Monday, November 26, 2018

Media Narrative On Fake Refugee Caravan Crumbles: Cue Plan J. Or K.

h/t 100% F'ed Up

So much for restless masses, yearning to breathe free.

This is merely the criminal elements of the Free Shit Army, coming to steal from Uncle Gringo, and being used as convenient photo op props by the MSM.

As posted by 100%:

Color me shocked.
Same photo op pic with obligatory prop mother-and-children, same story, channel to channel to channel.

And all 100% B.S.
This is media from the Gaza School of Fake Narrative, by way of Saddam's Baby Milk Factory nerve gas production facility. They teach middle school kids to spot this sort of propaganda as bullshit as early as the seventh grade, in schools worthy of the name.

Pity Jim Acosta or Don Lemon couldn't be there to get a few OC zingers in the face.

And BW for more thoughts:
Last words: the bucket of cold water from DHS Sec. Nielsen, to quell the media fever swamp nonsense:
“Given the activities of the last 24 hours at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, I want to provide an update on what occurred and attempt to dispel many of the rumors and much of the misinformation circulating.
“First, the violence we saw at the border was entirely predictable. This caravan, unlike previous caravans, had already entered #Mexico violently and attacked border police in two other countries. I refuse to believe that anyone honestly maintains that attacking law enforcement with rocks and projectiles is acceptable. It is shocking that I have to explain this, but officers can be seriously or fatally injured in such attacks. Self-defense isn’t debatable for most law-abiding Americans.
“Second, the caravan is far larger and more organized than previous ones. There are 8,500 caravan members in Tijuana and Mexicali. There are reports of additional caravans on their way.
“Third, the overwhelming majority of these individuals are not eligible for asylum in the United States under our laws. Historically, less than 10% of those who claim asylum from #Guatemala, #Honduras, and #ElSalvador are found eligible by a federal judge. 90% are not eligible. Most of these migrants are seeking jobs or to join family who are already in the U.S. They have all refused multiple opportunities to seek protection in Mexico or with the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Seeking employment or family reunification are not grounds for asylum under our laws, or any international obligation. There are, however, legal ways to seek a job or to be reunited in the U.S.
“Fourth, the caravan members are predominately male. It appears in some cases that the limited number of women and children in the caravan are being used by the organizers as “human shields” when they confront law enforcement. They are being put at risk by the caravan organizers as we saw at the Mexico-Guatemala border. This is putting vulnerable people in harms way.
“Fifth, we cannot confirm the backgrounds and identities of all caravan members which possess a national security and public safety risk to our country. However, at this point we have confirmed that there are over 600 convicted criminals traveling with the caravan flow. This includes individuals known to law enforcement for assault, battery, drug crimes, burglary, rape, child abuse and more. This is serious. Additionally, Mexico has already arrested 100 caravan members for criminal violations in Mexico.
“Sixth, our Border Patrol agents and officers responded admirably and responsibly to the events on Sunday. It is a testament to their training and professionalism that no one was injured. The accepted use of nonlethal force (also used by the Obama Administration in 2013) prevented further injury to agents and a mass illegal rush across the border. We will not shy away from protecting our people. I ask parents to avoid violent caravan groups and refrain from attempts to illegally enter our country – these acts will put your children in danger.
“Seventh, I want to thank President Donald J. Trump again for the decision to send @DeptofDefense to the border to bolster our ports of entry and provide force protection for Customs and Border Protection. This decision likely prevented injuries to personnel and migrants or additional damage to property. Instead of “a political stunt,” as suggested by some, this was in fact the act of a leader concerned about the rule of law.
“Eighth, this Administration has been working nonstop to fix our immigration system to address the crisis at the border. We have proposed legislation and asked Congress to pass it. The President has repeatedly made clear what is needed to secure our border and negotiated in good faith. It is time for Congress to do its job. Absent Congressional action courts have misinterpreted existing laws and have made the job of law enforcement far more difficult. But the men and women of DHS will continue to do all we can to enforce the law and DHS and U.S. Department of State will continue negotiations with Mexico and our other partners in the region. We are optimistic that cross border collaboration can help make America, indeed the entire region, more secure.
“Finally, this Administration warned about the danger of the caravan. We predicted the violence we saw on Sunday. We prepared to address it with additional personnel and DOD deployments. We will continue to prepare for the next assault while looking for lasting solutions with Congress and our Mexican partners. As always, I want to thank those officers and agents in San Ysidro who, under tremendous strain, used professionalism and restraint to ensure that no one was injured as they were attacked themselves. I also thank DOD and our state & local law enforcement who were on scene to support our people.”
~ Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

It's truly sad when such a remarkably forthright statement of obvious common sense from a public official is so jarringly alien to what we hear day in and day out from the loons on the boob tube and in the blathersphere, or from anyone in the last administration for the prior eight years reign of insanity.


TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

I thought the GOP was above this sort of duplicity. Now they're doing false flag migrant caravans? We get it, unbridled immigration is bad. You don't have to steer this close to an international incident to prove it! This has slimy Koch brothers written all over it. Trump needs to clean house and lock up the Red Pretenders and Blue ball conservatives who keep pulling this shit!

RandyGC said...

What color is the sky in your universe?

Anonymous said...

I'm aware the Koch Brothers are big-L libertarians who believe in open borders, but you really believe they funded this? I'm thinking more like Soros, MoveOn, etc. trying to make Trump look bad... and as Aesop showed in his previous post, they doubled down today, including that insanely silly woman from New York trying to compare this incident to people fleeing actual mass murdering concentration camps. She's a hoot... gives everyone a gift every time she opens her mouth. Chambers. We have chambers in government, you know ;)

To close down the mass murdering concentration camps in Honduras that Cortez is obviously alluding to (and please, let's do that before Guam tips over for the love of God!), you can contact the Honduran Embassy and demand they stop gassing their own people at:

Embassy of Honduras
3007 Tilden Street, NW, Suite 4-M
Washington, D.C. 20008
(202) 966-7702

Tell them Octavio-Cortez told you what's happening there. ;)

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

It's blue, just like ours. Give our host some credit.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

The signs are all there, just like with Sayoc. If you get a fake caravan to fake charge the border, then public opinion goes against the migrants and that's one win for the Republicans. We're better than resorting to false flags. Lock Koch up! Lock Koch up!

Aesop said...

Pueblos Sin Fronteras is backed by Soros, and the usual anti-Trump Hollyweird leftards. Even the NYSlimes has acknowledged that reality.

Put down the helium hookah. This has been another failed bit of left-wing fuckery, from the get-go.

It's just failing harder than the last ten examples tried since 2016.
And it's twice as funny anytime I see migras getting OC pepper-balled on national TV.
Which should be a cable channel.
It would bury ESPN in the sweeps ratings.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Hookahs are for Hippies. Let's not forget the most important question. Cui Bono? Lefties are setting themselves on fire backing this obviously fake "border rush". Who benefits? The closed border types. This ain't any different from Cesar Fake Bomb. If it rhymes...

Unknown said...

Don't feed the trolls. It just draws more trolls.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

I second this motion. Trolls are the worst kind of person.

Aesop said...

"Never assign to malice that which is adequately explained by outright stupidity."

This is not some counter-counter-9D chess game.
It's simply Leftards being simple Leftards.

Gainsaying that reality is awarded no points.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

I disagree

Aesop said...

-5 points from Slytherin.

Objection overruled.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

I thought gainsaying was awarded no points ;)

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Sayoc: 11D chess maneuvering Leftist plant.
Migrant rush: Occam's Razor QED QED

I'll take cherry picking for 400

DAN III said...


While DHS and the White House defend their tear gassing of the attacking invaders flying foreign flags assaulting our sovereign border, the treasonous citizens and communist media of fUSA bemoan a little tear gas in the mugs of the attacking beaners. Yet, not a peep or protest from those same scum defending foreign attackers regarding the VIOLENT DEATHS of three (3) MORE American troops in Afghanistan yesterday !

Why is it POTUS 45, CON-gress, the communist media and their citizen puppets ignore more AMERICAN blood shed in the worthless shithole of Afghanistan ? After 17 fucking YEARS of AMERICAN BLOOD & TREASURE being wasted in that forever war, our domestic communists are more concerned with the safety and well-being of foreign attackers instead of demanding an end to Afghanistan.

If I were king I would do the following:

1. Announce all borders and ports of entry into fFUSA are closed until further notice.
2. Announce that the Border Patrol is to be replaced with armed, locked and loaded, USMC and Army combat arms troops. ROE to emphasize the use of deadly force by troops against ANY FOREIGN INDIVIDUAL invading and thus attacking, sovereign American soil.
3. The immediate arrest of any member of CON-gress or the federal judiciary opposing #1 & #2, above. Upon arrest shipment to Guantanamo pending a military tribunal for charges of sedition and treason.
4. Removal of all occupying American troops from South Korea, Afghanistan and the African continent. Blow in place any "permanent" American facilities to include ASPs. Bring same troops to CONUS with deployment to all borders (locked & loaded, of course).

The above pipe dreams just for starters.

Thanks for indulging my rant of frustration.

RSR said...


1. Only to foreigners.
2. Border Patrol isn't all bad. Best to have them on hand at least for prisoner transport. In TX, a lot of border being rural areas, BP does seen to attract the same types of low IQ folks that migrate towards TSA in big cities (yes, both DHS agencies).
3. That would make the US a banana republic.
4. South Korea and Africa are both serve China containment/counter-balance. Africa and Afghanistan both remain strategies for radical Islamist containment. Withdrawing from either, will result in much bigger problems in just a few short years, no different than Obama's withdraw from Iraq and ISIS rise just a couple years later.