Friday, November 16, 2018

Just Working A Lot

Upside: Working a lot.
Downside: Working a Lot.

As we watch the progtards steal one senate race, and work on making it two, it's not the dead Democrat voters that are the problem, nor even the hordes of illegal ones. It's the imaginary ones being manufactured out of whole cloth, as soon as they see how many votes they need to change the tally, and then not-so-magically produce those votes out of thin air two, three, five, ten days after the polls close.

So you can imagine what 2020 is going to look like.

And if they do this to POTUS then, and hold the coup at the vote counting stations, if that doesn't start open civil war, then Srsly:
What's left for anyone to fight for?
Why bother?

If you'll watch them steal your country, eyes glazed over and mouths agape, you may as well just change parties, and get ready for the non-stop rogering of the nation from then on out, because it only gets worse for you demographically after that.

The only way to get them out of power at that point is going to be by voting out of the barrels of guns. (Why is it, d'ya suppose, that despite that tack getting them kicked out of congress in 1994, the first thing they chose to go for this time, before Alzheimer's Nan even gets the Speaker's gavel, is draconian gun bans? Didja figure that was a coincidence? They're planning on disarming you, and then Marxism and boxcars, just like everywhere else, every time they take power, since 1918. We're Venezuela, two years before Chavez, right this minute.)

And everyone's just watching the train wreck unfold in slow-mo. And gawking.

Look to your last stand location, your pantry, and your ammo pile.
You'll have need of them all, and sooner rather than later.

The other side won't a take "No" for an answer, and as you're seeing day to day now, if they lose, they'll cheat their way to a win, and act like they won in a landslide.

And you'll do...what, exactly?

The pic above is the answer:
"We keep you alive to serve this ship. Row well, and live."
Plan B?

FL and AZ are just sitting there, at a time when it should have been torches and pitchforks, a week ago. Put all the lipstick on that pig you like, and best wishes with that plan.

Next time, it'll be TX and ten other states.

Tempus fugit.


1chota said...

I am reminded of what General Gordon said at the Battle of Khartoum: "I say Reggie, the beggars seem to be coming over the walls!"

Anonymous said...

Keep working. You have to make a living.
We'll still be here.


Maximillian said...

Texas already has counties with 200+ voters turning in 600 plus votes. We're screwed.

Anonymous said...

Not as fit as I'd prefer to be (damn but it takes LONGER these days) if I have 100 weeks left to prep I for one will take them. If the ball opens before that it'll be come as you are. Uncle Don said it long ago " You go to war with the army you have" but if you KNOW it's coming wouldn't you want a little more time to get ready?
I do.

Roger said...

Work, Work, WORK, WORK!
Remember and remember well, THERE AIN'T NO JOB WORTH DYING FOR!
Keep that in mind when they demand more of you.

The Mad Irishman said...

Yep just like California, what exactly did you do? Write a letter, call your congressman, what? did it make a damn bit of difference?

Night driver said...

Aesop. 2 concepts not NECESSARILY linked.

Jade Helm

Hot Musket

And for a bonus:

Continuous "Compass Call " 130s coverage. (EC-130H's)


BG-- 100 wks is WAY OPTIMISTIC. worry more about the 2019 Marching Season. IMO.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

"We're Venezuela two years before Chavez."

Foreign corporations control the food supply and support a right wing political Monopoly/military junta that's run the country like a banana republic for most of a century?

Aesop said...

@Mad Irishman:

For starters, I voted.
That already puts me ahead of 7.5M Republican-registered voters in this state.
And you?

Save your conspiracy theories for late night talk radio.
Venezuela could feed itself before Chavez, and exported oil.

Now their socialist overlords are rich, and the people are eating housepets, rats, and pigeons, when they eat at all.

This is home-grown genocide, not farcical international conspiracy.
Call William of Ockham, and get back to me.

The Gray Man said...

Florida appears that the democrats will fail to steal. The democrat vote numbers stopping climbing upward as soon as the judge force the Broward elections supervisor to allow Republican Party monitors inside the tabulation areas. Once they arrived, Rick Scott started gaining votes, and Ron Desantis maintained a lead that negates the need for a hand recount.

I have a solid draft plan for Broward County should the need arise, Aesop. It's loosely based on your "I'm here, at this point" post. All I need is some time off of work.

Oh look! I have FIVE days off in a row next week...

Anonymous said...

Prick Scott failed as gubner to fix the election problem that he had the responsibility and authority to do. But he did manage to violate every 18 to 20 year olds 2nd amendment rights for the foreseeable future so let's support him becoming a senator! YEAH! That will teach those dirty gun grabbing democraps a lesson!

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Venezuela could indeed feed itself. Except during election time whenever a Lefty was getting too close to power. Weird. There's many an anecdote of three month old food magically appearing in grocery stores the day after the election. Lot of pull with food companies these Venezuelan bureaucrats had. Funny that.
The party in power before Chavez loved themselves an artificial food shortage during election season. Made people realize what a stinker Socialism is. And when you look at the government's biggest supporters, it's no surprise that they were basically sock puppets on the hands of... hold on, let me pull this up... giant food corporations like Heinz and Kraft. Look at that.
Chavez did a lot to screw up his country. No argument here. But I believe the quote above said two years BEFORE Chavez, which I outlined. Yup, there it is. "Two years before Chavez." The age of the Banana (or in this case milk, cheese and tomato) Republic.

Anonymous said...

Soap Box (internet): banned

Ballot Box: stuffed

Jury Box: indicts ham sandwiches

Cartridge Box: ....

T.L. Davis said...

