Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Me Today...

I'm liable to be offline all day, until the polls start closing.

I don't drink, but metaphorically, it's either going to be a champagne mood or corn liquor mood within a few hours after that.


Anonymous said...

When I get off work, unlike the Dems that live in their Mommy's basement, I am going to go home, feed my dogs, pop a beer and open the Macallan's up, eat popcorn and watch the fuckery begin. Here's hoping for D-Day and the political demise of the DNC!

Deplorable from Missouri

Pat H. said...

Voting in South Carolina has not only been heavy, some are suggesting the largest turn out for a mid-term since before 1900.

I don't know, I will be listening to WORD 106.30 local talk radio. You can pull them up on an app called radio.com, for both major smart phone operating systems.

Anonymous said...

Albeit a small town, voting here has broken records.
Everyone seems to be voting.

Hope it's this way all over the country,


Anonymous said...

I live out in the country. Polling location is in a town of 250 at the church. When I stopped to vote this morning, must have been a dozen people there - most elections I am the only one there when I show up. Also, believe it or not, we actually had someone exit polling at that location! First time in 10 years of voting there I have seen that.

Deplorable in Missouri

1chota said...


el deguello


The Gray Man said...

I've had a bad feeling about this for a while now.

MMinWA said...

Well Gray Man I believe the heavy turnout is a combo of Regressives knowing full fucking well this is their last chance for years to stop the Trump Train and vice versa, sane Americans know if we don't show, we're effed.

Quite simply, there's more of us then them-we shall see.