Thursday, November 8, 2018

Color Me Shocked

Two days after the polls have closed, Democratic election officials in AZ and FL have "suddenly discovered" thousands of uncounted ballots, putting their candidates in both states over the finish line.

Like they've tried every time since 1960, when the Daley Chicago Democrat crime syndicate "elected" JFK.

It's not the obviousness of the tactic that annoys, it's the brazen stupidity of doing it again and again and again, and the fecklessness of the GOP in rolling over for it.

There is a simple solution: Bitch McConjob and the GOP caucus in the Senate votes to not accept the results of either election, as inherently tainted and suspect, refuse to seat either nominal electee, and force both states to do the whole thing all over again, with the original cast, and a cast of tens of thousands of lawyers from both sides watching the entire process, top to bottom, including purple thumbprints if necessary.

Otherwise this horseshit will continue endlessly, and doubtless next week ChuckU Schumer, Dianne Fineswine, and Kamala Hairass will "discover" extra US senators formerly living under the Capitol stairs, and declare that the vote on Kavanaugh was actually 67-51 to deny, and they'll do it with straight faces.


Dan said...

This cheating shit isn't new and it's really not news. It happens for a very simple reason. No matter what crimes the left engages in they NEVER suffer any consequences when they are caught. Until that fundamental fact changes they have no reason to stop and every reason to continue. And since the lamestream media whores are fully complicit with this criminality most people are never aware of the extent of the lefts crimes.

Anonymous said...

Since our host delights in things from the theatre, here is a quote, old but sufficiently cynical: "In most parts of the world, pain is a second language, people understand it better than words because you can get right to the point. But in this country we don't really have very much pain. So the second language is money. Naturally you expect to receive money for what you know instead of pain. How ironic."

G-man said...

1.88M people vote (tally as of the end of Thursday), and there's a 16-point win for the Republican governor, while the Senate race is a dead heat. SAME people. So what they're saying is that 155k, or ~14% of the voters cast ballots for Ducey, and then turned around and voted for Sinema? The FL governor's race was close, so it makes sense that the Senate race is also close. But in AZ incumbency is supposed to be worth 16 points, twice the statistical average of 8%?

The Gray Man said...

I swear that if the Republicans don't fight this shit and win, I'm done voting. Permanently. If my vote is going to be cancelled out by a thousand mystery ballots "discovered" in some backroom office in Broward County three God damned days after the election is over, then I'm fucking checking out for good.

The Gray Man said...

Does anyone know how I can get in face to face contact with Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Ron Desantis, Matt Gaetz, Doug Broxson, Jayer Williamson, Pam Bondi and Donald Trump? I've got some shit I need to discuss with all of them as soon as possible.

tweell said...

"Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything."

Anonymous said...

Until we have VOTER I.D. laws in effect nationwide, this will continue.
It's comical too, that in this day and age we're still fumbling with paper ballots.
Show ID, enter vote, get counted. Results in one second after the polls close.


G-man said...


Agree on voter ID, that’s a common-sense idea which should have been implemented years ago. Trackable, verifiable, recountable paper ballots are absolutely still required. The xkcd artist absolutely nailed it on that issue...

The Gray Man said...

I live in a little rural town of about 300 people, and they have a system where they swipe my DL (or any state issued ID to ensure that I haven't voted already. They basically swiped it on what appeared to be something similar to an iPad and it printed me a receipt. I asked them what if I came back to vote again (I knew the person so they know I'm not trying to do that) and they said it would flag it. So why can't Broward do something like that?

Oh, because then they wouldn't be able to "find" thousands of uncounted ballots.

A Texan said...

"...including purple thumbprints if necessary."
I'm in favor of doing simple things like that to make sure that people don't vote twice.

OTOH, if someone DOES want to vote twice, I'm actually quite OK with long as they don't have any purple thumbs. Cut it right off with a machette, and you can vote again. Hell, vote a third time, if you don't particularly care about the 2nd thumb.

I am sick and fucking tired of all of the cheating in EVERY election, in EVERY jurisdiction of any size. But I'd be less frosted about it if there was, let's say, about a 50-50 mix of the Pubies or the Dhimmicrats winning. Hell, I'd even be satisfied by 55/45 or 60/40. But it is freaking 100% Dhimmis winning, every cycle. WTF is wrong with people that the country still let's them get away with it?

