Monday, April 30, 2018


You saw the reference pdfs I posted earlier today.

So, over on Forward Observer, Sam Culper linked to a solid TM from the 1950s on Civil Defense, as a tool for doing Urban (or Area) Assessments. Worth the download as well, esp. given that you won't find many 65-year-old civil defense resources still floating around IRL.

And then Brushbeater gives you a free and easy 5-minute hip pocket lesson than anyone could follow, on using brevity codes for communicating information via radio with a respectable amount of security. (Or wire, written message, or anything else you'd care to try.)

You have an embarrassment of riches out there, and it borders on the criminal to squander it.

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15Fixer said...

Thank you Sir, for this embarrassment of riches! I appreciate the time and effort you are putting into running this blog. Wanted to say "thnaks."