Friday, November 30, 2018

I Hate That Stuff

Our thoughts, prayers, and sincerest sympathies are with the residents in and around Anchorage at the moment.
A 7.0 earthquake ain't no kind of fun; BTDT-GTTS.
But the day after mine hit me, it was 67°, not 27°  like it is in Anchorage today.
That's going to make a huge difference on what happens to people next.
Hang tough, Sourdoughs.

And to think we spent last night binge watching Coast Guard Alaska...


TheAlaskan said...

THAT...was a big one. Violent.

Dropped the kids off at school, came home to find two moose acting strange on the property...running...stopping...looking around...running. I went inside puzzled by their behavior, thinking maybe a bear, and then, violent shaking...a long, violent shaking. Things falling all over. I'm over 200 miles from Anchorage. Tsunami coming I'm thinking.

Tsunami warning cancelled.

Anchorage...significant damage.

Angantyr said...

OT - a bit of good news:

T-Rav said...

Glad you're doing well Alaskan.

Grog said...

A friend of mine lives in Anchorage, there's a lot of damage and power is out in some areas, and the aftershocks are still occuring.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Grog.
Hope all you Alaskans are surviving OK.


Anonymous said...

My cousin and her husband have a home north of Anchorage. Right about the epicenter of this quake. My favorite aunt is staying with them for the moment. My cousin was at work and her husband was at their cabin when the earthquake hit. My aunt was home alone. Thankfully they only had little damage. It took him two hours to drive the two miles back home. All are OK. Thank God.