DAN III said...

The Gray Man @ 0531,

Myself, I really do not trust anything "verified" electronically.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Me either, the equipment should print a receipt for the customer for verification. Ours are electronic but I don't know if it tallied right.

Me said...

They keep telling us to vote to be effective, and arguing against violence, But conservatives are running out of cheeks to turn, and we are running out of options.

mtnforge said...

This is banana republic bullshit. And its all the dirty stinking fucking commies got. They offer nothing. They are takers not makers in the most obscene ways humanly possible. Nobody does it better, because the sonofabitches are so disgusting, their criminal syndicate so abhorrent, they have to cheat, they can never win on merits, only thru sleeze, dishonesty, graft, gerrymander, and a system of corruption and confidence gaming.
The proof is in the pudding. If they didn't have the organized system of con jobbing the electoric and "winning" by margin of vote fraud and its accompanying plausible deniability, they would not exist as a political influence power. Never mind the fig leaf of a political party and it's illusion of legitimacy.
They must be in a real pickle to so blatantly and brazenly cheat. Somethings afoot, some desperate political imperative, that they are willing to risk the exposure underway. Because not only are they continuing the vote fraud, they are doubling down, a sure sign something threatens their hold on a particular lever of raw naked power.

The Party's Slogan: Undermine, subvert, destroy.

Mark Matis said...

Please understand that the head "Law Enforcement" officer for Broward County is Sheriff Scott Israel. Does that name sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

The present uproar over in-your-face electoral fraud in Palm Beach and Broward counties is no surprise to Florida voters, and should have been easily predicted by the GOP establishment. These two counties along with Dade County were at the epicenter of the Y2K drama featuring Bush, Gore and Hanging Chad. The present Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes, has compiled a notorious record during her tenure of office.

Nor is this even a matter of controversy.

Snipes' long record of incompetence, malfeasance, misfeasance and neglect in performing her duties is a matter of public record and has been the subject of multiple court suits and judicial orders. And there is always the high likelihood of outright corruption, vote fraud and other criminal behavior by this black Democrat. And her predecessor, another black woman named Miriam Oliphant, in fact was removed by then Governor Jeb Bush for incompetence. Oliphant had also engaged in nepotism and favoritism in her hiring practices.

And the Florida Governor is well provided with statutory authority to take action to protect the public's interest in fair and honest elections:

Florida 2018 Statutes
Title X
Chapter 112
112.51 Municipal officers; suspension; removal from office.

(1) By executive order stating the grounds for the suspension and filed with the Secretary of State, the Governor may suspend from office any elected or appointed municipal official for malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect of duty, habitual drunkenness, incompetence, or permanent inability to perform official duties.

Snipes has most recently been found by a court in August 2018 to have violated federal election law by ordering the premature destruction of primary ballots. And on Friday, November 9, Snipes defied a Florida judge's immediate order to release information by 7 pm. And yet Governor Scott did not exercise his lawful powers to summarily remove Snipes from office at 7:01pm and deploy state law enforcement and even National Guard forces to seize and impound all Broward County voting materials and facilities while ejecting all of Snipes' personnel.

There is no point to go to the effort of electing so-called "Conservative" Republicans - far more appropriately described as "cuckservatives" - when they themselves prove equally and more capable of malfeasance, misfeasance and neglect of duty in enforcing the rule of law. Although in their case this paralysis is far more likely to be the result of pure cowardice and sheer fear of what will follow any justified exercise of their executive powers to take decisive action to put down the spreading lawlessness and increasingly open organized criminality on the part of the Democratic Party in the conduct of elections.

Phillip said...

Fyi I sent this article via Messenger (private message?) to a friend and was immediately logged out of Fakebook (which I use only to promote a separate business page),my password does not work and none of the codes given by Little Marky Z's AI minions to reestablish the account work, nor are my account emails and phone numbers recognized. This happened previously on an old account 6 months ago. Censorship is alive and quite well, they monitor everything you do, and you cannot get Google off your device. It's like herpes.

Mark Matis said...

Be sure to thank the tribe appropriately, Phillip. They are doing their best to reprise their role in helping Lenin and Stalin break those 50 million eggs.