Friday, April 6, 2018

Locusts Without Morals

h/t SiG

"Refugees don't walk down the middle of the highway, wearing orange safety vests.
And people fleeing the squalor of war-torn countries don't bring their babies in strollers,
nor are dressed like they're going to Disneyland for the day.
This was 100% stunt."

Silicon Graybeard has some thoughts about the rampant media manipulation behind the fake "refugee" caterpillar formerly shuffling towards Los Estados Unidos, before He Who Doesn't Buy Their BS pissed all over their parade.

He's also got some thoughts on the Usual Suspects funding and instigating this media circus horsesh*t. There's a reason they're the default Usual Suspects.

Translation quibble:
"Pueblo" is village or town. As in "Village Without Borders."
"People" would more precisely be "gente" (and it's pronounced "hen-tay").
"Pueblo" can be used, but it's a rather obscure version/translation.
That concludes today's Spanish lesson.

As for the rest, if Guatemala or Honduras was so oppressive, and borders were the problem, they'd stop in Chiapas, where the food, language, and culture is near-identical to the land they're supposedly "escaping". (Just like imaginary "refugees" from Syria {who were actually illegal immigrants from 50 other countries from Morocco to Mozambique to Indonesia that are not Syria, but I digress} would have stopped in Jordan, Lebanon, or Turkey, not gone on to Sweden or France or Germany, if this was about being a refugee.)

But they were headed here, because the Giant Suckling Teat of American Progressivism was wangling in the wind, beckoning them to come here, commit more crime, go on that public dole, and pump out anchor babies by the metric f**k-ton. Like they do. While supported by actual Americans working jobs and paying their taxes. Like they do.

The march should have been named Langostas Sin Moralidad.
"Locusts Without Morals".
That's all they ever are. And probably, all they'll ever be.

Borders are simply the national equivalent of locks on your doors and screens on your windows.
They keep pests and vermin out.

So does killing them.
Something the douchecanoes shuffling northward should bear in mind.


Anonymous said...

The Usual Suspects will keep at it.
Glad to see this one diverted

Allen said...

It's about as spontaneous as Coronado's expedition was and after the same thing, Cibola the city of gold. The only difference this time is whoever is paying for it didn't have to mortgage his wife's estate to do it.

J J said...

I see that picture and think about the video from the MOAB dropped in Afghanistan

Anonymous said...

JJ you beat me to it. I was going to suggest Fuel Air Explosives - after a warning, of course.

loren said...

2 5 strand barb wire fences strung along the border would stop them. Mine the ground in between. Put up signs, in English, to make it humane.