Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fire The Sonofabitch, For Cause - Dereliction of Duty

h/t Gateway Pundit

Fire this dopey-looking AWOL SOB.

(Gateway Pundit) President Donald Trump asked AWOL AG Jeff Sessions and FBI Chief Christopher Wray why corrupt Hillary-supporting lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were still employed at the Bureau after being caught secretly exchanging texts and plotted to take Trump down.
This information was leaked to far left
Sessions declined to fire the corrupt FBI hacks.
If Sessions can't or won't do his job, start letting people at DoJ go, starting with  him, moving to Rosenswine, and work down until you find someone both honest and motivated to start doing the work of pursuing crime and administering justice in the republic.

If that happens to leave dozens to thousands of former DoJ lawyers unemployed and under a well-deserved cloud of suspicion for attempting a soft coup, that's just tough shit.

If they have to build more federal prison space and get a rush shipment of orange jumpsuits to accommodate the former lawyers and FBI agents suddenly in need of same, that would be the first thing to turn this shit-show around, and get things back on track.

And then prosecute the serial felon herself, Felonia von Pantsuit, and shut the Clinton Foundation down for RICO violations, seize all their financial assets, revoke the owners' passports, and if that creates a financial hardship for Fat Bill, offer to lend him a cell and orange jumpsuit too.

The AG's job is to be a pitbull against crime, not a nancyboy, or a lost little lamb.
Sessions is naught but an incompetent puss, and it's clearly what he intended to be since before the election.


J J said...

Perhaps a conversation went something like this, “Mr. Sessions the FBI may not have incriminating evidence against the President, but your file is pretty thick. How much pressure do you want to put on the DOJ and FBI?”

Tactless Wookie said...

Somebody like Trey Gowdy or even good ol' Rudy Guiliani would have been better picks. Sessions is a squishy. And his tenure so far smells just like a squishy left in a diaper.

Roger said...

I'm quite certain that there is an assload of highly competent and hardnosed attorneys general in these 50 (57?) states that would be delighted to take over and go through the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS. He she or it could root out corruption, criminals, liars and other less useful wastes of oxygen.
In doing so they would please about 70% of the American people.
The other 30% would be living in fear.

Jim Scrummy said...

Page and Strzok have flipped, because, Strzok's boss Priestap flipped first. Both of the lovebirds are in do-nothing jobs at DOJ/FBI, currently, and will be going to jail in the future. Page was the one who released all of the texts, because, McCabe was throwing her under the bus. The texts show that McCabe is guilty of the leak that he was blaming on Page. There already 3 possibly 4 Grand Juries looking into the DOJ/FBI shenanigans and the Clinton Global Initiative (this Grand Jury is in Little Rock...most Arkanasans I know hate the Clintons). The first taste of the IG report that we received, now has McCabe knowing he's going to trial, and going to lose bigly for his crimes. Comey is going to jail too, and he knows it. The Ohrs are going to jail. Sally Yates is going to jail. Look at Comey's book tour, it's a flop...why is that? Because after the House Committees looked at some of the IG report, they recommended an indictment, just as his book tour was starting out. Like that wasn't pre-planned...

As I said before, relax. Trump and Sessions knew what was going on when Horowitz revved up his IG powers in December of 2016. Horowitz has briefed Sessions on the crimes that have been committed, it's part of the IG's job. That's why parallel investigations and Grand Juries have been convened. Does John Huber ring a bell? The Obamamistas thwarted Horowitz (an Obama appointee by the way, kept on) from doing his job for many years. Think he wasn't pissed... Same with Rosenstein, who prosecuted General "Hoss" Cartwright for leaking classified information, only for "Hoss" to get pardoned by Obama on the way out of town. Scores are going to settled and very little plea bargaining is going to be done with many of these SOBs.

D-Day/MOAB-day is coming up when the total IG report hits the fan. When that hits, Grand Jury indictments need to be ready to go, soon after. It's like taking down the mafia, you have to hit all the members of the crime gang at the same time.

This ain't LA Law, where everything is wrapped up in 40 minutes of teevee time.

Oh, Trump is a ruthless bastard towards his enemies, remember that.

DAN III said...


All your Go-To-Jail predictions....I'll believe it when I see it.

Nevertheless....Sessions is a Deep State weasel. There is more than enough evidence to indict BOTH Clintons. Yet, they both remain free.

Your belief in the scoundrels of fedgov astounds me.

Jim Scrummy said...

Dan III,

The only person who has remained at their job, while all IG investigation has gone on, is Preistap. Why is that? He flipped and told all to the IG, and when he flipped, Page and Strzok were in deep do-do, so they flipped. They've stayed on, because you keep your enemies close. McCabe is a goner, period. He is going to jail. He may be worth $11 million on paper, but he doesn't have the cash on hand to defend himself. Plus he's not getting a plea deal. Did Hansen get a plea deal other than life (I believe his wife got to keep his pension-that was the deal)? You do know the IG report has at a minimum of 1.2 million pages of supporting documentation. That's not the report itself, but the supporting documentation. The IG has all the information on these coupsters, and it's damning.

