Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Time To Get Down To The Rat Killin'

h/t Bayou Renaissance Man

When you ignore reality, there are consequences.
This is how this problem gets solved.

Peter has a good and interesting post on murder in the US considered with respect to population density:

Back in the 1950's and 1960's, ethologist John C. Calhoun experimented with rats to find out how their behavior changed when their population density (i.e the number of rats in a confined space) was increased.  He described their behavior in two papers that have become seminal in their field:
He called their reactions the "Behavioral Sink", observing that normal interactions became pathologically warped under the stress of overcrowding, resulting in violence, cannibalism, and the breakdown of normal social interaction.  The term (and his experiments) have been used as a metaphor for human interaction under the stress of increasing density of urban population.
You should go over and RTWT.

Studies of rats are valid.

For rats.

The reason Los Angeles and Cook counties (L.A. and Chicongo) have 51% of the murders in the entire country is that they are concentrated deposits of human refuse, with Democrat city governments, and shoddy, corrupt under-policing of those same protected (mostly) Diversity candidates, in most cases with the same 1-3% of the population committing 99% of the crime.

The population density is the same in nearby rich suburbs as it is in Watts, East L.A., or the South Side of Chicongo, and yet the (non-existent) murder rates there are infinitesimally small, unless visited by the exact wastes of skin and oxygen from those same urban

Prove this for yourself.
Look at the population density at baseball and football games during the game, and tell me the murder rate extrapolated to a 365-day year.

Some rats need some rat killin'.
It's no more complicated than that.

If we simply executed the violent incorrigibles, the murder rates in South Central or South Chicago would drop to the levels found in Monaco and Luxembourg, and recidivism would drop to 0%.


T-Rav said...

Consider trailer parks. They have, by their very nature, much higher population densities than most of these inner-city neighborhoods, but while they do have a reputation for crime and seediness, it all comes down to who's living there. Druggies and broken-home welfare recipients? Tends to produce said crime and seediness. Well-off retirees and employed nuclear families? Not so much.

Or you could look at Greenwich Village. Despite its incurable leftism, it was for a long time a peaceful family-friendly part of NYC, despite being a high-density area. On the other hand, Bed-Stuy. Also high-density....less family-friendly. Slight difference in who lived in those two neighborhoods.

Tactless Wookie said...

Bill Whittle touched on this although approaching from a slightly different angle. Gun ownership. He points out how places like Plano, Texas differs greatly from crapholes like Chitcongo etc He points out if you remove these festering pots of waste from the crime statistics the USA has a very low murder rate. A rate that even rivals these often touted low crime countries in Europe. Maybe he and the Rat Man are onto something?

Anonymous said...

Fortunately many of the rats be killin other rats. I can't get all misty-eyed about dope dealers and vatos killing each other any more than I worry about people who die from meth. It validates my decisions to avoid such places, especially if my God-given right to self protection is made "illegal" by the corruptocrats who run those places (and who are well protected themselves).

Patrice Stanton said...

I'd never heard of the "rat studies" before 10 days ago and now this mention. The first was on the 8th in this StefanMolyneux video (a snippet from his call-in show). Readers may be interested:

loren said...

London has surpassed NYC in murder rate and for the exact same reason. Diversity strikes again. Some folks just need a big stick to keep them under control.

Anonymous said...

Density is a bad joke. Look at Hong Kong and Tokyo. Why aren't they violence filled?

Population depends on its values or lack thereof.

Paul Bonneau said...

Keep in mind that all human studies are bullshit. "Social science" is not a science!

Aesop said...

No, they are not.
But there are limits to what they tell, and what they can foretell.

That's not the same thing as bullshit.
If you don't know the difference between a good study and a bad study, it's comforting to tell yourself they're all the same, but it isn't true either.

Bullshit is when someone tells you a study = magic beans.
Serious bullshit is when someone tells you a bad study = magic beans.

Unknown said...

I'm doing my best, but their numbers are epic. I'll double my efforts.