Monday, November 26, 2018

Back At Ya. Who's Lauging Now?

What goes around, comes around. Both rhetorically, and literally.
In response to this little gem at Xenophilic's blog.
FIFY. ;)

Y'all can have your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk back anytime.
They weren't born here, and they ain't "Californians" by any stretch.
They weren't "Californian" when they moved here 5-10-20 years ago, and they won't be when they leave either.

We survived Okies back in the Depression, barely, but the endless onslaught of knuckleheads coming here from the Other 48 was just too much for any one state to bear.

So thank your new neighbors and former natives from there for wrecking a once-wonderful state, and their parents for shipping the freaks and geeks that didn't fit in there, out here, until they'd so thoroughly destroyed it here even they can't stand it any more.


Don't worry though; we go stone cold broke in a few years, and your cousins and nephews will all be coming back home, and bringing their illegal alien nannies and gardeners with them in droves.  
And all those retirees who moved back there to escape the taxes your kinfolk voted in?
When their retirement checks stop, they'll be your problem now. 
Best wishes when that happens. 
Your circus, your monkeys.
In the meantime, we've sent you DiFi, Barbara Boxer, and Kamala Harris as the national gifts that keep on giving by way of saying "Thanks a pantload."


No harm, no foul, OddJob.
Own your kinfolk, and I'll take the hit for ours.

But not for the 15M+ dumped on us over the last 50 years, plus 10M illegals your congressweasels could never seem to find a problem with. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, go check outside your Home Depot tomorrow morning about 6AM or so, and tell me who's standing around outside. Then look at the color shift of congressional districts here in CA from 1978-2018.

Seriously, I enjoy my home state as much as y'all enjoy yours.
As it should be.
I especially liked it back when it was still part of the United States, before it became the New Jersey-esque toxic waste dump for all the ne'er-do-wells and fruitloops from your home states (for any value of "your"). 

So welcome your returning kinfolk freaks back to the motherland with the same joy you showed when you shipped 'em here for 50 years and more.
It's time you got to experience what you've inflicted on everyone else for awhile.

Check back with us in a decade or two, and tell me how it's working out for ya.
I promise you, it's going to be as funny for me for the next few decades as it's been for you for the last few.

Nature always seeks a balance.


Anonymous said...

I escaped CA in the early 70's. Wound up back there periodically in the service but Jerry and Gavin don't need to be concerned about me returning. If anyone wants my share of whatever would be coming to a native-born, they're welcome to it.

Unknown said...

This is how you stand in the fight in what is become behind enemy lines.

We've all heard from folks who 'escaped' from CA, who have gone to take roots in, or moved back to as is the case here, the 'Free States'. Yet recently I have read people saying they are fixing to 'escape' from CO, OR, WA, AZ, TN, even parts of TX. What a hoot that is. All these folks escaping but not holding the line. Then, either to proclaim their omniscience or mental prowess, in either case to boast of their being 'better, they have the audacity to complain of how freaked up CA is.

Coming to a vill near you tout de suite if not there yet.


Popular Front said...

My paternal grandparents moved to and lived in Pacific Palisades for 10 years 1959-70 but came home to Australia as they felt that LA and its environs had changed and was becoming 'unsafe'. That was 1970 FFS. I know before she died - at 94 - Grandma was very upset about how the California she knew had nearly disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Well Rick... Here's the deal; my escape was as an unemancipated minor, however I will still maintain that I got some of the last best years of CA. If it matters to ya, I have planted my flag in the state I moved to as a lad, having returned some 30+ years after enlisting here.
But yeah, to willingly choose to move to California? You gotta be high, man
Boat Guy

Unknown said...

Boat Guy, given your status as minor child, clearly my comment was not aimed at you.