I say it's time to call the ball on this mess and start over. What I mean by that you will know in a few days. (Not violent, ideological)

The Gray Man said...

Collecting dust until it gets confiscated?

lineman said...

Not enough pain yet Brother...

gorilla warfare veteran said...

Reality check: You will not "get them out" with "barrels of guns".
You will do NOTHING.
Just like the survivalists of the 80's and the militias of Clinton era. The same chest beating and big mount talk, but no action. The few who did something ended dead or in prison for life, and nothing changed.
All the 300, 600 or 1000 millions guns you have, are just decorations, collector items and fashion accessories. You might rage at me, call me names, doubt my heroic internet gorilla warfare service, but this is all you can do.

Anonymous said...

Everyone will do nothing until the triggering event - be it an economic catastrophe (that's on the horizon), a massive outbreak of some Godforsaken virus, the sun messing with us with a nice Carrington-like event (overdue), or whatever happens that causes disruptions to people being able to get 3 meals a day and live normally. Then the already Banana Republic we're in devolves even more, and unlike the Great Depression, people will NOT be polite this time.

Aesop is right - civilization is a VERY thin veneer and it's already becoming stretched thin now. Look at what's happened to just one state over 20 years (California now has human feces and needles all over the streets of the city, there are homeless and tent cities everywhere, the roads are garbage, the infrastructure is falling apart, etc.), now extrapolate. One more big triggering event and we're across the line. At that point people who were told they'll "do nothing" are going to be doing a lot of "somethings".

You could just read a history book or two and sort that out. But Rome never fell, that's right.

dmv gringo said...

(Not violent, ideological)
Of cousre not, Nut Cuttin', nothing of relevance is expected of you..

Aesop said...

"Gorilla warfare" consists of flinging shit.

"Guerrilla warfare" is a different animal entirely, in every sense.

You should already be fighting gorilla warfare, and targeting the current culture and their spokesholes.

Accountability Lists are for when "A" transitions to "B".

And if 80% of your nominal peers insist of sitting with their thumbs up their asses, as they do now, expect no masses of people in the wings come The Sportiness.
There is no cavalry coming, and at that point everyone not actively friendly is enemy, and deserves whatever befalls them. Which will, with some vigor. Google Venezuela over the last decade.

People who think we'll just happily slide lethargically into full Commie are poor students of history, and about to get the mother of all Normalcy Bias wake-up calls.

If 1% of our side chooses "I Will Not Comply", they outnumber Team Repression 3:1.
If only 10% of our side refuses to go along quietly, that's a bigger army than we fielded nationally in 1945, which dwarfed all other sides, combined.
And with enough hardware on hand (which isn't a "mere" 300M firearms, but circa 600M-1B realistically, and a Trillion+ rounds of ammunition) to make the Irish Troubles look like a comparative case of piles on Grandpa's ass.

And that asswipe D-congressweasel who cracked a joke about using nukes on home soil will probably get himself strung up in the opening round by his own constituents. People won't think that's funny, and they have long memories about such things. I hope they YouTube the screaming before the final scene. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

He also didn't pay attention to the half a dozen times that nuking your own people never happened in Russia or China to see why it won't happen here, either, but progtards are renowned for their historical cluelessness and abysmal reasoning skills.

But dealing with perceived traitors does happen, over and over again.
And none too gently.

Anonymous said...


My questions/thoughts are fraternal and non-antagonistic; I am assuming that you have thought about these, and I want your take:

1. Foundational: CA, with a significant population, already has some of the most onerous (not NJ but heading there as quick as they can) firearms laws. It has a longer history of more firearm liberty than a place like the aforementioned NJ, where the culture is, in majority, accustomed to "only criminal have guns". The people of CA have generally acquiesced to the ever tightening noose by continuing to elect more and more of the same people who will enact the same and stronger measures.

2. Maryland has already killed a man during a non-due process confiscation. He now has cold, dead, and empty hands. I have seen no widespread outcry.

3. Janet Reno ordered and oversaw mass murder with firearms in juxtaposition, with zero just consequences.

What do you envision as being "the thing" that would cause widespread overt non-compliance?

lastmanstanding said...

Posted on the wall just as you walk into a friends gun shop.

1. No one is coming to save you.
2. It is your responsibility to support and protect your family.
3. Save who needs to be saved.
4. Kill who needs to be killed.
5. Always be working.

You seem to be on the right track.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Won't be Red vs Blue, though. It'll be Rich vs Poor. Don't be too shocked when you see a lot of minorities in the fox hole next to you. Paco, Jamal and Lee have alot of the same gripes as we do. Racial purists, conservitards and gun fondlers will soon find themselves fighting alone unless they get with the program.

"Hi, we're here for the Leftard lynching?"
Go home, dumbass. We're busy over here fighting for things that actually matter.


The vote fraud is IN YOUR FACE. It's open, its overt, it's "Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?"

Irish had, stolen from... Taxi-something... a graphic asking "So what will you do if nobody goes to jail, nobody serves time, nobody even loses their job?" And it's a legitimate question.

The "problem" is that it needs to be something that ignites our side all over the country, or it'll be squelched. Even Trump, as much as I believe he's on our side (mostly), will be forced to act by a highly-localized pushback. But I tremble at what that would take.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

I believe that's called projecting, D-EM-Vee Gringz

Unknown said...

We are at War! Have been over 20 years! People in our country cant see what has been going on! One of the reasons the ugly bastards tried to take President Reagan out! Do not, I will say again do your home work, and do not give up your forearms! Also, we had a muslium running our Country for 8 years, and 2 were just voted in Congress!

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

When did that happen?