Monday, November 5, 2018

A Final Reminder For Election Day

Rule One.

Remember Rule One. Or suffer under One Rule.
Your choice. And a lifetime to enjoy it. Or repent of it.


Old NFO said...

Good points!

Anonymous said...

As to first meme, I've been telling people a variation of that for 10 years."They hate you and they want you to die. If you can't be gracious enough to do that on your own. They will be happy to take care of it for you." Vote R tomorrow. Hard.


Jim Scrummy said...

Yep. Of course I hate them back probably two or three times as much as they hate me. Hopefully, everyone has taken adequate inventory counts and location of the commie campaign signs in their neighborhood... Just a little free intel, never hurts to know where the enemy is located.

Enjoy voting red tomorrow!

The Gray Man said...

Listen... A whole bunch of us, you and I included, have been publicly predicting that this "blue wave" crap is going to fizzle out and that the "winning" would continue, since we haven't gotten tired of it yet.

I sure as hell hope we're right, Aesop, else we got a fight on our hands.

Anonymous said...

I hope Aesop is right, too, but I think we have a fight coming whether he's right or not.

Opie Odd

Pat H. said...

I drove to my polling place, about two miles from the bunker. This was at 7:20 this morning. There were no spaces to park and the line was out the door even with the drizzle that was falling. I was the 91st voter when I got to the table, that's in the first 30 minutes of the poll being open for business. My precinct has about 1750 registered voters, I expect at least half, maybe more, will vote by poll closing time of 7PM.

RSR said...

Registered voter lists are public information.

If you're a party registration state, that info is on the file.
If you're not a party reg state, party information regarding who voted in respective parties' primaries should be on the file -- but attached to election information.