Friday, April 20, 2018

Open Season, No Bag Limits, Until They Learn

h/t Kenny

Tam noted yesterday:
Well, Patriot's Day passed without anybody doing anything to add a further anniversary to 4/19, for good or ill.
Natzsofast, Guido.

(ROME, NY) -- John Collins was standing outside the milk house at his dairy farm this morning when he heard yelling coming from inside. He ran in, he says, and saw his worker, Marcial de Leon Aguilar, pinned up against the window by armed men.
The men did not identify themselves and were screaming at Aguilar, Collins said.
"I run and say, 'What the hell is going on in here?'" Collins said.
Then the men told Collins they were officers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He asked them for a warrant or some paperwork to explain what they were doing. They had none, he said, so he ordered them to get off his property and leave Aguilar alone.
As this happened, Collins said, Aguilar's children watched. They were waiting nearby for the school bus to come. Collins said the officers put Aguilar in handcuffs and took him across the rural road to their vehicles. At least seven officers had come onto the small farm, Collins said.
Collins said he followed the officers cross the street and asked them why they were taking Aguilar, but he didn't get a straight answer. He also continued to ask for paperwork, but was not offered any by the ICE officers.  
Collins followed the ICE officers across as they took Aguilar, in handcuffs, to their three waiting vehicles.
"I told them you can't come in here without a warrant," Collins said. "They can't take someone and throw them up against the wall because of the color of their skin."
Collins attempted to take photos and video with his phone. When he did that, he said, one of the ICE officers grabbed his phone and threw it into the road. Then they handcuffed him and threatened to arrest him for hindering a federal investigation, he said.
But then the officers uncuffed him and left with Aguilar in the backseat of a dark Dodge Caravan.
Twenty-five years since Waco, and federal fucktards still can't figure out why most folks think they should be shot on sight when they pull this kind of douchebadge Gestapo shit.

But they've STILL got it coming, 99% of the time, and it's probably the only way to weed the worst of them out.

"Seven unidentified federal agents were killed by local farmer when they were caught trespassing, attempting a kidnapping, and committing multiple other federal felonies on his dairy farm in upstate NY yesterday. Buzzards and other scavengers ate the remains before they could be removed."

Kind of has a nice ring to it.

If, after only 240 years of precedent, some feds still can't manage to color inside the lines, enough with them. Let them take the same chances as home invaders and other criminals, and they'll knock that horseshit off, or die for their sins, and no one will miss them. And if they do miss them, their aim will improve with practice.

I don't care if the guy they're after was convicted of serial murder of children and eating their beating hearts after confessing in open court; if a federal agent and his crew of thugs can't be bothered to obtain a lawful arrest warrant, announce and identify themselves according to policy, and produce the scrupulously correct legal paperwork on demand, instantly, they deserve the next mass shooting that arrives in their asses, and anybody doing that shooting deserves not only no prosecution, but a presidential medal for public service to the nation.

Every one of those assholes should be fired and face federal prosecution, then sued civilly until upon parole they have to live in cardboard boxes and eat dumpster scraps.

With great power comes great responsibility.
This is the kind of fail that should end in orange jumpsuits.


loren said...

"if a federal agent and his crew of thugs can't be bothered to obtain a lawful arrest warrant, announce and identify themselves according to policy, and produce the scrupulously correct legal paperwork on demand, instantly, "
So, they dress the agents up in combat gear and train them like pretend Rangers and you expect them to be all civil like? That ain't going to happen.
Dress them up like civil servants and train them like airport TSA agents and they'll not only get dinged up by the odd perp but have no fun at all doing it.
Seems a no win situation.
Shit like this happens because some dickhead bureaucrat who can't organize a circle jerk in a bathhouse orders a raid instead of managing the situation before that. Same as Waco. Ruby Ridge was different. That was intended to send a message to the resistance movement.

Aesop said...

It's worse than that.
ICE is guys who never were actual cops pretending to be them.
That's why even the minimal basics kick their ass.
It's going to cost them someday, and they'll pay in blood.

Anonymous said...

Better the story to read that the seven are missing and never to be seen again. Well, unless you dig through the hog crap to find any undigested parts.

scttmtclf said...

Sounds like the book Unintended Consequences.......

Anonymous said...

re. Aesop-
That's why they had to send seven of them to pick up one person.

DAN III said...

"Kill all they send."