Wednesday, April 4, 2018


In a nation where everything you do that is wise, intelligent, and sensible runs contrary to the dominant suicidal moron culture, your job is to agitate. If they push, you push back, twice as hard. And then maybe polish them off with a throat punch and a kick to the groin, just to leave them a little something extra to remember you by until next time.

Like puppies making puddles and a rolled up paper, it's the simplest and most effective means of instructing them to stop doing that.

A grain of sand is what irritates an oyster for years into making a pearl. If you want a pearl-laden society - instead of the current sh*t sandwich on the menu for lunch, every day, endlessly - you're going to have to be the pain in the ...oyster, irritating the hell out of them every waking hour, and forcing them to do something that produces something valuable, rather than them just sliding around the bowl and into the septic system, which costs them nothing, and is their default product left to their own devices.

Because, exactly like every spree shooter for going back decades and centuries, and damned near every assassin, the Leftard Tantrum Machine produces broken people with no impulse control, and the minute they get the merest sliver of power, whether it's a seat in office, a civil service job with a clipboard, or a loaded weapon, just can't help themselves from crapping in the punchbowl, trying to micromanage your life, or going out and shooting a prince, a pope, or a president, or if nothing better presents itself, a schoolyard full of kids.

That's what they do, because they are, at root, defective people, who never learned to think because it's too hard, never learned to not throw a tantrum because they never got the ass-whipping that breaks that cycle, and now are reaching the tipping point, where they're nearly half of society, all lovingly raised by molly-coddling mommies and no fathers, untutored, unspanked, and who spent their entire lifetime accumulating participation trophies for showing up, and having their dirty diapers lovingly hung on the refrigerator as if they were masterpieces by Rembrandt.

Every time you see something in society that's five-star stupid, unworkable, and headed over the brink of disaster, this is the fundament from which it has sprung, without fail. Every sociopathology in modern Western society traces back to nothing more complicated than this, run amok without hindrance, for years into decades, and straining to make it to centuries, before the whole thing melts down, and we as a race of humans start from near scratch. Again.

The Flood, the Tower of Babel, the Fall of the Roman Empire, and now the current situation, and they and every smaller collapse, noted by historians like the Durants, all revisit the same rise-growth-collapse cycle, for shorter or longer periods, with lesser or greater consequences, and for longer and shorter periods.

Throwing up every barricade, and monkey-wrenching that ceaseless stupidity from society's left side of the bell curve is what those of us over on the brighter side have to do. No one person built the pyramids, and you won't either. But you can, and must, do everything in your power to stop the forces of Stupid at every opportunity, small and large.

Being the most magnificent PITA contrary to Stupid is your birthright. If you're an American reading this, it's in your DNA. There is no higher calling that you can be about 24/7/365, short of the point at which the sides start to exchange actual gunfire. And there's nothing magical in the water here that's going to prevent things getting to that point; if you're very fortunate, you may stave it off for another generation here, and pass the torch to the next generation. If not, every day you're not in a pitched battle is, as another blogger has noted, "another day you get to sharpen your tomahawk".

Teach your children. Harder still, be an example to them. Reason with those who may be reached, and will listen. Educate the foolish, the stupid, the ones too lazy and late to the party. It's a zero-sum: every person you bring to our side is one less body you might have to oppose more forcefully if things go to hell. Thwart the terminally suicidally stupid at every opportunity. And don't be shy about throwing every elbow, punching every nose, and gouging every eye you have to, in the process. Bullies only learn when they see their own blood, and feel the pain of their own punched nose.

The Cluebat Of Wisdom will educate you.

You are the rugby player at the bottom of the scrum. There is no referee able to see, and no Marquis of Queensbury rules in a pig pile.

All that matters is who has the ball when the pile is untangled.

Sharpen your elbows, and get busy.
The cavalry isn't coming.
It's you.
You are Breitbart.
You are Sabo.

Trump is not our savior, nor was he elected as such.
He was elected to be our weapon.

John has a long moustache.
Give 'em hell.


Anonymous said...

Love your stuff, been reading for a few years now. As a rugby player of 20 years I thought I'd let you know that you can't really be at the bottom of a scrum (maybe a collapsed scrum but then it's not really a "scrum" anymore). You CAN be at the bottom of a ruck, but you cannot be in possession of the ball while on the ground. Nevertheless, your point still stands because it's not a good idea to be at the bottom of a ruck if you can help it. Ask me how I know :-)

Just a friendly heads up.

Keep doing what you do,

LL said...

President Trump is our weapon and he excels at agitating.

froginblender said...

That was a boss text from Aesop. Only two comments so far? Guessing it's because there is hardly anything to disagree with.