Monday, November 12, 2018

Just A Coincidence, I'm Sure

h/t CMBlake's blog

On the left, where the illegal aliens live.
On the right, the blue areas on the electoral map.
Almost 100% correlation.
But illegals don't vote. We know this, because the Democrat Party press corps totally independent media tells us it's so, after reading studies from the Usual Communist Indoctrination Centers college and university social science departments filled with frothing rabid Leftard Kool-Aid slurpers unbiased academic bastions of truthiness.

Sheer coincidence? Not bloody likely.
This is why Voter ID laws are like crucifixes to Democrats, and why a Wall is the end of the Democrat Party in 30 years.

Gypsies use crystal balls to read the future.
Folks with common sense just open their eyes.


TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

I don't think it's a coincidence. I think the more you interact with people not like you, the more you vote for common interests rather than individual ones. Not that familiarity doesn't breed contempt, mind you, only that the commons gets bigger and looks different depending on who's sharing it.

DaveC said...

The Democrat machine is entrenched in large cities, or very dense population centers, BECAUSE it's easy to manipulate effective (if imaginary) numbers upon which states can be manipulated.

With my own eyes and ears I heard a deal cut for votes delivered some 40 years ago. One dollar per vote with a bonus of 100 votes @$1000 after a successful election.

That has stuck with me throughout life, so when the naysayers opine that vote fraud is a conspiracy theory, they are full of it!

So large numbers of "free" votes allow establishment of Democrat control, which then with giveaways buys/addicts actual votes.

The numbers are sufficient in a post 17th Amendment US to affect blue states...even though there is much larger areas of each state that are NOT blue.

Summary:vote fraud by Democrats is real and it apparently still works. Lilly-lingered Republicans aren't brave enough to fight against real evil. It's easier to suck up and feed off the scraps.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

CM BLAKES blog is down?