The FEC has been told to slow down on the Clinton campaign investigation, because of the ongoing criminal investigations of the Clinton's organization. Who told the FEC to slow down...Sessions. Sessions put Huber in charge of one of the criminal investigations, plus the Little Rock Grand Jury was Sessions idea. So yeah, he's all deep state and stuff, which you have little proof of. So, everyone thinks Sessions is doing nothing, just look at his record when he was in Alabama as a prosecutor. Did he do nothing there? Plenty of ways to get the job done, as long as the job gets done.

I can tell you've not been around many investigations, they take time to process all the information. Plenty of moving parts in all of these investigations.

I can understand the frustration of seeing criminals walking around free, but I have patience and an ounce faith that some people will be going to jail for their treasonous crimes. If I'm wrong, well, things will go sideways a lot faster.

Paul said...

Not one dime to them until they start arresting some of these criminals.

DAN III said...


"....because you keep your enemies close."

THAT is the reason your cited individuals are STILL on the .gov/FBI payroll ?

"I can tell you've not been around many investigations....". As in fedgov investigations where the fox is guarding the chicken coop ? You are correct. Here's an illustrious example of your fedgov investigations....Fast & Furious, the gun running enterprise of weasels soetoro-obama and Holder. After THAT joke of a fedgov "investigation" by CON-gress (which your boy Sessions was a member of) Holder was held in criminal contempt of CON-gress ! And ....? What ? Did Holder go to the fed pen ? Was he hit with a loss of his law license ? Was he fined any amount of money for his involvement in the murder of two Americans and hundreds of Mexicans, courtesy of himself at the direction of the BATFE ? NO ! Your beloved fedgov "investigation" of Fast & Furious was just more Kabucki Theater out of the District of Criminals !

While you revel in your belief that all the fedgov actors committing felonies are under fedgov "investigation", you ignore the fact that these same people are part of the Deep State. In essence....traitors to the Republic. And they continue to draw their fedgov paychecks, bennies and retirements (and write books with million dollar advances) while your beloved fedgov "investigations" are used by CON-gress and their fellow Deep Staters to stonewall any punishments to the treasonous criminals.

Yep, Sessions is Deep State. His recusal from the Russian, here we go again...."investigation" and relinquishing his authority over said investigation, to Deputy AG Rosenstein, was akin to throwing POTUS Trump to the proverbial wolves.

In case you aren't aware Rosenstein was soetoro-obama's appointed US Attorney for Maryland. Yet your beloved Sessions appointed soetoro-obama holdover, Swamp Weasel Rosenstein as his #2 at the Department of Justus. So much for "draining the Swamp" !

Damn right Sessions is Deep State ! He was a member of CON-gress for a quarter century....he was well embedded.

Sessions is another Deep State actor. He is a problem and the bringing of Mayor Giuliani on the POTUS team tells me Do-Nothing Sessions' days as AG are numbered.

Anonymous said...

These things take time...Trust the plan

Jim Scrummy said...

Dan III,

Try not to be to emotional about the crap in DC. As Anon 4/27 said, these things take time, trust the plan. Enjoy "Season III The Apprentice DC", it's starting to get interesting.

I remember you from Weaponsman (may he RIP, miss him dearly), berating me on the S&W M&P for not liking it (still not a fan of their new one, can't get the trigger right for some reason, ergos are great on it though), and not being selected for the M17 Modular handgun procurement, since I was being "Un-American" for not buying American. Anyway, sorry if I have an unemotional viewpoint about the DOJ/FBI/DOS/CIA/DNI Coupsters. Things are already happening, scores will be settled.

DAN III said...


Like I told you, your belief in the scoundrels of fedgov is truly astounding. At the expense of repeating myself, you have dismissed my reference to the CON-gressional "investigation" of the gun-running enterprise to usurp the 2nd Amendment and thus the US Constitution.

Certainly, you are entitled to your beliefs. No small amount of reasoning will change the minds of the unreasonable, such as yourself.

At what point in time do the constant inactions of fedgov "investigations" awaken you to the fact that the Deep State is only entertaining the untermenschen ? After decades of crime and corruption the Clinton crime syndicate has never been held accountable.

Enjoy your fedgov "investigations". As P.T. Barnum is attributed to saying, "There's a sucker born every minute." Your continuing beliefs in fedgov policing itself, only confirms for me that Mr. Barnum was 100% correct !

BTW....your reference to my remarks toward you at the former blog, "Weaponsman", still stands. Reinforced by your comments here.

"....scores will be settled." Not against the traitors, past and present, rampant within the federal government unless the citizenry holds them accountable. And I don't mean by using the voting booth. The scoundrels of fedgov will NEVER eat their own. Particularly when the sheeple continue to believe the crap sandwiches fed them by the "investigations" you hold so dear.

Erwache, Scrummy. Erwache !