

Spend your time profitably:
ammunition, supplies, and life-and-death alliances.

The next election will be settled in the streets.
And not with signs and chants.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Good. No one who wants to save you from Communism has anything good in mind. Stand your ground laws are nice too. Until the shitbag that shot your son gets off Scott free, anyway. Family members have a 0% recidivism rate too, turns out. Helicopters are always fun though.
Adolf says "Guten tag!"

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Don't forget learning new life skills, forging community relationships and supporting local initiaves. Drill it in your heads people; local, local, local. Resilience comes from looking out for each other. God Bless.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

I'd say it started before the sixties. I remember when Baby Boomers were the original ME generation. Now they're pointing fingers at the youngins. The more things change, the more they stay the same, am I right?

John Henry Eden said...

California and NYC have overwhelming cultural and economic power. The recent vote frauds in Az & Fl. prove that TINVWOOT.

Aesop said...

"Cultural power" nor economic power has absolutely no correlation nor causation to vote stealing, any more than poverty does to crime. You are arguing that the "No elephants allowed in trees" signs are what keeps pachyderms out of the maples in Central Park.

80% of the electorate sitting on their asses is why the other 20% won't vote their way out of this.

Anonymous said...

Your math is off. CA had >8.7mm Hillary votes counted, and NY >4.3mm, making it over 13mm, not less than 10mm. More than 30% off. More importantly, those states are so safe they spot the Ds 1/3 of the EC they need to win.

Aesop said...

10M was clearly my bungled math typo: noted. Nice catch.
(I was probably flipping back and forth with the even lower 2018 total numberss, not the 2016 presidential race.)

Nonetheless, you don't get to change the argument by pulling in electoral votes, because it doesn't work much better.
1/3 of 270 is 90. 55 + 29 = 84. Your math is off. By 7%.
13M people do not run the election. They do run their states, especially when half again as many stay home, every time.
But their combined 84 EVs is 31% of the total available, and NY + CA have only 18% of the population.
Thus they have pull; they do not have control.
And they still only provided the same rough proportion (20%) of Shrillary's votes as their actual population (18%).

They're only "safe" because a huge bloc of voters stayed home.
CA, for example, has about 18M registered voters. 5-6M didn't even show up in 2016.
And Shrillary garnered nearly the sum of registered Democrats, so Trump lost a lot of Republicans who simply didn't show up, for whatever reason (apathy, never-Trumpers, whatever), enough to make the race much tighter, and possibly even flip it. It's not a 66/33/1 D:R:I state, it's more like 45/35/20.

Point stands as stated, despite the correction.